Reading needed!

  • Can I please get a reading for myself 10-14-83 and a guy friend of mine 8-21-1983. Thank you!

  • Hey lag83

    Okay I can look at this for you...

    The two of you are deep in thought over the two of you. Very intense, it is the relationship itself, mind swirling with possibilities... for... A desire to take a chance on love with each other... because both want love so much!

    You have both have a history of whirlwind romances...

    and sometimes those have not always worked like you felt was right...

    This is different though. This feels right and you really want to let yourself go with each other.

    First, you will learn to communicate, honestly and with all sincerity with each other. This will be the setting for you...

    You will have many opportunities to talk about your feelings with each other...

    And your dreams of a mature, dependable and very delightful love with be realized.

    Leading to intimacy ...on some very deep level...

    (and you can decide between the two of you what that looks like 🙂

    Standardized Celtic Cross Enumerations (SCCE):











  • Thank you so much! I was curious because when we first met three years ago we had a whirlwind romance with each other and I felt I had truly found the right guy and they he vanished and ended it. We have both had other relationships since then, but he always contacts me when ever his end. Recently, he has ended an engagement and I never thought I would see him again since he was engaged, but he has come to me again and I just am not sure what he needs from me or if he just looks to me for comfort and a rebound..which I am not into being. I do have feelings and concerns I want to tell him about and I didn't know if it was the right step. He has hurt me very badly before and I'm afraid to let him in again.

  • Yes I see the 10 swords and 8 swords, you two should just talk it all out, communicate communicate that will be the answer for you.

  • What do the swords mean?

  • I always think thoughts, and words, communicating... so I saw those sword cards for you and him and it just seemed to say "talk it out"... I know you will be able to do that... be sweet and be honest... great relationships are built on two people being able to talk about any and everything in love...


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