Do you think this observance helps?

  • I started following the basic daily horoscope readings because there was a timeframe when I first discovered this where they were right on about some things. And it helped me to be more aware of myself. I am struggling like I never have in my life and lately I can only glance at the daily header. There was a solid month of negative. Not "watch out for this and move it towards a more positive outcome." but NEGATIVE. And it effected me. I will not delve into payment for service at this web level. so i really shouldn't complain. but anyone else worry about it influencing their outcomes?

  • Hi

    I believe theyare general as in an overall view for each sign. To have it personal one need to add name, surname, time of birth, city of birth and much more.

    Another angle on this is to take from it what you can use and what in your gut rings wrong, discard of it. NEVER become a "slave" of horoscopes. In end it is not astrology that guides outr choises and daily lives, its us that makes the choise based on whats best for us at the given time and moment. Not horoscopes.

    My advice would be, dont go by scopes alone, but rely on your gut and intuition. No human was ever born with a finer tool for life.

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