Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of February

  • It’s a new month full of wonderful opportunities but they may not be totally obvious because you will have to go within to find them. In fact, you may to go more deeply within yourself to see the value and potential of some of the choices that you are faced with this month.

    It is time to take a leap of faith off the diving board of potential, into the murky waters of the unknown which may be a bottomless pit or only ankle deep. You won’t know until you take the leap and land in it. The Energy Theme for February is REBIRTH and the question for this month is do you want to sink or swim? Some floating and treading water may be required before you feel ready to make your choice but it won’t be as difficult as you may think.

    (Those of you whose eyes glaze over when you read about astrology may want to skip this part but I’m including it because the astrology of February tells us so much about the energy of this month and its role in the completion of the Atlantean Paradigm.)

    This month will see a stellium in Pisces, with Neptune, Chiron, Mars, the Moon (briefly), Sun and Mercury all in Pisces by the 19th (and Mercury retrogrades in Pisces this month). Pisces is the sign of spiritual understanding, enlightenment, imprisonment, self-undoing (or self sabotage), confusion and the unknown, depending on how its energies are used.

    There is a highly spiritual focus that either challenges our humanity or empowers us to fully align with our divinity. What is important in the context of February’s energies, our Ascension journey, and the rise of the divine feminine is the activity of Mars and Venus, who typically represent the male and female energies.

    We now have Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius and they both entered new signs on February 2, setting the stage for the changes and opportunities for healing and rebirth that we will see in February. Remember that Atlantis was destroyed by water and we are formed in a watery womb. Lots of synchronicity here.

    I think these two planetary positions represent some interesting quasi-mutual receptions and energy sharing. Aquarius, now occupied by Venus, is ruled by Uranus, which is currently in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars. Pisces, Mars’ position for the next 2 months, is the sign of Venus’ exaltation (where it is its most powerful besides its home signs of Libra and Taurus), and it is currently conjuncting Neptune, which is defined as a higher octave or vibration of Venus.

    Mars in Pisces can feel like we’re walking through water but that’s because its usual forward motion is focused inward. The ‘bull in the china shop’ is being asked to stop and smell the beautiful flowers. Venus in Aquarius is open to new ideas and ways of doing things but instead of being passive (or acting like a victim), the new awareness is fueled by Mars’ energy.

    These alignments are allowing the final closure of the Atlantis Paradigm, through which we have been expressing the masculine and feminine energies for eons, in chaotic and destructive ways. We can now allow these energies to exist in harmony for the first time since Atlantis’ destruction.

    In what ways is your divine feminine trying to express itself? Do you have the courage to step out, speak up and boldly move forward into new ways of enlightened, whole, divine being? What do you think your masculine and feminine energies represent? Are they balanced or imbalanced — do you feel more or less powerful in your masculine or feminine energies?

    Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac, the culmination of one journey as we step into the next. In Pisces we can put all of the information we have learned together, find its highest aspects and move forward into a new cycle enlightened, evolved, energized and empowered. Or, we can see where we have failed to rise to our potential and power, and feel abused, used, overpowered, demoralized and depressed.

    This will be the focus of February’s energies — how are you going to interpret your journey and what aspects will you choose to be aligned with? What do you want to be reborn into? The highs and lows are both available to you to choose from and whatever choice you make represents your energy in this moment. We can be victims of our past or victors in the present. Now is the time to choose because we will live through that energetic expression for the rest of 2013.

    The astrology shows us a compelling connection of Mars/Venus or the male and female energies, with Mars getting to experience itself from the inside out, instead of from the outside only, which is typical of Mars energy. Venus gets to experience itself in a more outward way and with the electric energy of Uranus, enhanced by the underlying support of the Mars energy.

    It’s the rise of the divine and masculine energies in complement, mutually supportive and gifted with a potential to evolve in partnership, equality, sharing power and recognizing each other as two halves of the same whole. This is the healing of the Atlantean Paradigm after eons of being at war with each other, these two energies can finally come together in peace.

    Also in February we have the Chinese New Year on Feb. 10 (in Aquarius) and Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, giving us additional opportunities to communicate our truth, to ourselves and to others.

    What are we really asking for in our communication, who are we asking and what is going on with our inner conversations?

    Do we communicate clearly and with all of our energy or do we hold back out of fear?

    Are we communicating as a victim or a victor?

    The knowledge of this month will be clear, we cannot know the world unless we know ourselves and the world’s potential is not something we must seek in a never-ending search for meaning, it unfolds from within us. We have returned to the world, time and again, in an effort to heal ourselves, each other and the world.

    In February we have the chance to complete that healing and to become what we have never had the chance to be until now, healed, whole and complete, powerfully prepared to fulfill our mission as healers and create the New Earth from our point of evolution. Are we going to approach this new assignment as victims or victors? As the healed or martyred healer? Equally balanced in our masculine and feminine aspects?

    It is our time to shine, so shine on brightly. Have a wonderful month.

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