What Happened?

  • My dog, Toby died yesterday. I know he had been sick for awhile, but I didn't think he would die so soon. Can anyone tell me exactly what he died from? My brother and his girlfriend said that he began making a horrible sound, then tried to get up. He collapsed, and then stopped breathing. But, I have a lot of guilt. Did he get sick because he felt neglected? Was there more I could have done for him? Our relationship meant a lot to me and it's going to be difficult for me to move on. Thanks to anyone who can provide clarity on this.

  • Kidney failure. And I see the number 8. I'm seeing a very high maintinance disease----like addisons or diabetes. You could have prolonged his life but it would have been unrealistic requiring injections, constant testing and monitring and that would have not prevented the reality of blindness and heart and kidney damage. I have 3 dogs--old ones and everytime I miss a sign of a hurt or problem I as well first feel awful as they do not speak or complain and we do go on with our busy lives and pet them--feed them but often miss something. We imagine they were calling to us and we were selfishly neglecting but realy that is in our heads. The problem is we love them so much they almost become human--we forget they are dogs and honestly they love unconditionaly and do not have all the emotions we humans do. Your dog felt loved. They do know love. In the animal world death is more natural. Thats why you will not see huge animal hospitals everywhere filled with ailing pets. It is hard to let go and put a beloved pet to sleep. So often many people just let them go the course--specialy if they are not wailing in pain but just slowly leaving us. In your case I get kidney failure first with underlying disease and in the end a chest pain and the heart stopped. By now you've already noticed little flashes out of the corner of your eye---felt his presence--he remains at your side and despite the loss try and feel his joyful release from pain and a worn out body---your sadness keeps him near he wishes to comfort you---forgive yourself and remember him in only happy memories---this will make him happy. And don't worry he will choose your next best buddy. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much for providing that closure BiMoon. I loved Toby very much and would have done anything to help him. It's hard to let them go, but I know I need to. I felt so guilty about what happened. But, I think it's easy to forget that animals don't always think the way we do. Many blessings to you for helping me through this.

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