The Energies of February 2013

  • a message from Jamye Price

    January Review

    January was not an easy month for many. In general, Lightworkers were rollercoastering through emotions and situations. It felt like there was an undercurrent of good foundation growing amidst a world of chaos, much like an earthquake can surface some deeper minerals that will feed plant growth, but the earthquake sucks. I had noted that it was going to be a month of internal focus. This points to the emotional exasperation as so many found they were being forced to deal with lingering issues. If this resonates with you, as not everyone experiences the exact same thing in this world of benevolent diversity, then you may also not be feeling total resolution yet. We are in a new energy of creation that will build over time as the predominance of hope for the masses begins to be feasible. Lightworkers are the hope bearers. We are seeking a new way of being that doesn’t separate, suppress or denigrate Life. Old systems must fall and new ones must grow. Done properly this can transition fairly smoothly. You don’t get to see what is seeding beneath the surface, and that storm on the surface is nurturing new growth. Hope bearer, focus your Light in that storm. Be the safe shores for the Self and those near to you during a month like January which had some internal storms. Be the Light of hope that keeps those awash paddling toward the assurance of a new land. January offered you the opportunity to express yourself by unlocking your throat energy. While this will continue, you are seeding the new manifestation of your life. February takes it up a notch (or down a few chakras?!).

    February Energies

    February is about the sovereignty of each Being honored. Each Being must ultimately do that. We can placate others or we can empower others, the difference is minute and based on a moment. What empowers one, enables another; what may seem disempowering in a moment could be a necessary catalyst for growth, and that need not hurt. Each unique being, yourself included, must discern and activate their own empowerment. For the heart focused, every experience in life is a potential for empowerment. Rather than needing to already be there, the heart focused appreciate the journey; for all experience refines choice and all choice refines experience. Much like a master painter would enjoy the process of painting a picture - no fear about each brush stroke, no worry about what others will say, just enjoying the creative moment. That requires the combination of childlike joy and mature peacefulness of Knowing All is Well. A sovereign one lives from an empowered heart and mind. The empowered heart is the childlike joy reaching out to experience life with no expectation of outcome. The empowered mind is the peaceful Knowing that All is Well no matter the outcome. The peaceful heart and joyful mind serve empowerment. See the cycle of Life? It is mutually beneficial and nurtures growth. You are Life.

    February will focus the energy of the power chakra, the will, as it flows with the heart. Science has proven that the heart is the strongest electromagnetic organ and field within our physical body. When the Love of the heart is combined with the sovereign will, we become interacting fields of empowered Love. Have you been in a room with some of those fields of energy? They are palpable. No hidden agendas. No need for control. No need to impress another. It’s compelling. It’s compelling because the signal that your subtle field, your mental, emotional and spiritual nature interprets; is pure Love. That familiar (familial?) core that you inherently Know is your origin. You are that Love.

    The Astrology

    Our energy interactions with the electromagnetic push/pull of the planets can show us what to observe in our own internal push/pull. We are in polarity integration to move into 5th dimensional experience. When you integrate polarity, you are no longer pushed or pulled by dogmatic beliefs, you are peaceful within the middle road which has expanded to include All. Dogmatic beliefs can include religion, spirituality, diet, sexuality, governing laws and much more. Upon integration of that linear experience of polarity, you find a triality, a container with a third energy, the birth of the depth of Love into form/experience – the pyramid. Like any trial period, it doesn’t last long as opposing forces square off. Movement is built into life through the grace of time. That fourth dimension becomes space/time manifest in the depth of Love. A strong foundation for change and growth to continue.

    We are in a time now of deep renewal. Scorpio is a huge player in our current energies with the north node (our growth potential) and Saturn (the benevolent teacher) both in Scorpio, with Saturn retrograding 2/18-7/8. We also have two Scorpio lunar eclipses and one Scorpio solar eclipse this year. Scorpio reaches deep into the hidden and the mysterious. Here you find your greatest challenges become your greatest teachers. The difficulty is when you resist instead of allowing the compression of birth and change to flow in your life. As Lightworkers we are focused on change continually; shining a Light on it, observing it, calling it to new shore. With the Scorpio influence of these times, that Light shines deep within the Self rooting out the shame, pain, deception and the avoided. Scorpio has a strength that allows the pain of labor to birth renewed Life, though this requires a release of controlling or destructive behavior. The famous sting creates a wound that affects all parties interacting, no matter how justified one may feel about what another deserves. As always, this points to an Empowered Sovereign, aware and emanating the pure signal that nurtures Life – your Life and the Life of the world in which you live. Your focused will of improvement

    within becomes the beacon to new land. The Golden Age manifesting with you.


    February will have a similar energy to January in that the focus is internalized and working to empower you. While we will continue ‘unlocking the throat’ from January, we add to that the will empowered. That means expressing the Self with Love that serves the moment. Sometimes it may feel good, other times it may be a challenge as you strengthen your way out of the cocoon. We are still tasked with building the Golden Age, which can be a fun process when you go with the flow of change Knowing All is Well. If you watch the news, you see chaos and destruction. If you look within you see a new foundation building amidst change. Focus that change toward your empowerment and watch your world respond. There is a universe of Love flowing through you that is excited about your potential. In February, stand up and be heard!

    Have a great February!

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