Divine Spiral, Integrity, Choices & Power Chakra

  • a message from Kara Schallock

    It seems like life is a series of ebbs and flows. Do you feel this? One day you feel very connected to Source and the next day you feel very lost and disconnected. If you will observe your life as a spiral, you see that you continue to rise and yet come to the same spot on the spiral each time, and it feels a little different; a little lighter when we meet up with certain patterns that continue to surface, showing us a different perspective each time. This is how Ascension works; it’s almost like taking two steps forward and one step back, only we never truly take that one step back; it just seems so because our intellect still resides in the finite world of 3D; that world of “it’s either this or that.” In the New, it never is either/or; it is a continual movement forward and upward in an ascending spiral. Can you shift your perception to that, or are you attached to the old, limited way of looking at life? The spiral is of the Divine Feminine; the energy of Ascension. There is no moving backward only upward, no matter what the outer life may look like. It calls for us to detach from the outer life more and place Power on the inner knowing; that of Heart-knowing.

    Some of you are still experiencing many Ascension physical manifestations and may think that you’re going backward. You’re not; you have just come to that spot on the spiral when you revisit old patterns for a more thorough release. Some of what you may be experiencing again is sleeplessness (or really knocked-out sleep), a return of digestive issues, not finding the right words to express yourself, feeling energized one minute and completely exhausted the next (or both at the same time), vertigo, a dry mouth, disorientation (not feeling like you’re in your body), headaches (especially around the Third Eye) and an anxiousness or irritability. Most of these don’t last more than a day, as compared to the last two years, when they were ongoing. Also realize that solar energy is a constant now and serves to help us dissolve old patterns, even while they can exacerbate some physical manifestations. So, focus on the positive of what you’re feeling, rather than on the discomfort, which attaches to it and thus it continues longer than it has to. This Awareness helps you move through them more quickly.

    Most importantly, do know that we truly did enter a time of great expansion; a new paradigm; with the 12th and 13th Gateways of December 12th and 21st of last year. We are fine-tuning. Take a look; a close look; at your life and while there is still much release occurring, do not leave your focus there. See how much quicker you transition from the old to the New. Notice the energy within you and all around you. Notice the deep Joy you feel and notice the Freedom you have in making the choices that resonate with your Soul. (These feel like a huge expansion around your Heart Chakra). Notice how you can see right through a person’s words into the Truth. See that each moment and event brings a deeper Understanding and Clarity within yourself. And as you do, you help others do the same, for we’re all One. And that’s the biggest thing you can do; take care of yourself, for then you take care of others in a bigger, more Compassionate way.

    Realize that as a carrier of great Light, there will be many who are drawn to you…some will want to acknowledge and share with you; others may want to take from you in order to raise their own vibration. This is why it is essential to check in with yourself to see who you allow in your space. As Lightworkers, there are no supposed-to’s and certainly no-one to rescue, for everyone is on their own Path. Have boundaries so that you freely give of yourself without the ego-need to save another or because you're "supposed to." It is up to you as to who you allow into your life. Pay attention to how you feel around a person. If you are energized, chances are that you are vibrating similarly and there is no taking; only giving and sharing. Just by keeping your vibration high is enough to whole (heal) everyone, for in this space of Love; that Love goes out in waves to bless all.

    Be in Integrity and Discernment with everyone and everything. As you are, you will see others for who they truly are and they will see you. In other words, you feel beyond their words. It may take some time and as you are always in your own Integrity, you will eventually see if they, in actuality, are clinging to the old or are moving into the New. There is no judgment in this; yet there is Discernment and Observance. Remember, you’re not here to save; you’re here to serve. Feel the difference? By sympathizing with those who tell the same sad story again and again, you actually are not helping them at all to break free; you add energy to where they are. Do not worry about them (this also energizes their story); just be clear about who you are. You don’t have to point out another’s faults either; we all are very aware of them; besides it doesn’t help. The best thing to do, as you’re guided to, is be true to you and let others go and be who they choose to be. Keep moving forward and upward.

    Because so much is in flux right now, there may be confusion about what to do or what’s next. There may be so many choices and yet, no clear direction as to which path to take. This is a time when making no decision may be best. If you can let go of the addiction to doing and allow yourself to Be, you can simply be in the energies as a Compassionate Observer and allow things to unfold. Realize that it wasn’t that long ago when we felt we had no choices; it was as if we got stuck on one path and that was it. Now, many are feeling an end to what they’ve been doing, yet the New Path hasn’t manifested yet. This requires Patience and Heart-knowing that there is much work behind the scenes going on that eventually leads to New ways of Divine Service. You don’t have to be a rock-clinger (from the book Illusions by Richard Bach), afraid to let go of what you know, and instead, be carried by the current of Grace to new vistas. A lot of what you know and what you do is no longer applicable. And even for those of you who stay on the same Path, know that there will be many shifts and upgrades to that as well. For as you shift, doesn’t everything need to shift as well to match your new vibration and consciousness?

    We are stepping more and more into our Power. We’re done playing games or being what others want us to be in order to belong or keep the peace. Empowerment is often silent and still, for true Power comes from a deep knowing of Who you are. There is nothing to prove, nothing to get; it is like the Redwood Tree, who stands tall, rooted and whose branches sway gracefully in the breeze with a knowing that all comes in Divine Time and Divine Order. Consciousness is your only advertisement or marketing tool. As you stand in your own Power, all is given unto you. Gone are the days of doing in order to get. Now are the days of “I serve the Divine Will by being my Authentic Self.” As you stand in your Power, you don’t have to convince anyone of who you say you are; your energy speaks for itself; and since we all have moved more into feeling, rather than thinking, people will know you by your Essence; your energy.

    For the last few years, our Solar plexus and Heart Chakras have slowly been merging as One. This is one of the reasons we have been strongly encouraged to let go of old wounds and beliefs, which mostly reside in our Solar Plexus, so that the two Chakras may merge. Once they merge, the Heart becomes the Power Chakra from which all is created in finer and finer Awareness. I know many of you feel this already. It comes in the form of Heart-knowing, deeper Compassion and a detached sort of Love, with no fear and certainly no agendas, manipulation or control. You know it by the quiet Power and Joy you feel, even while you are facing and releasing old energies. This Power Heart is you merged with Soul and is expressed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically: your Authentic Self…Love.

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