Losing It Over A Cancer Man...

  • I meet a cancer guy in March of this year. When I first seen him I could tell that he was going tru some changes. I wrote him a letter and asked if he needed a friend to talk to I was here for him. We started talking on the phone 4 days later and talked everyday for hours. He told me he was going tru a divorce and it was totaly over. I never meet a guy that stimulated both my intellect as well as my physical being. It seem liked we knew eacother for years. He expressed that I helped him open up to sharing his emotions and he appreciated our passionate relationship. He was blown away by my kind hearted ways and thoughtful gestures. I have noticed that when ever he goes thru issues, work, family, ect.. he can be very distant and the communication stop's. I am the total opposite, I am a communicator, I do not have any issues talking and expressing my self and I am a good listener as well. We both expressed the physical atraction we have for one another after 2 months of contant talking and dating. and we even gave each other nick names ( so cute ). We got involved in a more friendly relationship and I feel torn. I can see myself with him but do not want to continue a physical relationship until his divorce is final. He said he was fragile, so I backed off. He know's that our friendship is most important to me. With him still being married I know that our relationship could never be serious. Moraly I feel horrible that we went there. I guess it happened naturaly. We meet became friends and the attraction was strong as well and things progressed to that level. Sometimes I just want to give my all and then there are times when I do not want to call or even check on him. Only because he stops communicating with me. I know that the more we talk and see eachother the harder it is to let go. I am slowly pulling a way. It's hard but I have to love myself and do what I believe in. Until his divorce is over I can not or will not put my self out there to get hurt. If he truly wants me in his life he has to be open and express that tru this divorce he wants me to stay and be supportive and I have not gotten that responce yet. Does he care? I think so, but does he love me? I think not. I have always been a woman to love and care with all my heart. I can not give of myself and only get half in return. I have to keep my options open which is totaly out of my comfort zone. When I like someone, especialy when sex is involved, I can't have mulitple lovers ( not my style ) even if we are not in a commiting relationship. I am now meeting new men and taking it very slow. My cancer guy was the last man I slept with and I will try my best to make sure that the next guy I am sexual with it is a man that can truly love me with out the drama. No going tru divorce, got to be single or all ready divorced. Please comment I know I can learn from other's opinion if you have one.

  • Your cancer man sounds so much like mine! I have learned to deal with his moods. In fact, I have learned how to get him out of his shell when necessary...not that it matters now! When I met him, I felt like i knew him my whole life. Weird and unexplainable. It was fate that brought us together...if only I could figure out the reason!!

    Monday morning and he has already called me. Always calls me when she is not around or he is at work. I deserve more! I know I do! This man is so darn needy, and I'm a great caretaker...LOL! So he calls for advice, or to vent, or whatever! I didn't have too much to say. Naturally he started the emotions...i must have met someone over the weekend, why am i being so cold, etc etc. It really is a love game...sick one at that! I just told him I was busy. He's texted me about 5 times in the last 15 minutes, asking what is wrong with me. He has someone...why can't he just let me go!

  • Hello Rastagurl I am a leo woman that is married to a cancer man. I am serious when I tell you he is the most honest,sincere & old fashioned gentleman I ever met. I am 33 and I dated a gemini man & capricorn man long term before. I have never met a better man & that is why I married him 5 years ago. I am so thankful for his love & the way he protects me. I think Cancer men are one of the most caring of the zodiac. I think men in general are all so unique and it is hard to generalize by sign. I think it depends on the man & woman involved & astrology is just another facet of the dynamics of a relationship. I wish you all the best. I found one saying to be true, "The same way you find your man is the way you lose him". I believe once a cheater always a cheater

  • shame we need to brand that label.. CHEATER..... i disagree th0- totally,

    , if we are capable of mistakes -- then we are also capable of learning from them, and evolving to become better caring loving respectful loyal honest people.....why must we hold onto the neg. of our past experiences...... LET GO... !!!!!!!

    new day brings new rainbows and new awakenngs......That is what i hold ...TRY IT...!!!

  • as for myself, i give my heart one hundred percent, my deceased husband was from to the sign of cancer, he turn out to be a exceptional human bieng, every part of my soul went into the relationship, he gain my trust, it is not bieng negative, if it is not a cheater, then he is a lier, because when he walks out the door to see someone else, he is lying to his woman! and to see it realistly, he is lying to both! i would never call him a cheater, he is unfaithful. true we have to let go from bad expriences, and try to forget all the hurt they have caused! and learn not to fall in the same trap twice, as a woman i feel i think with the heart, men do play alot of games with us, personally, i went thru alot of games by them, in my life with constists of sixty one years, i have met only two men who were honest and told me what they wanted from the very beginning! it was my choice to take it or leave it, thats why i read this forum to learn more! because we do learn from other persons expriences! my life is surrounded by men mostly in my family, there are only three females, the rest are men, i even see the games my sons pull,what they gain with thier games is only temproray because the great mayority of us, wont stick around for more hurt! When i read this topic, my mind wonder back to when i was fifthteen!

    and up to this date, I been alone now for fithteen years, sometimes i think, that i truly lost my soul mate because it was his time! and it is not easy finding someone that will value all the love you are giving!

  • To loving my life!

    it was a well deserved compliment,

    I am truly sorry that you had to go thru somuch pain!

    honestly wish, that your son is a survivor!

    God bless you every second!


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