Laie4, can you help?

  • Laie4

    Can you give me some help aswell?

    This saturday(4 days ago) I was working(makeup artist, education ends 24th this month) and I saw this really cute guy working in the store that we were borrowing clothes from. So I walked up to him at the end of it all, gave him my number and then walked away. But the thing is that I got a feeling about him, I have never done like that before but I just feelt like I had to. I didn´t say anything else than his name and he said yeah: and then I just gave him my number because he opened the piece of paper, I thought he wanted somehting else because he came out with a piece of paper and pen after I left but that was because he needed the number of the person being responsible for the whole photoshoot.

    My questions are:

    Will he call me/is he single?

    Did he laugh or throw my number away after I left or does he keep it in his wallet ect?

    Will a sms or call lead to dating and then a relationship?

    Is he interested

    Will I get some help from one of the models sister? She is MUA as well and he said she could help me when I´m done witht eh education.

    His name is Julios, I don´t know his birthdate but mine is 11th of august 1989,

    pretty please?

    Is it him or is it Tom or Bill I should focus on? All I want is to meet someone that I will have a relationship with for a long time, hopefully for the rest of my life

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