• I agree flowsco money or job would be very helpful so is the last day to hunt for the red envelope I never get notices anymore so I just check the forum to see whats going on.

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    No, notices for hunts are kinda in the past. And if you noticed (well I just saw it) only now there was this page mentioned in that side screen showing stuff on FB. I don't be on FB so I wouldn't have seen it IF it was mentioned prior to the date.

    Either the system is not working properly or Tarot forgot to share it upfront. Lots of glitches.

    My chinese sign said that it would be a mixed year for me (finance) and it all depends in how much effort I put into stuff and self "promotion". sighs 🙂

    Well I have a full (chinese) year to get that right, right? lol

  • I think it is the system ever since the new format was put in place I havent received anything and it is to busy for my liking. but that is the nature of change which is what my chinese horoscope states. I do have a fb just to check the pictures of my grandchilden and see how they are doing other than that I do go on it ah well maybe we will get to search for cupid in a couple of days yea!!

  • That would be nice if they did. Love is in the air. 🙂

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