Letting Go of the Old and Embracing the New: The Way of Nova Earth

  • Letting Go of the Old and Embracing the New: The Way of Nova Earth

    When a really important day arrives, we have the best possible chance to say something, have it be heard, and see an important change take place.

    I’d like to use the occasion of Nova Earth Day to say something that’s for me very important. That’s to discuss what there is to do, in its most fundamental form, to build Nova Earth.

    Global meditation today between 1:01 and 1:11 p.m., local time. Suggested meditation: Our Love for Mother Earth

    Building Nova Earth is a task we’ve been invited to take up by many – the Divine Mother, Gaia, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Saul, SaLuSa, the Arcturian Group, etc.

    The most useful thing we can say about what there is to do to build Nova Earth is that it has two components: letting go of the old and embracing the new.

    Getting adept at this two-step dance is the order of the day – today and for years into the future.

    Moreover, much of what’s involved in letting go and embracing the new is either simple or needs to be made simple. Since we’re having a global conversation, a human conversation, all our conversations need to be simple. They need to identify the highest common denominator in the simplest language possible.

    Anger, self-righteousness, even arrogance can be enjoyable. Or we wouldn’t embrace them.

    So for example the simplest action plan for letting go of anything is just to stop. To let go of the discrimination and persecution of women on this planet, simply put, requires us to stop. That’s simple enough to convey.

    It’s after we stop the objectionable behavior that things can sometimes get difficult. Then the vasanas (archaic reaction patterns) erupt – the situations, conclusions and decisions that kept the behavior in place in the first instance.

    Outlasting the call of the ego to continue the behavior, understanding what drives us, not re-engaging in the familiar patterns of harm – these may take reflection and courage. But, even there, stopping remains the key.

    We need to stop responding to the call of the vasana and simply observe it in order to get the insight that comes from watching and listening to it.

    So much for letting go of the old.

    Embracing the new can be a wee bit more difficult because, whether we want to admit it or not, we have, until now, gotten satisfaction from the old.

    We get certainty, pleasure, delight, and so on from doing the unworkable things we do. It can be fun to get drunk. Feeling more powerful than another can be a rush. Winning is great. So what if another loses? That’s their problem, right?

    Furthermore, in the beginning, we may not get immediate gratification from embracing the new. That’s what makes it so hard to do the right thing. Fewer biscuits from that. And the biscuits we do get we often have to wait for.

    Truly, for me anyways, it takes some commitment to lay new track. But then – and this is especially true for me in these times of rising vibrations – the real reward for embracing the new (and not just anything “new” but the divine qualities) is the bliss that results.

    Granted bliss does not come right away, and it comes more fully the more we complete our vasanas. But when it does come, it reveals itself as the reward for all action pretty quickly.

    And we have some pretty powerful friends on our side – all the higher-dimensional sources who are sending increasing amounts of love and light to this planet that are raising our vibrations. In the face of them, it’s becoming easier and easier to do the right thing.

    The right thing in regard to gender relations is to refrain from harmful activity, level the playing field, and take pride in not allowing ourselves to perpetrate against another.

    How are these courses of action related to the divine qualities? Harmlessness, equal-mindedness, and fairness are all divine qualities. Never before in recorded history have these qualities brought the level of reward they do now.

    The impact of the rising energies is to prompt us, pull us and push us towards living the divine life. We’re getting a lot of help and it’s making it easier to transition from the old ways to the new.

    This is just one illustration of the fact that life these days is probably all about, and will be all about for years to come, letting go of the old unworkability and embracing the new workability.

    And, yes, we get a reward from making that transition. The biggest and most satisfying reward is bliss.

    So what is there to do to create Nova Earth? Let go of the old ways and embrace the new. And what are the new ways? They are, all of them without exception, extensions of the divine qualities.

    All of this is simple.

    And the rising vibrations furnish us with ever greater rewards for actually doing it. So what there is to do in life is for each of us to let go of the unworkable and embrace the workable, let go of the divisive and embrace the unifying, let go of the self-serving qualities in life and embrace the divine.

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