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  • Hi Nick!

    Ive seen your work on this forum and would like to ask if i could get a reading from you. I am a reader myself but long learnt one cannot self read bc one aint as objective to oneself as one is toward a stranger.

    let me know what you need in order to do a readiing on for n about me.

    Thank you.


  • Sure, I'll try and do one tonight,

    It is hard to read for yourself and family members, trick is to detach yourself. In the beginning I couldn't read them, I kept putting in what I wanted to say...hahaha...

    Try this, what ever spread you do, read each card for what it is, try and isolate it...some will blend together which is good because of the validation but it helps you read just the card and not what you want to hear...

    My reading will be geared toward your feelings, I'll pick up on them to hope to help you see them from a different perspective... I won't need anything


  • Great Thanx Nick. Well the each look on each card ive done but then i second guess em lol


  • hahahah funny,

    keep trying...and it may not be what we want to hear..hahahha

  • true lol

  • something is going on that you are not happy about, I get the feeling you only want to see straight ahead, a piece of the picture

    your feeling good about yourself...happy

    things aren't sticking...you do one thing then move on to another

    more happiness...good luck

    you either just got a new job or found money...just keep an eye out, may not last...

    partly from above about things not sticking...you have been dreaming, you want all these things...I get a feeling like you wanted them all so you thru them up in the air to see which will stick

    you get something out of one of them...feel like a smile

    Your worried about a plan...feels like you fought over it and not putting your all in it

    your fighting with your friend...a misunderstanding or miscommunication

    your going to start something new...I’m guessing within a month...and your bringing some of that luck with you

    with that your going to be strong...know you can do it feeling...

    hope that helps,


  • Last oct i was dumped by a guy i loved very much, ive fought to move on focus on future nmyself. n yet i feel im time again yanked back. ive had flashes that shows we´ll talk again but to make it happen i have to open a can of worms n im reluctant to do so.

    job ýes i had one sort of but it wore me out, did more damage to my lower back n knees than i bargained for, plus the boss was a nasty piece of EFF! he didnt treat me very well so i quit.

    i got an interview on a new aprenticeship tomorrow friday that may result in a job. i pray so.

    i guess what i need is why he lied as he dumped me, closure. thats what i need. n i still aint found out why he has such a hold on me. boy!

    anyways thanx Nick !

  • But you can't control what other people do...you can only control you. The good thing is you feel good about yourself. You guys fought and couldn't come together the two lines about planning and fighting go together. It shook you up...thats why I'm guessing you threw everything in the air waiting for something to land. You didn't get what you wanted so it threw you...that's is ok...I am also guessing the narrow view, you didn't see everything coming because you only saw a narrow view... So what I get is open up your view and review what happened with new eyes, that may help you see what happened. Take the good..leave the bad...and learn. Learning and growing will help you in the future.

    the new apprenticeship ... I am not sure will last but you have something good coming...so take what is given and learn and grow and use that experience... everything is a building block...learning is a good thing.

    I usually don't like to put my own feelings in because I feel the cards I pull are giving you a tool to help yourself....trick is to read between the lines...and use them as triggers to help yourself. I don't like giving information so I don't influence your thought process...your choices are yours...

    so I can't tell why he lied, but does it matter? because you can't control his emotions and thoughts...you control you...so figure out what you need...learn and take the good...and grow...

    Hope that helps,


  • It did thanx Nick. i owe u.

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