Captain, 2013 reading please

  • Hi Captain, I've been feeling pretty down and out lately with everything and I'm not sure if and when I will get out of this slump and would really like some answers. Could you please do a reading for me of what's to come for me the rest of this year?

    My birth details 4/16/1985 2:53am San Francisco, CA

  • For you, this is not really a time of impulsiveness or indecision, but of hard work and knuckling down to getting what you want. It is a year for healing and dealing with issues (especially anything sexual or to do with feeling inferior or being female). But you have a nature that can overcome anything.

    This is no year for taking shortcuts or cutting corners. Pure unadulterated 'nose-to the-grindstone' type action is what is needed here. Don't surpass your boundaries or thumb your nose at taboos or traditions in 2013. Any misbehaving this year will backfire. You stand for truth and justice. Your lifepath is part mission, part passion, part business and part politics. What area has been neglected - it sounds like the passion part? Use this year to get back in touch with what really fires you up.

    If you can turn away from the dark side, prosperity and recognition will flow towards you in the next few years from you building a firm foundation for success now. The business/working aspect of your life will be highlighted in 2013, and it is this aspect of your life that can shift your attention away from the darkness - your career can help you gain wealth, help you use your creative talents appropriately, and help improve your state of heath, if only you can focus on the up side of it and make any necessary changes or improvements.

  • Thank you Captain, just the words I needed to hear to pick me up and get focused again on my goals. I hope you are having a good 2013.

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