• Hello Astra Angel, Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

    Is it possible for you to draw some lucky talismans for games of chance

    to win big (I mention big so its big I tried) for ME and my husband?

    I think you did this sometime ago if I'm not mistaken.

    If not I thank you so much anyway.

    Thanks so much and many blessings to you and yours!

  • Magickal

    Here is a WIN BIG talisman for Sunday.

    I will draw another one for Thursday. Those are the two good days for games of chance.

    Instructions: Print this out and take a small lock of your hair and a quarter and fold it into this and fold it all together and place in your wallet or purse when you play games of chance and prepare to WIN BIG.



  • Hi Astra Angel

    Thanks a lot! If I win big I will surely send you your commission.

    When you say for Sunday, does it mean just for Sunday use or I can still use it till Thursday

    when you make another one for Thursday?

    The highest I have won was $100.00 and that was some time ago. Lately hardly nothing

    at all.

    Thanks a million!

  • Here is a talisman for Thursdays (Jupiter square)

    These will be most effective for those days the squares are on - Sun and Thursdays.

    They will "help" on any day though, however on those days they peak their powers and should help with the wins. Good luck!


  • Hi Astra Angel

    WONDERFUL!!! THANKS A MILLION. I will keep you posted if ever I win even a decent amount.


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