Lightening Perspectives, the Presence of Logos Energy and the Waning Influence o

  • Continued from Part 1 above

    Our role specifically has entailed assisting you Lightworkers along the way and having been able to communicate with humanity, we feel we have been able to properly do this.

    Humanity as a collective has begun and will begin to reflect the energies you’re being given, and the purposes of our communications are to help you realize the purity of energy coming your way; as we are able to help you realize this purity because of our perspectives of increasing it with each time the energy is sent down for you all to absorb, assimilate and benefit from before sending it along for other aspects of Gaia’s surface to themselves benefit from.

    If you could only see how the energies of your collective consciousness have been transmuted, even since your New Year, you would see that everything is being taken care of by the higher realms as you all begin finding the motivation to rebuild your world.

    Physically, it could seem for many of you as if the higher realms and we within the higher realms are not around you or will not be helping you to restore your world to the pristine condition She has always been meant to exist in, but we are working harder than ever behind the scenes to assist you all in your daily tasks that revolve around helping the Earth to ascend and seeing to it that as many souls as possible are able to ascend with Her.

    As so many of you are now able to find and access a clear flow of the energies of the higher realms and every soul within them, the strides you are to make upon fully realizing your easy access to such energies will see you easily able to welcome us and your Galactic brethren as the vibrations continue to lighten.

    There is so much you have come to the Earth to do and with every writing, every attempt at channeling and every gift of Light you dear souls bestow upon your fellow Lightworker collective, the collective energies of your entire world are given a needed boost and you find yourselves that much closer to seeing and realizing the true and real establishment of the new paradigm many of you have worked so hard to attain and realize.

    At present, things are being shaken up for each of you as you all begin to see that the ways your Lives have functioned for so very long are simply no longer benefitting you. When you can clear your mind and allow your hearts to be expressed in their fullest form, you will see that the energies backing your higher dimensional experience are not only easier to attain as we have mentioned, but are stronger than ever and are leading you toward your unfiltered experience.

    The inner change that is beginning to become quite apparent for many of you will be reflected by the outer change to your society and the ways many of the souls in your society have thought, felt and functioned, and we say this with a concrete knowing because of where the collective energies are already taking you all.

    So very many of you are already finding genuine and strong awakenings and you are using the very energies and enlightened frames of mind that they have garnered in you, to help uplift any soul who can become open to the higher realms and who can become open to the vastly-pure energies being delivered to and through your bodies and spirits at this time.

    We ask you dear souls to get active in expressing the Creativity, the vitality and the energy you are beginning to feel at this time for in doing so, your Lighted energies will be fed into the collective consciousness exponentially and every soul on your world will respond in their own individual and unique ways to the energies you are all diligently bringing through yourselves.

    This is why the actions of so many Lightworkers in feeding and funneling higher dimensional Logos energy through to your surface are so required at this time. Without your Light energies, those of darkness and density would continue to be the rule of the day and the influence of the Earthly cabals would still continue to be fed.

    This influence is still being fed at present, but not in the strong manner it could otherwise be were it not for the incarnations of a plethora of Lightworkers, starseeds and ascending souls for the purposes of anchoring the Light that always illuminates and exposes any vestiges of darkness that cannot last in the higher dimensions.

    The collective of humanity continues to feed the disintegrating grid of darkness with their own latently-held energies, and we ask you dear souls to see that you are now natural “blessers” and Light conduits for the energies of darkness to be transmuted through.

    This has been the role of many of you or rather, has been an aspect of the roles of many of you for indeed, you have all been doing so very much to assist in Gaia’s ascension and you have allowed yourselves to take on density to extreme extents, all for the purposes of transmuting it as you are now doing with grace and ease.

    For some of you, these transmutations many not feel easy but trust, dearest souls; they could have been much harder but your determination and resilience in staying centered during the surfacing and transmuting of such density that many of you continue to find yourselves exposed to, is seeing to it that the overall energies of darkness and density can no longer continue to be fed in the manner they have been for so very long.

    There are a great many souls on your world that will initially resist the concepts and ideas of coming together and establishing true collective peace and harmony for all to benefit from but truly, their perspective will be in the “minority” category in the face of every soul on your world who knows that positive change must come.

    As a planet, you have faced either blatant and positive change or blatant and negative change, and we know you dear souls can feel that you are moving and have moved into the timelines wherein bold and positive change is manifested and every soul on your world is able to find the personal prosperity that you all deserve and require.

    You have always deserved to Live a Life free of worry and difficulty but unfortunately, the freewill permitted within a lower dimensional experience has seen humanity changing the landscape of your dearest Earth into one rife with separation and hatred. We know that you are answering to hatred in the most grand of ways at this time, and we will continue to commend you for your efforts thus far.

    Gaia’s energetic framework continues its process of becoming purer and purer for as this very framework grows in terms of the purity of energies making its very structure up, the energies expressed through it will themselves be able to be expressed in a much purer fashion than they are currently being and have been for so very long.

    For those who worry that ascension has been put-off or that ascension is in a stalled phase; your ascension is in a very heightened and intense phase at present and this can account for the difficulty many of you are experiencing in your Lives, as can the collective density you are attempting to transmute in any given moment.

    Rainbow vibrations will make themselves known within the minds and hearts of each one of you and we wholeheartedly encourage you all to meditate for in doing so, you will access the healing Light planes our scribe has been able to access in meditation. You will also begin to feel the brimming, pure fifth dimensional vibrations of Source that are truly descending down upon you all at present, and they are simply waiting to be felt and called upon.

    February 2013 will be an insanely-active energetic month, and so we ask you all to brace yourselves for another round of supremely-pure energies that will continue along the course of the testing you have brought forth for yourselves to experience. We are, of course, continuing along our missions and from the perspective of souls who have been tasked with strongly decreasing the distorted nature of this energy for your month of February, we can say that your employment of a balanced center will see you exceling greatly in the energetic tasks you have set out for yourselves in this month.

    We have been given the mission of giving humanity energy updates whenever we can, and we hope to offer you the insight that will see you better-assimilating and adjusting to energies that will continue to change the very means in which events play out on your world.

    These energies will continue to shake things up and some of you will feel the effects of this shake-up, as everything about your Lives is looked at in a decreasingly-distorted Light and you find that the densities and limitations that once held you back are now simply things of the past.

    Indeed, you can continue to employ and feed those densities but in doing so, you will be aiding in feeding something that is no longer there and only seems to be there because humanity is Creating it to be so.

    Even with the expelling of the most potent and powerful of darkness, humanity as a collective is very powerful and will continue to feed the very energies that have kept you back for a millennia, but you now have the higher realms on your side in stronger and realer ways than ever before, because of the nature and extent to which darkness has ceased on your planet.

    We say this in this manner because many of you have noticed the seeming continuance of darkness and negativity, and it would seem as if what we are saying is untrue from your third and fourth dimensional perspectives. This is why we return to the mention of things going on past your conscious perception that would display to you that the Light truly is now the pervading influence and that the framework feeding darkness has been expelled.

    It is crucial for you to know that despite how things seem in your outward reality, your Light and the Light of the Creator is by your side in stronger ways than ever. We Love you all so very much, and we ask you to see and recognize Love in every form it is given. Love is everything, dearest souls, and the increasingly-pure energies of Love you’re being given to help transmute the darkness are doing just that, on an incredibly grand scale.

    Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

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