Jeshua: The New Earth – I – Part 2/2

  • Jeshua: The New Earth – I – Part 2/2

    Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

    How to overcome duality – the completion of the karmic cycle

    Your earthly cycle of lives ends when the game of duality no longer has a hold on you. It is essential to the dualistic game that you identify yourself with a particular position in the playfield of polarities. You identify yourself with being poor or rich, famous or humble, man or woman, hero or villain. It really doesn’t matter that much which part you are playing. As long as you feel one with the actor on the stage, duality still has a firm grip on you.

    This is not wrong of course. In a sense it was meant to be that way. You were meant to forget about your true self. To experience all the aspects of duality, you were meant to narrow your consciousness down to a particular role in the drama of earth life.

    And you played it well. You got so caught up with your roles that you totally forgot about the aim and purpose of going through this cycle of lives to begin with. You were so forgetful about yourself that you took the games and dramas of duality to be the only reality there is. In the end this made you very lonely and full of fear, which is not surprising since the very game of duality, as noted in the previous section, is based on the elements of ignorance and fear.

    To understand the workings of duality in your everyday life, we would like to mention a few typical hallmarks of the duality game.

    Characteristics of the duality game

    1. Your emotional life is essentially unstable.

    There is no emotional anchor present, since you are always in the “up” or “down” side of a particular mood. You are angry or forgiving, narrow-minded or generous, depressed or enthusiastic, happy or sad. Your emotions perpetually fluctuate between extremes. You seem to have only limited control over these fluctuations.

    1. You are intensely involved with the outer world.

    It is very important to you how other people judge you. Your self-esteem depends on what the outer world (society or your loved ones) mirrors back to you about who you are. You are trying to live up to their standards of right and wrong. You are doing your very best.

    1. You have strong opinions about what’s good and what’s bad. Being judgmental gives you a sense of security. Life is so well organized when one divides actions, thoughts or people into right and wrong.

    Common to all these characteristics is that in all you do or feel, you are not really there. Your consciousness resides in the outer layers of your being where it is driven by fear-oriented patterns of thought and behavior.

    Let us give an example. If you’re used to being nice and agreeable all the time, you are displaying a pattern of behavior that does not spring from your inner being. You are in fact suppressing signals from the inner part of you. You are trying to live up to someone else’s expectations in order not to lose their love, admiration or care. You are reacting from fear. You are limiting yourself in your expression. The part of you that is not expressed will however live a hidden life of its own, creating dissatisfaction and tiredness in your being. There may be anger and irritation present in you which no one is aware of, not even you!

    The way out of this state of self-denial is to make contact with the suppressed and hidden parts within you.

    Making contact with the suppressed and hidden parts within you is not difficult in the sense that it requires particular skills or knowledge to do so. Don’t make “going within” a difficult process that others have to teach you or do for you. You can do it yourself and you will find your own ways of doing it. Motive and intent are far more important than skills and methods. If you really intend to know yourself, if you are determined to go deep within and change the fearful thoughts and emotions that block your way to a happy and fulfilled life, you will do it through any method that comes along.

    Having said that, we’d like to offer one simple meditation which may help you get in touch with your emotions.

    Take a moment to relax the muscles in your shoulders and neck, sit straight up and put your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath.

    Picture yourself walking on a country road under a wide open blue sky. You take in the sounds of nature and you feel the wind through your hair. You are free and happy. Further down the road, you suddenly see some children running toward you. They are getting closer to you. How does your heart respond to this sight?

    Then the children are in front of you. How many are they? How do they look? Are they boys, girls or both?

    You say hello to all of them. Tell them how happy you are to see them. Then you make contact with one child in particular who is looking you in the eye. She or he has a message for you. It is written in the child’s eyes. Can you read it? What does it want to tell you? It is bringing you an energy that you need right now. Name the energy that this inner child has come to bring you and don’t judge it. Simply thank her or him and then release the image.

    Feel the earth firmly under your feet again and breathe deeply for a while. You have just contacted a hidden part of yourself.

    You can go back to this scene anytime you want and perhaps talk to the other children there as well.

    By going within and making contact with the hidden, suppressed parts of yourself, you are becoming more present. Your consciousness is rising above the fear-motivated patterns of thought and behavior that you have taken for granted for such a long time. It is taking responsibility for itself. It takes care of the sorrow, anger and hurt inside, like a parent takes care of its children. We will describe this process in much more detail elsewhere. (See Lightworker III).

    Characteristics of releasing duality

    1. You listen to the language of your soul which speaks to you through your feelings.

    2. You act upon this language and create the changes your soul wishes you to make.

    3. You value quiet time alone, for only in silence can you hear the whispers of your soul.

    4. You question the authority of thought patterns or rules of behavior which block the free expression of your true inspiration and aspirations.

    The turning point in letting go of duality

    Your earthly cycle of lives draws to a close when your consciousness is able to hold all the experiences of duality in its hand, while remaining centered and fully present. As long as you identify with one aspect of duality rather than another (with light as opposed to dark, with rich as opposed to poor etc.), your consciousness is on a swing. Karma is nothing but the natural harmonizer for the swings in which your consciousness engages. You release your ties to the karmic cycle when your consciousness finds its anchor point in the motionless center of the seesaw.

    This center is the exit point for the karmic cycle. The predominant feeling tones in this center are stillness, compassion and quiet joy. Greek philosophers had premonitions of this state which they called ataraxia: imperturbability.

    Judgment and fear are the energies that most take you off-center. As you release these energies more and more, you become more quiet and open inside. You truly enter another world, another plane of consciousness.

    This will be manifested in your outer world. It will often be a time of change and saying goodbye to aspects in your life that do not reflect YOU anymore. Great upheavals may occur in the area of relationships and work. More often that not, your whole lifestyle turns topsy-turvy. This is only natural, from our perspective, since inner changes are always the forerunner of changes in your outer world. Your consciousness creates the material reality you dwell in. It is always that way.

    Releasing the grip of duality takes time. Unraveling all the layers of darkness (un-consciousness) is a gradual process. Yet once you embark upon this road, the road to the inner Self, you are slowly distancing yourself from the game of duality. When you have tasted the true meaning of ataraxia, the turning point is taken. When you have felt the silent yet all-pervading joy of simply being with yourself, you will know that that is what you’ve been looking for all along. You will go inward time and again to experience this peace inside.

    You will not shy away from worldly enjoyment. But you will have found an anchor of divinity within yourself, and you will experience the world and all its beauty from that state of bliss. Bliss never resided in material things to begin with. It resides in the way you experience them. When there is peace and joy in your heart, the things and people you meet will give you peace and joy.

    In this day and age, a certain group of souls is preparing itself to step off the karmic cycle. We will speak in depth about this group in the next chapters. However it is not just a group of human souls that is now reaching the end of a transformative personal cycle. The very earth on which you live is undergoing a deep and thoroughgoing transformation. A planetary cycle is coming to an end as well. This era is so special because of these two cycles coinciding. We will now speak about the planetary cycle

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