Astra- Update needed desperatley

  • Hi Astra!

    I need a update on me and the guy you have read on for me before.

    He has texted me ect and yesterday we talked very openly (both were a little bit drunk)

    I need to know if he is the one? Because I have so strong feelings for him and it feels like he has them to because he said he has feelings but he knows what his future looks like and so do I but I said I don´t care

    So astra please, is he the one or should I let go of him?

    He is going away in 1 week and 2 days for I don´t know how long

  • Hi rockofages

    Sure thing... here is a reading on where you are at, and we can look through this to see what the Universe could be saying about the two of you!


    I chose the Queen of Cups to represent you.

    Situation - Ace of Swords - I think this is expressing your "need to know" about him, this represents your desire to KNOW that he is the one - or not.

    Crossing - Queen of Swords - This is 4 swords energy as a female, so that seems to be crossing or an energy you are working with. I think this is showing you as someone who is really determined to understand this matter with him, the relationship, you really want this settled (4S) in you mind. You want to be able to arrive at a quality decision (Ace swords) and then relax, rest in the matter (Queen swords).


    7 Cups above, 6 of Wands below.

    Above is the 7 Cups which shows you daydreaming about him. 7's are very much pausing energies, calm, not really going anywhere. This seems to be the way your mind is tending, you imagine a life with him, you are considering what a relationship with him would be like, this is very much love as a dreamy, drifty sort of atmosphere.

    Below. this is more subconscious - is 6 of Wands. I think deep down you have already concluded that your path with him is a secure one, successful, this is PATH as settled, nicely working out.

    Past - Lovers - This does seem to show you and him have already communicated LOVERS communion, a willingness to blend, become one, Lovers. Lovers has definitely been in the air, if not openly, there are other ways to signal your partner of your love and desire for him. I think this has been going back and forth between the two of you.

    Ahead - 3 of Swords. This is growing thoughts about the matter, and is picking up (carrying forward) the Ace Swords/Queen Swords at center. So the near approaching future seems to be moving from the Ace to a 3 which represents positive growth on that path - this does seem to show that you will be concluding yes, or at least willing to allow this thought to GROW in the 3 of swords.

    Future environment - 2 of Pentacles. This is also very affirming energies of material, physical, home, security, financial. So this shows something about your "future environment" being a very balanced, physically mutual setting. This is carrying forward the single Pentacles of the Lovers card into a 2-ness which is a YES to the LOVERS choice I do believe. This seems to show physical affection being given back and forth and a "couple" is showing up in tangible, physical, earthy ways.

    Outer Influences - The Tower - This is an "outer influence" over your question as to whether he is "the one". This is the way the Universe - the world "out there" is affecting the two of you. I think this is the way that life is encouraging you toward closeness and passion together. The influences of life are converging to build something up, and then let it reach a peak and then let it relax. This does seem to me to be that life is carrying you two into each other's arms, as you face the challenges ahead together.

    Hope and concerns - The Universe - shows a hope that he is the one, that this is meant to be, that the Universe is involved with the two of you. This is your hope, wish, dream, desire. It is a deep concern you don't want to be moving forward without the Universe approving, involved.

    This also carries forward your 7 Cups love daydreams forward, and seem like how that is resolved. Is he the One? (7 of Cups) seems to be answered by the 4 of Cups (YES) of the Universe card. Plus there is the foundation of path here (4 Wands) that carries forward the 6 wands below you which is VERY affirming on the path question.

    Outcome - 4 of Swords - this is where the ACE Swords, Queen Swords and 3 of Swords (growth in this thought concern) DOES attain foundational (yes) energy. This is RESTING of the matter, and according to this it all seems to very strongly say you WILL conclude that he is the ONE.

    That seems to be the way matters are heading! Your concern right now seems to be mostly answering that question about him, and so the reading does seem to show that you WILL be concluding that he is. (4 of Swords) and then the two of you rest in the matter.

    No, lets look at combining all of the suits and see what that says...


    WANDS = 11 = 1+1 = 2 = PATH affirmation (YES to path)

    CUPS = 13 = 1+3 = 4 = Foundational emotional/love/relationship energy (seems to be stable)

    SWORDS = 16 = 1+6 = 7 = rest and reflection of the thought life. This is much like the 4 swords outcome card which seems to be a quiet mind, settled in the matter.

    PENTACLES = 5 = CHANGE of the physical dimension of the relationship, so I would imagine that you two will be entering some deeper phase of the physical relationship (a positive change of the physical aspects)

    Number are therefore: 2475

    Adding all of these up we have 17 = 1+7 = 8

    Which means your life in general is undergoing a strong "expansion" in whatever path you are focusing on. So this all seems to combine to show that this issue (relationship with him as LOVERS) is certainly trying hard to attain conclusion and a solid conclusion that you two are lovers.

    SHORT VERSION: Looks like a yes to me.

    love and light,


  • Hi astra and thanks for the reading! You were spot on as always about the daydreaming and so, however I found out today he has hooked up with another girl 2 weeks ago for the first time and then again yesterday, he also has cancelled 2 dates now and haven´t contacted me after saying that he would, I feel as if he isn´t as interested anymore as he used to be since he hooks up with another girl and doesn´t contact me when he say´s that he will...what should I do? Should I just give up or wait for him? I mean he is going to jail next week for god now´s how long...

    Can I ask something else aswell?

    I just want to know which decision is the right one, to study here in sweden or actually go to LA?

  • Hi rockofages

    Well, not sure how spot on I was if the guy is looking around at others! And he is not communicating, hmm... I don't know. Maybe take that reading as indicting you WILL find the one soon, whether it is him or someone else. I would suggest trying to find a guy not going away to the pokey though... that makes matters a little complicated. Still, love doesn't care about the physical aspects, two people fall in love... nothing matters but one another... I am wishing nice things for you in love... you will find someone I know, soon.

    As for the Sweden and LA it looks to me like Sweden... although I can see your heart would love to take that step to the Sun and fun, and all that... The reading ended with the King Pentacles and that guy ain't going anywhere, just sitting...

    Plus... I transcribed the cards into letters and got


    which for some reason seemed like a Swedish or N European word... I googled that and came up with a Swedish sounding hit right at the top... so that all seemed to say SWEDEN to me...

    Not sure what a Skördebilder is however that was a translation...

    I hope that helps! LA does sound nice though! 🙂

    blessings, astra

  • Well I just found out one of his friends has told a friend of mine and another friend that he doesn´t have any feelings for me at all so, screw him I can do better

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