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  • Hi Watergirl....I would love a reading!! I am wondering about the guy I just met...Mike, 6-3-54 and also my new business I just opened as a Reiki Practitioner and FINANCES!!!



  • Hi LibraLuli,

    There is potential with Mike - there was a spark between you, however you are ready and wide open and he is not quite there yet. Your challenge is to remain balanced and in the present moment without getting too far ahead of yourself. Instead of looking to the future and seeing him as the be-all and end-all, try to just enjoy each moment as it comes. He is still looking to the he going through a divorce or just ending another relationship? If not, he is still hanging o to it emotionally. He will move forward slowly in a balanced and measured way. Allow it to unfold naturally. If you push or force for things to happen at a quicker pace it will scare him off. Stay focused on your new career and filling yourself up on your own - look to him as a bonus to your life rather than the main focus. If you remain hopeful, yet detached to a specific outcome, I feel things could develop nicely. Always remember, THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER is the best way to manifest.



  • Thank you Watergirl....this was an extremely accurate reading! I found out yesterday that he is still clinging to a love from 6 years ago. He told me he was not sure he could ever get over it, which made me take 2 steps back, and I will be more cautious and guarded now.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate the reading!

  • Hello, watergirl18! This was opportunity only for one person , right?

  • LibraLuli, I don't think it is about you being cautious and guarded. Jusr the opposite. You should remain open-hearted. The trick for you is to be strong and independent enough to allow him the time he needs to come around at his own pace. There is very good potential here if you can do that. Keep things relaxed and fun.

  • Marishkaa, Yes, this was just an offer for one person, but post your question and I will get to it as soon as I can.

  • Thanks Watergirl....that is actually really good advice. It is probably why I have such problems in relationships, I pull back as a defense mechanism and it looks like I don't care. He has kind of disappeared today, in one of his moods, and I had decided to not contact him, but I think I will reach out so he knows I care. I just really don't want to get involved with another emotionally unavailable man and I don't know if he is willing to let his ex love go and not compare me constantly with her. Besides that, he and I seem so perfect for each other and so connected it is unreal....I have had these type of feelings of connection once before, but not on this level.

    Many blessings,


  • Hi Watergirl!

  • Thank you for an opportunity, watergirl18!

    I am communicating with guy in internet for already a long time. I became kind of too focused on him, but i don't think that relationships are possible with him (although i would like to be with him). Could you tell please whether i should stop any contacts with him now and deliberately ( i tried this already, but not so successful)? Or should i continue as it is and wait till we will lose interest in each other or met in person , so that it will not be so hard not to talk with each other any more?

    Sometimes i have qualm of conscience, because when i tried to stop talks with him, he would tell me that he missed me, and i missed him too of course. I just afraid that he will soon find a girl-friend and i will not be interesting for him, or , on the contrary, i will meet somebody , and i don't want him to be sad.

    Maybe i just take things too seriously and this situation will sort out on its own with time.

  • Marishkaa,

    I have been busy at work this week so will get to your reading on Saturday or Sunday. Please let me know if you still want one and if anything has changed with your question/situation.



  • watergirl18. Thank you i will be waiting!

    A day ago i was talking about a meeting with him, whether he ever wanted to meet, and he told me, that he used to like me (and at that time he could), but now not and he don't have time for meeting. As for me, i think he said it on purpose and not was not sincere or maybe he is afraid of it, of his feelings. Anyway it was rude of him, and i am trying not to write him now, but thinking of him everyday. So, i still don't know what to do. Maybe it is better really to stop it as it is now ?

  • Hello Marishkaa,

    It is best to accept the situation as it is being shown to you and let this one go. It is tempting to fall in love with someone when they only show you what they want you to see. Although it is not true of everyone, very often these online "relationships" are based on falsehoods. His reaction to you asking to meet in person is a sign that he has not been completely honest. You must ask yourself why you would allow yourself to fall for someone you have never met in person. I am feeling blurred lines between yourself and any "other" you see as a romantic partner or possibility which means you have some internal work to do. There may be a tendency to try to fill a perceived hole within you with/by a romantic partner. Trust me, no matter how hard you seek you will never find someone to fill that hole. You must learn to feel complete and whole on your own first.



  • watergirl18, thank you very much! But what if he will write me again? Shall i completely ignore him, what do you think?

  • I think there is a reason why he runs cold when you suggest the two of you meet. He has a mask in front of his face - not showing you who he truly is and even playing some sort of game. Once he runs cold and you let go of the issue of a face-to-face meeting, he will turn to trying to rope you back in but only to the point of communicating online. The moment you push for a face-to-face meeting he will pull away again. And so on and so on....

    It is up to you whether you want to get off the merry-go-round (carousel).

    Ask yourself why you would allow someone to treat you this way.

    You must first believe that you deserve better.

  • Hi Watergirl18,

    Would you be willing to a reading for me when you have time also? I am just wondering if my fiance and I will have any more kids...we have four boys between us (he is bringing two and I am bringing two from our previous marriages). I just had a birthday and have really been wondering about if we will ever have more kids. Because of his medical situation, we were told it might be difficult, but not I am just wondering if you can do a reading to see if it will happen... 🙂 If you have the time of course.

    Thank you for any insight you can give,


  • watergirl18, you are right... Thank you for the help!

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