Compatibility reading please Captain.

  • Dear Captain,

    May I bother you for a compatibility reading? A relationship scenario would be at best.

    Me: March 23

    Him: January 1

    I sincerely thank you if you would oblige,


  • This relationship is best for work and worst for marriage. You are two very different personalities who can however merge your energies to produce a third more successful entity - the relationship itself. Although this man is a strong person, his authoritarian manner doesn't necessarily mean he would be a successful leader, while you meanwhile have the imagination and fantasy to spark new ideas but can be a bit too flaky and undisciplined to take yourself anywhere. Yet together the two of you have leadership and dynamism written all over you and this relationship can be especially successful in the career or social arenas.

    Domestic life however would be a different story. Interpersonally, your friend's authoritarian attitudes would be difficult for you to accept if you lived together. And he would be quite critical of your imaginative schemes and more relaxed attitudes. A marriage here would thus have energy and direction yet still fail due to emotional conflicts. It would only work out if you could fully accept that your partner needs to call all the shots and if he could accept your extreme individuality without attempting to suppress it. Yet it is inevitable that power struggles will arise at home. Your friend has extreme difficulty opening up to anyone emotionally, even his lovers, so you would struggle to get through to him.

  • Thank you very much Captain.

  • recommends!

    You are welcome =)))

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