Tarot Nick and The Captain can I ask advance Birthday reading in general thank u

  • Dear The Captain & Tarot Nick ,

    I hope you don't mind me asking general reading my Birthday is Feb. 16, 1975 and currently in a relationship with Libra man who born 0ctober 4 1982. My relation to this guy is totally different and I had the guts that this is my final destination . I am very much appreciative for your kindness guidelines I had no problem to tell anything about everything to him and he anything I asked about him he had no hesitation to answer me. The only lil problem that I can see is he can easily distress in a small thing and I know I need give him time if his upset. The good thing is he won't take it long to talk his feelings and back to normal. He stated that he rather focus on big problem rather than petty issue I guess he only what asked to be in our world and not entertaining some other people problem like friends even you only telling a story and why I take long on my phone call or late in our date.

  • The Captain I appreciate your insight last time I'm not sure if I have you the right date of his birthday.Your advice to be patience to him which is I did and telling me were pretty similar and being intellectual to each other makes me feel comfortable and secure. I see myself to him

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