The month of Pisces: Healing Breakthroughs & Active Inspiration

  • a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello friends. Astrologer Pam Younghans calls Feburary 2013, “our month of Pisces,” and she is correct. We have a strong constellation of Pisces energy in these planets: Mars, Neptune, Mercury and the Sun (on 2/18.) We also have Chiron, which has been designated as both an asteroid and minor planet. So what does this mean for us? The upside of all of this Pisces energy is the potential for spiritual healing, inspiration and creativity. The potential shadow lies in escapism, addiction, inaction and hopelessness.

    For more detailed information on Neptune in Pisces, please check out my blog post from 2012 here.

    Pisces has been referred to as the “storehouse of knowledge,” and this opens up the possibility for more people to access their own inner wisdom and also deep, spiritual sources of wisdom such as the Akashic Records. The brilliant psychic and medical intuitive Edgar Cayce (1877-1945,) had 4 planets (Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mercury,) and his North Node in Pisces.

    I was thinking of a song to play for all of this Pisces energy and “Please read the letter” came to me, and I believe it sprang to mind for three reasons: 1) The soft, beautiful and dreamlike sound and energy of it, 2) Robert Plant said it is about “unfinished business.” Pisces is related to this, and also to karma in general. There is also a line about “reaping what you sow.” 3) The mention of the “Angels of the deep,” otherwise known as Mermaids or Slyphs, which are also very Piscean in nature.

    Please read my letter and promise me you’ll keep, the secrets and the memories we cherished in the deep. – R. Plant

    Please read the letter – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

    Looking into these energies moving forward, I was shown that there is the potential for some deep and even archaic injuries and disappointments to come up, especially around family of origin issues. Here is what the Akashic Wisdom Keepers shared about that:

    Beloveds, we understand that there are many among you who did not have parents or many other elders to serve as positive role models for you as children and young adults. For many of you are the “wise ones” yourselves, and have served as wisdom keepers in your families and communities.

    Dear ones, we understand there may be hurts and disappointments around this, and we invite you to let them go now. There much energy present now to support this (Mars, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces,) and for you to understand on a deeper level than in previous times. For many of you have parented your own parents, and they have learned from you. You have all been children, parents and teachers to each other; and in some instances, many times over.

    When you dis-identify with fixed roles and identify more deeply with new, expanded and more cosmic/galactic roles, the journey lightens, makes more sense and also becomes more joyful. When you understand the interconnected-ness of the ONE, you begin to judge less, and appreciate more. The way out so to speak, of feelings of expectation and disappointment in many instances, is simply to expand your “view.”

    When you let go of resentment, anger and frustrations of the past (related to certain individuals in this instance,) you are freer to offer them compassion and metta (unconditional positive regard.) It is your true nature to be soft and without armoring, and to let your love flow without condition. – The Keepers, 2.3.13

    The Keepers mention here about us becoming more aware of our roles as “Galactic Citizens,” this will be easier to do with this strong Pisces influence which at its heart is deeply mystical and transcendent.

    Some suggestions for how to best make use of these energies

    1. Pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal. There is potential to receive powerful healing messages from the subconscious at this time, and also to reach information that has previously been hidden from us. This can also be potentially emotionally overwhelming. Be kind to yourself, and do seek out spiritual and/or psychological counseling if you feel it is necessary.

    2. Be careful with your health and especially your Immune System. (Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, especially take note.) Pisces energy has to do with boundaries, and also the dissolving of them. Mindful centering and grounding practices will be especially important this month. It will be much easier than usual to “merge” with others. You may be moving a bit slower than usual, and it’s important not to assume you have fatigue or an illness, (if in doubt however, please confer with your medical professional.) All substances (caffeine, alcohol, sugar and drugs) will have a more potent effect on the physical and emotional body. It’s good to keep this in mind. We will be more sensitive in all ways, and that does include the physical.

    3. Be aware of when you are excessively “checking out” with food, television, the internet or drugs/alcohol. This is unskillful application of these energies, and can actually create more confusion and disassociation than usual. A more skillful application would be music, writing poetry and creating artwork of all types. This is definitely a time for a bit more daydreaming than usual, but it will be easier to get a little lazy and inactive too. This isn’t a time to quit your exercise routine either, as you will want to keep the energies moving.

    4. For those in healing fields, you will have potential to reach new heights of awareness and breakthroughs with your clients. Just be especially mindful of the potential for psychological projection (on both sides) in these energies. Again, it’s about boundaries. Be sure to keep yours intact.

    If feel that in 2013 we have the opportunity to work with Piscean energy in a new and more productive way. The old paradigm of Pisces energy demonstrated escapism, irresponsibility, martyrdom and savior-seeking. A more evolved Pisces energy manifests through personal responsibility, unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others.

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