• Hey how it going i need some tips from a zodiac point of view.i am a virgo male.

    theirs this girl that im attracted to shes a cancer. we first met at my old job a while back.we never really talked their as she got employed right when i left for my new job.we recently just met up again through facebook from us having the same amount of friends.she said that she doesn't really remember me but we still made a chat.making the long story short.for about 3 weeks now we had brief conversations here and their through chat about where we work now, what we enjoy, e.t.c. by it being valentines thursday i decide to be blunt and strait forward with her and ask for her number so that we could go out some times.. heres our chat from what i said to her response - Me

    Hi samantha, happy valentines beautiful.enjoy your day if your not captured at the bar... hell even so enjoy their to!.. lol

    I would love for us to do a dinner date or comedy show.whats your number so we can make it happen??? ;o)

    her response the next day,friday - Umm... I'm currently unavailable.

    my response back to her - thats fine.. figured u might have a boyfriend or somewhat

    lol i was hoping u got my message.

    and i havent received a response back since yesterday but i saw on her page that one her female friends posed - hey samantha happy valentines day did u have hots hitting on you.and she responded to her pttt i dont have time for that nonsence.i just worked the whole day at the bar and made my lil valentines money.. you.

    now i know its a over all done deal now but if their is any thing else,any last solutions i can do to change her mind.any thing i should say or do in trying to wow her,how much time should i use in doing this.please let me know becuase its alittle hard doing this via facebook and not in person.thanks guys!

    ps.i have cancer in venius.

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