Hello Tarot Nick

  • sorry it tokk me so long to reply, things been busy with work,school,etc.. im not sure what your lasting reading was pertaining to, however my fiance found a truck driving job that would bring him him home every night. he still has to go in for formalities such as drug testing, etc.. do you see this being a good job for him, will it work out? etc.. how about for me? will i be getting consistant 40 hour work weeks soon?

  • It would be easier to keep track of your readings if you kept it to one thread, Being I just gave you a reading, next month if you ask again. I will gladly do another one. Being I pick up on feelings, I can only pick up on your feelings and not his, if he wants one have him log in and I will do a reading for him, but you said he doesn't have the same feelings about readings...


  • ok thank you. i did tell him about the last couple readings, and he did seem a litttle interested since that we were able to relate what you were talking about. our roommate, his best friend, has been a little behind on paying his share of living expenses. so i think he is slowly starting to be more open minded lol 🙂 anyway i would appreciate a reading for myself. money is extremely tight for me right now, im in a challenging quarter of school, this is my last chance to pass these two classes or im out of the program. work, im struggling to get enough hours, and i owe my mom lots of money. financially, everything seems to be going wrong, in additional to stress of school and how my mom hates my fiance. so a general reading would be nice.

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