• In anticipation for the start of the red envelopes hunt I want to wish you all a once again a great year ahead.


  • That snake is too sneaky still cant find it oh well I will look when I get home from work maybe it will be there later

  • What do you think that sneaky snake is compatible with?

  • Hi 2exite,

    Is that a clue? I am guessing it is. Happy Hunting everyone.

    (My pages isn't lit up so I can't search as yet)

  • Thank you! Easy one, love the red!

  • Thanks found it!!

    Sneaky indeed!

    (whines) My pages are still

  • Still not knowing if I would match with the other pig, my eye was caught by simply red at the bottom of this composition. Curiously I cklicked on it, just curious, you know as a Gem can be and there it was ... a popping up outof the red as if some Valentino was hiding in it. Not sure what it was I sneaked to my Karma Coins and surpringly enough the figures had evoluated into a higher degree of value. Well, I suppose, this was some Chinese trick. Mi hau?


  • I double clicked on it, that is 🙂


  • LOL @ Artisan...poetry indeed.

  • ok that is sneaky although I dont think I am compatable with the snake lol

  • Strange, how the art of celebrating shows differences over time ... So there are places in culture where we celebrate just for one day in history a seasonal change and there are places where two days are historical and cultural tradition. Howcome ...

    Of course we all know, that in the real fairy tales all celebrete for three days, like with the marriage of the hero or heroine, before starting to be living a happy life ever after. Did you know, however, that there are also places where one takes even more days out, to celebrate out with the old and i with the new? I believe to have read somewhere that 'the Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days.'.

    Now imagine this, when flying on your Magic Red Flying Carpet ... I'm so sorry, for not being able to call such red thing anything else than this ..., as I do'nt know the specific differences of a traditional Red Enveloppe and a Flying Carpet. So solly ... (n.p.i.). Can anyone tell me more?


  • good morning all

    learning about the chinese new year makes me want to celebrate. I love history!!!

    happy hunting may you gain a little knowledge to keep you learning 🙂

  • Good afternoon,

    Thank you for the clue.


  • Excellent clue...let the celebrations begin...

  • Thank you for the clue. I missed yesterday due to the blizzard in New England. Happy Chinese New Year to All!

  • Thank you!! Happy New New Year!

  • Happy Chinese NewYear everyone.......ready for Sunday's clue?

    Snakes are all about transformation. Isn't it great they can transform your Karma Coin account?

  • Good morning all Happy Chinese New Year !!! I hope all is doing well cakennedy that storm was pretty nasty

    Over all the horoscope looks promising just maybe I will find a better job or expand on my business that would be so awesome

  • Que sera, sera ...

    Thanks for the nice little hunt, your hints and giving a sneak preview on the Chinese New Year.

    Happy Celebrations!

    Going on now for Valentine's Hearts???

  • Good afternoon & Happy Chinese New Year.

    Thank you for the clues the last few days, everyone!!!

    May the Water Snake brings a great deal of goodies this year in all forms.

    @ Shadowmist...I think job wise or money wise is something we all are rooting for.

    @ Artisan...who knows.

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