A physic please help!!

  • so i've been told by a friend that i have like 3 spirits with me that just cling to me and that a little boy is with me always and he goes everywhere i just want to know who this little boy is and why hes always with me hes harmless ive been told but i dont know what he wants,

  • Shabby here, aim clairvoyant.

    The little boy is just a spirit, no worries for you my dear. He certainly is not with you at all times, as spirit has their own work to do on the other side. Suggestion for you, read the book by Sylvia Brown called The Other Side. We all have spirit guides, true. Your friend just may have got the little boy as a Symbol that one day ,you will have a son.

    Happy holidays

  • omg thanks for your help and happy holidays to you too ! and is there anything else i should know as of whats around me

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