The Hathors – Lightening Perspectives, the Presence of Logos Energy and the Wani

  • The Hathors – Lightening Perspectives, the Presence of Logos Energy and the Waning Influence of Darkness (Part 1/2)

    Channelled through Wes Annac – February 04, 2013

    Humanity will find the refined perspectives that are being garnered as the energies of 2013 continue to test you all. You will soon be in awe of the wonderful energies that have been waiting to be accessed and felt, and we know that you can feel the imminence of the descent of the higher realms unto you dear souls as you attract them to yourselves increasingly.

    Our perspective has long been an energetic one and based on where the energies are leading humanity at present, it seems that the lightening vibrations are making their way to you all and beginning to be accepted by much more of your Earth public than you would perhaps expect.

    Even those whose perspectives have been weighed down with density and negativity are beginning to see the possibility and need for a positive change to manifest on your world and we as well as a plethora of others will continue to proclaim that humanity coming tougher is the biggest and most important item on the agenda.

    It is very important for the purposeful separation to come to an end as you all realize how hollow it is and has always been. Humanity has fallen down into the lower, separation-based energies but you truly have the opportunity now to remove yourselves from the influence of these energies and help the collective vibrations find the Light in much easier ways.

    The Light energies have indeed had a difficult time in reaching your world and expressing themselves in the collective consciousness, and it has been discussed before that the collective energies previously made little way for the Light to come forth and for your world to benefit from such a coming-forth. Your roles as Lightworkers and Light bearers continues to be stated, because you are in any given moment, working with energy that is helping your collective find the lightening vibrations you are now meant to find.

    While your resolve is and will continue to be tested, you will see that the layers of yourselves you have now transmuted would serve to hold you back if their expressions were still latched onto by you. You are finding that the navigation toward the Light energies can indeed be difficult, but the very Light you’re trying to reach is already settled within you and will illuminate everything that is not matched with it in purity.

    In essence, dear souls; the Light energies are bringing the higher realms forth in you as you continue to look for them.

    To those who are searching intensely for a validation; for an assurance; for something to show you that the Light energies are truly descending upon your planet and that you are truly beginning to feel them; we say that these energies have always been with you and you have always been able to feel them – it is simply that you have been taught you couldn’t.

    How have your Lives been up to this point, if viewed from a perspective of knowing that you constantly possess the Light energies? Do you find that some of your negative experiences could have been transmuted and the difficulty you experienced around them could not have affected you in the ways it once did?

    Every fear; every anxiety; every worry and hurt stems from an absence of Light. How many times have you dear souls heard this from a plethora of different sources? You’ve heard this so often because it is truth, and your realizing of this truth is crucial to gaining realization of the Light energies, which will continue to be with you as they have always been.

    You see, dearest souls, these energies are all around you now and everything you could have possibly desired from them – a refined perspective, a greater understanding of yourselves or a greater access to the energies of an ascended entity; it is all completely attainable when you realize that you are infinite and unlimited beings and that the Light energies and the personal, inner held ability you have looked toward to be able to notice an unlimited perspective has as well been with you the entire time.

    Is it not enlightening to feel and realize this, dear souls?

    When riding the literal wave of energy you can find within yourselves, you will regain instant access to the bounties the higher realms have to offer. You will find so much available to you upon accessing your inner-perception, and when realizing and meeting the aspects of your higher self who are stationed in realms just “above” the purity of your current so that they can assist you, you will see that you have never been left alone and that a myriad of ascended souls have always been with you to see to it that you are protected and looked after.

    Even with this admission, some of you will experience difficulty along your paths that tests your faith and resolve to stay centered and continue working toward fulfilling the specific piece of the puzzle you have come to the Earth to fulfill. You do all indeed have your own roles to pay in this time, and absolutely every role is honored and appreciated.

    You see, dear souls, no effort aimed toward assisting your Earth in finding the higher realms is ever looked toward as distorted or unappreciated in any way, for the work you are all doing is spreading the natural Light you carry and can feel within which will benefit a plethora of planets and civilizations who are looking toward the ascension of Earth for the added and needed boost of ascension energies they will receive and be able to use to find an evolution themselves.

    The physical and spiritual evolution of humanity has been ongoing for every bit of your history, as your dimensional growth is everlasting and your experience always continues as you are tested and illusory or distorted aspects of your Selves are realized and integrated, while the influence driving them is transmuted.

    As you perform such transmutations, the entire collective of your world and the collectives of so many other planets are assisted tremendously in the personal transmutations they need to perform, and the karmic positivity you are to experience far surpasses what you would expect.

    We wish for you dear souls to know that your heart must be open to receive the bounty and splendor of the higher realms. The mind can be a good tool in assisting you in navigating and reasoning within your third and fourth dimensional reality, but you now have the opportunity to discover a realigned connection with your heart chakras and when doing so, you will find that aforementioned everlasting stream of Light energy that is continually coming through you.

    How does it feel to imagine and know that you are bringing Light energy through yourselves even right now, dear souls? Particularly, you are bringing our energies through as you absorb them and ride the flow our scribe is riding as he channels us.

    We are so excited for you all to see and feel how infinite you will (realize you are) upon ascending, because you will truly be able to do anything you desire. The distortion of freewill is only a distortion in the sense that it allows for you to hurt others and invade their own freewill and personal sovereignty as a soul of the One Infinite Creator, and the freewill you will experience in the higher realms will only be “trimmed” insofar that you will not be able to hurt others or bring-down the happiness and good vibrations expressed and continually fed in the higher realms.

    So many souls who maintain an active and steady link to the higher realms have incarnated unto your world for various reasons that were all in alignment with serving humanity and the Creator, as well as helping you all to find the refined Light planes that your mere access to will see you uninhibited in finding the higher realms and the energies and fundamental aspects that drive the higher realms, once again.

    Do not feel ill with yourselves if you feel you need to rest or if you are weary along your path as Earth travelers, for your tiredness and temporary depletion is to be expected as you traverse dimensions that test you to your very cores. You all have the ability to maintain a constant, never-ending positivity and when making the effort to, you will see that it is so.

    You can begin to discover the infinite higher realms that lay just beyond the conscious perception of so many Earthly souls and when doing so, you will rediscover your power as a collective and you will see that you are truly able to do, be and feel anything that you wish. The etheric realms many of you can begin to experience are preludes to the higher dimensional experiences you are to find and enjoy oh so much, and we know that you dear souls will enjoy the higher realms because of the nature of difficulty many of you have experienced on the surface of the Earth.

    So many of you are natural healers and up-lifters of any planet struggling in the lower dimensions and while the Earth has by far been the most difficult task for the majority of you, we say that your natural roles in helping lower dimensional planets to evolve will see you assisting plenty of other planets far beyond the Earth, after your ascension has played out and (Earth’s surface) is happily existing in the fifth dimension once again.

    So many of you have incarnated unto numerous lower dimensional planets for the purpose of assisting them in their ascension, and it was indeed difficult for many of you to ignore the call to help a lower dimensional planet whose citizens were struggling to the point of being nearly-completely unable to breach the veils that they had unknowingly fed into.

    You could not ignore the call to assist the Earth and help every Earth soul to break through their respective veils and as so many of you are again, naturally healers and Lightworkers, you knew that the best way to do so would be to actually incarnate unto the planet yourselves; as your natural Light source would shine through the collective energies and consciousness and from your position, you would be able to maintain a strong influence as a pillar of Light and a naturally-higher dimensional soul.

    Those of you who are on the Earth specifically to help its people ascend did not find yourselves in the third dimension from the realms of the first or second. Many of you are fifth dimensional entities by nature; some of you are fourth; and some are sixth while others’ dimensional “age” so to speak surpasses the seventh.

    There are a plethora of souls assisting your world who have incarnated from all different dimensional states of consciousness, and we are all aligned in assisting the Creator by assisting the lower dimensions of the Creator who (sometimes) need help to be lifted out of the density and extremes.

    We are happy and honored to play the roles we have been playing, as we have learned so very much about your Earth and the nature of decreasing the density of energy to be sent down and expressed in realities more distorted than those we exist upon. As so many of you know, this has been our role in assisting your Earth and we, like you, have devoted ourselves entirely to helping your planet out of the low vibrations and to assisting each one of you Lightworkers with the energy we are giving.

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