How to memorize the Major Arcana cards and their order in 10 minutes

  • Here is a simple and fun way to memorize all of the 22 Major Arcana cards and their correct order in just a few minutes. This demonstrates our mind's amazing ability to remember anything quickly and accurately by ASSOCIATING abstract information with visual symbols. (Association is the basic building block of intelligence.)

    We will capture the card names themselves using a visual symbol AND their correct order by associating the english alphabet to each symbol.

    Ready? It's easy! I have attached a drawing below so you can SEE the symbols we are using - the drawing is a little small, sorry. (400px limit on the forum).

    I will walk you through them:

    A - Dunce cap = FOOL

    B - Two cups on their sides that a Magician would use in his magic act = MAGICIAN

    C - Crescent shape - a Moon symbol worn by the HIGH PRIESTESS

    D - Pregnant tummy in profile = EMPRESS

    E - A tridEnt Expressing authority! = EMPEROR

    F - A Fancy key as used by religious leaders = HIEROPHANT

    G - A Glyph of Male and Female symbols, symbolizing intimacy = LOVERS

    H - A Hot race car from above (each end has a wheel) = CHARIOT

    I - Barbells (the I can be drawn with two horizontals at each end) = STRENGTH

    J - An umbrella which you might need while walking a shoreline alone = HERMIT

    K - O...K!!!! We won!!! = WHEEL OF FORTUNE

    L - A baLance scaLe showing the weight to the right = JUSTICE

    M - Watery ripple shape for quiet reflection, mmm... = HERMIT

    N - Asleep at an INN.... (and the N's become sleepy Z's when strung together) = DEATH

    O - Cup of water being blended = TEMPERANCE

    P - A tongue sticking out of an evil face! = DEVIL

    Q - A brick falling down from above landing at the base of the O = TOWER

    R = Twinkly shape with the 2 lines below twinkling away from the circle = STAR

    S - Sssss-s-s-cary! Could be a snake at midnight with the Moon out = MOON

    T - Yay! Two friends having tea together and it is FUN! = SUN

    U - Down we went... and right back UP! = JUDGEMENT or RESURRECTION

    V - V is for Victory and Visions of peace = UNIVERSE

    I hope you enjoyed that! When you SEE the drawings below it might help.

    Blessing to all


  • For whatever reason the forum blanks out Vee's and the word "(Vee) isual"

    Go figure. so the first 2 blanked words are (Vee)isual and the last 2 occurrences are Vee's)

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