Hello Tarot Nick. would like an update reading

  • I would appreciate a reading to help me figure where Im going from here. right now money is tight and im getting more hours at work and doing much better at school. 🙂 however money is still tight, and my fiance is stressed as to which truck driving company would be best to work for. he just quit his job at the last company cause they dont put much priority on quality home time. he just put an application at a new company. or he may end up going back to the company he just quit. another choice is to go back to his original boss that he first started in truck driving but he runs his company illegally at times. so we are worried/stressed as to which is the best path to take as far as work for him.

  • Here is what I picked up for you,

    your thinking of your fiancée and he is trying

    an increase of money is coming

    and something was completed and it seemed to work out

    whom are you worried about...like someone lied...and you are questioning

    it happened recently...where you are questioning

    Things aren't so clear to you as they once were

    but you want contentment and lasting happiness

    doubt has creped in...i think that is where the cloudiness is coming from

    your going to either try something new with a friend... almost like you haven't done this before or thought a certain way before... and just try it

    by doing that something new will come from it

    and it may seem weird at first...you may question it... but I think you try it

    Let me know what happens... the last part hasn't happen yet... sounds interesting

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