Egidius Song - VALENTINE

  • Egidius waer bestu bleven - Egidius where arest thou

    Mi lanct na di gheselle mijn - I long for thee, my friend

    These are the opening phrases of an old Dutch song of an unknown Midieval poet and they speak of the hurt of a friend, longing for his friend who obviously had passed away and 'seeing' him in heaven.

    In a way, it makes me think of the (a) Valentine story, with the christian Valentine locked in by an angry, not-christian pope for execution and who performed a miracle to the blind daughter of his guardian(, who had served him in prison).

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  • How nice it is, to have heard the opening phrase of the Egidius Song right on Valentine's Day, on television, expressed by a professor who was talking about the roaring fourteenth century (amongst others the times of the great pest disease, killing 30 millions of people in Europe).

    I did not hear or read these lines since I read the text in my schooldays, decades ago.

    A perfect example of synchronicity.

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