Best Gifts By Zodiac Sign

  • I am always stuck wondering what to both buy and ask for when birthdays and anniversaries etc. come around so I thought I might make a thread where different sunsigns could state their preferences and thus make gift-buying that much easier. I have found cusp people (those born a week either side of a sign) can be the toughest to find a suitable present for. So any suggestions for zodiac gifts?

  • As a Taurus female myself, I love food - chocolates or a bottle of my favourite drink (Bailey's Irish Cream or champagne) are divine gifts. I like sensuous gifts - natural smelling perfumes, touchy-feely fabrics, and delicious massages. I do love flowers, colourful and scented ones - not cut but in a pot so they live on. But mainly I like quirky, unusual, novel things that people have put some thought and effort into, like making a donation to a charity in my name or searching for something specific to my tastes like a book on the paranormal or psychology. I like to be treated nicely - perhaps taken to a beautiful spot in nature for a meal or just told how much I am loved (music or poetry is great). I don't need expensive gifts, just heartfelt, even homemade ones. And I really dislike shop-bought cards that don't take much effort - just a sweet handwritten note would be so much nicer.

    Does anyone born around February 19 have any suggestions for gift ideas?

  • Handmade gifts are the best !!!! My friend (god rest her soul) used to collect different minatures

    so I used to find different or unique minatures and make her hand made cards for her birthday as for my male friend I would give a humorous card & cook him dinner or lunch

    and I totally agree with you about potted plants 🙂

  • My favorite birthday gift is a trip to the beach...image that...being a Cancer and all. I'm more traditional in that I love flowers, a dinner out or movie since those are treats. I don't drink so alcohol is a no-no for me. Vacations...time away from the norm. I love knickknack stuff too. Smelly stuff. Love lotions and candles or oils that smell. I love going to my closest metaphysical store and finding stuff. Tarot cards would be good. Angel Oracle cards, or a massage, manicure, pedicure. I never buy cards for people. I think it is a waste of money. I prefer phone calls! Well...there is just a little bit of everything there!

  • Shadowmist, what sun signs were you talking about?

  • I dont remeber their sunsigns I always went by what they like it was several years ago now I just light a candle in rememberance of the and what they meant to me

  • Everything you mentioned are great. I like the idea of a massage or dinner out in the open.

  • I am Sagittarius and I love crafty stuff. CrossStitch kits, latch hook rugs. When I was younger I really liked paint sets.

    My absolute favorite thing in the world is beads. Nice, shiny, colorful beads. I have a bead loom that I work on sometimes, I also hand weave them or add them to embroidery. But mostly, I just take them out and look at how pretty they are. lol

  • Ooh, I love Baileys and champagne and sensuous fabrics and food, too! Must be the influence of my Taurus moon 🙂 As a Libra, I also love gifts of art and flowers (though I do like cut ones, and prefer soft shades over bright)—anything beautiful, really, whether for my home or to wear—I love pretty clothes! And books, mostly literary fiction as well as spiritual topics and poetry.

    A long-ago boyfriend was a 2/17 Aquarius, and his interests were musical and world-oriented—anything from other cultures, anything unusual or mind-expanding—things I remember giving him include a Tibetan calendar wheel, a cool hookah pipe found in a Chinatown shop, concert tickets, new age and world music, Egyptian papyrus and other handmade stationery with a good fountain pen and ink and an assortment of unusual stamps—he was a great letter writer—books on travel and indigenous cultures. He wasn't very materialistic, and unlike me wasn't into receiving gifts to adorn self or home, more about experiences than things. Hope this helps with your 2/19 person!

  • Thank you all, this is very helpful! 🙂

    GD, wow, there's some great ideas for the cusp babies.

  • I like most someone spending time with me - it doesn't have to be an expensive outing, what's most important is doing something with the other person- picnic, walk the beach, dinner at home, chat over drinks etc


  • The simple things are the best!

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