Blue Moon have a question... ?

  • How are you? Fine I hope, I'm just a little curious, though I'm pretty sure, it was my Aunt Audrey or Grandmother Rosalee, my husband saw a sprit last thursday evening, looking in thru the sliding glass door and then come into the house and head towards my bedroom, he says she knocked him down ( like a vision, he says) the same date a picture of my Aunt Audrey fell off my desk at work and a few weeks ago her first grandchild was still born, I'm thinking her, not to mention I talk to her picture all the time.

    She never liked him so I think thats where the knock down comes from. Funny to me.

    If not it was my Grandmother Rosalee, I'm thinking Audrey, see if you pick up and thank you my dear! Pray all is well, I'm growing in leaps and bounds and loving it, most times.!

    Oh, I keep seeing a blue guy in a square, not sure who he is...

    Muchas Gracias, Senora!

  • bmp

  • This is old now, just saying hello and welcome back? Guess who I saw last nite, you won't believe me! I'll let Spirit tell you are you guess. Take care my friends, some of us are on FB now in a closed group Golden Pathways.

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