Astra help with two friends?

  • Astra, one of my friends called M has started to act really weird around me and my other friends, what is up with her? She acts rude and ruins evenings out

    Another friend, a guy friend has started to show some interest for me but I belive it to be a bad thing to even think about starting something..what should i do?

  • Hi rockofages

    I took a look at this friend of yours "M" and I think its an identity (role) search and M has a communication path of some sort (swords) so I think she is "practicing" with you and your group, drama, theatre, I think its all a show... she is having fun watching you and your group "react" to her and that only adds fuel to her "drama career".

    3 pages showed up connected to her, so that is all playful, risking, experimentation, that sort of thing. Present situation is Knight of Wands so that is a role, path, identity focus. That is what she is trying to figure out, probably what direction should her life take as related to "communication" and words (mostly).

    Crossing 10 pentacles and ahead (strength) are very physical cards, that is her "word - smithing" taking shape in these environments with your friends, so I think its all a play, acting. Strong physical expression of what is an internal dialogue within.

    Future environment is Page of Pentacles, expect more of the same.

    Outer influences is Ace of Wands, that is a new identity / role that she feels under some pressure from the Universe to discover, unearth and so she is taking advantage of her peers to experiment and test the waters and see how people react to her new "mode".

    The hopes and concerns is a King Swords, so that shows a strong intellectual attainment, in communicating, dialogue, acting. Outcome is 2 of Swords which carries that forward into something affiirmed in communicating.

    So it is acting out, you and your friends are her "audience". Could also be a guy issue, like she WANTS this King of swords (someone in your group) and she is demonstrating her acting abilities for him.

    4 cups under her, so that is a deep love desire. So, I think there is some emotional frustration here also, the acting is her way of "releasing" the tension with this desire for this man. Underneath all of it though is a promising Hollywood career.

    You and your group should try making some short movies with her directing, you could have some fun. Try to find a positive way to turn this into a creative opportunity instead of a negative. Look for the artistic angle. Film it. Pretend. Life is play.

    As for your "guy friend" lets see about that too!

    This looks pretty good to me, I think your fear is because of some hurts/fears from the past (3 swords under you).

    Present situation is 2 of cups that is very nice. That is a new love relationship wanting to bloom!

    Crossing is Judgment, so that is wanting to put some "teeth" into the effort. This shows an intense desire to start a new thing together and in that way you liberate yourself from the past relationship baloney or whatever the two of you have dealt with.

    Above High Priestess, I think that is showing a blank slate, like you could write anything you want about the two of you right now. You could turn this into a "bad" thing or a wonderful thing... your choice, Why not see it as a beautiful start of something lovely?

    Recently 7 cups that is daydreams of love, so you are totally in the mode of being receptive to something new, this is the new.

    Ahead 2 of pentacles, a move physically, you and him will be affirming something physically, there is agreement physically, so dating, hanging our, a couple!

    Future env Page of Wands, shows some risk and play in identity. This relationship is a gift to the two of you to help work through identity concerns in love. So i would have some fun with it, keep it light, play, be innocent, communicate....

    Outer influences 8 of Cups - that is a very intense "encouragement" energy from somewhere (Universe I guess) to move forward and dive into the deep end of the pool in love. very expansive emotional-relationship energies. Your life setting is "encouraging" you to move out, move ahead, move forward into this I feel.

    Hopes and concerns - 4 of Pentacles - is a strong foundation of home, security, physical assurance. SO this shows a deep desire to establish this union as a strong foundation in the "physical" expression of a relationship, could be moving in together to start a home, marriage, something solid anyway. You really want a home with a man, and to have that security.

    Outcome - the Universe - That is a very strong "signature" from above saying go for it I think. There is the 4 cups, (love foundations) and a Queen of Wands (you in a good path).

    Over all I think it looks great! Your "bad thing" feelings are probably coming from your own past, or some nervousness knowing that if you move forward with him, this could be "it" and so that can be a little frightening. I would take little steps and have fun with him, try something new this time with a guy... and communicate from the beginning instead of waiting until something goes wrong to try and communicate. This relationship is a blank slate - chance to MAKE it whatever you want!

    Okay rockofages I hope that helps!



  • Hi Astra! And thanks for the reading 🙂

    Well the thing is we kind if kissed a little, no tongue though and it was to know who was a better kisser, me or his friend (they were joking around with eachother like boys do sometimes :P) and we walked arm in arm and I was cold so he opened his arms and while we were standing like we were hugging he stroke me along my back the whole time and it was so cosy, I was relxed... then the evening after the party he texted me asking how I was, we texted some about some tv-series and stuff..but the thing is, I haven´t heard anything more from him and I am afraid to if I contact him, it will make me look like a fool because maybe he isn´t interested in me? He does like other peoples facebook status but not mine...and I don´t know....

  • rockofages

    You should pick back up with him on the TV series discussion. Something simple...

    I drew some nice cards on the two of you just now... Knight Wands, High Priestess and Lovers. I think there is something here! I would not let your fears of his interest in you stop you. Love is really, always a risk.

    So... TV chat! (9 of wands)... how many episodes were there anyway?

  • Well it´s the sons of anarchy so season 5 will air soon here in Sweden so there is alot

  • Hi astra! update from yesterdays party, me and the guy friend kind of hooked up and I admitted tht I was intrested but as he said, we hardly know eachother so we´re gonna take it slow, however I have this weird feeling he is playing me or using it my old ghosts or is it real intuition?

    I also wonder, one of my friends really don´t like this guy, will it affect our friendship in such a way that I will loose my friends?

  • Hi rockofages

    As for your question about him playing you or using you? Hmm.... let's see...

    I drew the 3 and the 5 of Pentacles - these are very straightforward material energies. Nothing beyond face value, I would put such thoughts away. Whatever is happening with you and him, is simply something nice, and I would take it as it "appears" and not as you think it could be below the surface. 3P is a VERY honest energy, practical and sincere, it is working... and the 5P is showing some adjustments in the physical, as you two get to know each other better. I think it looks wonderful to me!

    As for your friend and some possible loss there because they don't like him?

    2 of Wands and the Magician. 2 of Wands is a very affirming car of path and the Magician is very bright, positive and lovely energy. There is nothing here that feels "divisive" to me. The wands card seems to be the paths continue and are stable and balanced and the Magician seems to say "house" (beth in Hebrew keys) which is a VERY social and supportive card of friendship, union, happiness and even some parties!

    It is all looking good to me rock. Go get him... 🙂

    love, astra

  • Hi astra!

    I met him tonight, I saw him at a club but I thought he kind of ignored me but he did answer my text after 1 hour 😛 Anyways when I went to the club he were at and said hi to a friend he walked up to me and kissed me, then after a while after he and his friends ate something he and I stood together and he asked me what I wanted, and I said I wanna get to know you better and I am not looking to hurt you and he said he´s been hurt before badly so he is a bit careful, his behavoiour reminds me of mine back when I was a little bit younger(i´m 23 going on 24 and he just turned 27) so he said we should do something this week and I said it´s up to him to contact me about and that the ball is on his yard now, like now it´s his move because I told him he needs to show some interest aswell... and then we kissed was great..

    Did I do something stupid now by saying these things or? He did remeber everything he had said and everything we talked about yesterday+ the whole kissing thingy 😛

    The thing is, I think he is worried about being hurt and being away for at least 9 months but as I told his friend, i am willing to wait for when he can visit and I know what it´s like to get hurt, I mean if I don´t make a move then he won´t except for the whole texting me first ect and kissing me first, but he does like shy away when making a move, the more moves I make him do, the more he kind of shy´s away...please Astra tell me what is the right thing to do and what isn´t, will we meet again or was this the last time, did I scare him away by being so honest?

  • Astra update 🙂 Me and T are probably gonna meet tmw, he texted me today so I took my chance and asked if he wanted to do something this week, he wanted me to come by today and celeberate a friend of ours but I said tmw would be better so we´re probably gonna hang out tmw 🙂 Where is it going from here?

  • Hey rockofages

    Looking at you and him right now...

    It looks very physical to me... I did not come up with a single cup in the whole reading

    Situation - 7 of swords - pause of thinking nothing happening

    Crossing - 4 of swords - taking a mental break nothing happening

    Above - 10 Pentacles - a desire to get something going physically in a serious way

    Below - Knight of Wands - strong path focus as regards getting thoughts in order to attain the 10P above

    Recent - Knight of Swords shows an intense dialog and thinking "about" this relationship (which has led to the present pause of things)

    Ahead - 10 swords - looks like the logjam breaks on communicating and things get talking again

    Future environment - King Pentacles - his place probably its physical

    Outer influences - 9 of pentacles... nice music, lights down low... some wine...

    Hopes and concerns - 2 of Wands - is there a real path here with him? You want that...

    Outcome - 6 of Swords. In this context it seems more eros than only talk. Could be fun.

    I think you are working on a strong pentacle-sword relationship here. As long as you both know what is going on, and "love" cupid energies are not a deal-breaker you two can have a lot of fun. I think you are looking for more (like a path with him something that adds up to longevity, commitment maybe) however without seeing cups in this. it seems that a relationship here would be characterized by more pillow talk than commitment talk. I dunno. it has a lot of intense swords and pentacles could be very exciting relationship, very dramatic, like Twilight sort of gothic intense - could be really cool - wish I could direct it. Dark, long leather outfits... sunglasses at midnight... moonlight... some fog over the moors... that is 6 of swords and it is very erotic ... 🙂

    Hope that gives you something to consider///

    love, astra

  • Is it a good thing or bad thing that there are no cups? I really want a relationship with him, not just sex but we need to get to know eachother alot better and I hope he want´s that too

    Is there a future with him or?

  • Hmm, well a future...

    You can make ANY relationship work (ie have a future) as long as you can communicate and are clear about your intentions and expectations IMHO. WIth all of the swords around you and him I think communication is very important. Right now that and the physical seems to be where the thinking is

    I don't know why there are no cups... is that a good thing or a bad thing? I dunno... I would say Communicate with each other, and as long as there is communication you can have a future. If one of you isn't talking and keeps things secret then I would be careful with the ****. Up to you though...

    I would say keep the lines of communication open... the physical part is trying to happen with you and the kissing business, that is a little spark that can easily become a forest fire so I would watch it. As for this "future" you mean like what... marriage? FWB for life? It all depends...

  • Well, what kind of future can we have? I can feel that there is something between us, we wouldn´t act the way we act around eachother if not, I have never seen him act with another girl the way he acts with me

    I don´t do the sex thingy unless I am in a real relationship and he knows that

    Do you think we will meet again after tmw?

    Isn´t almost every relationship physical?

  • What kind of future do you want? It all depends on you, not the "fate".

    Do you WANT to meet him again after "tmw"? Then you will.

    Isn´t almost every relationship physical?

    Some are extra-terrestrial, in which case there can be nothing physical (initially) it is only spirit. ANd then physical depending on how the ET wants to manifest for you.

    He could be extra-terrestrial.

  • I am having a little fun with you rockofages... I do think as long as you feel something with him, then there is something there... I just think right now there is a need to stay communicating, and the physical part is definitely wanting to take off. As for a "future" that depends on the two of you. Do you both WANT a future together? Why don;'t you ask him what his thoughts are about a future together?

  • Having fun with me how? 😕

  • Oh the extra-terretrial thing... I sometimes wonder that some of us are not from here (Earth) and we get pulled into these "intergalactic" relationships where we have to start from scratch learning how to communicate. That would go a long way toward explaining why people can't just come out and ask the same questions of their S.O.'s that they ask Tarot readers. What are people scared of? Scaring them away? You should want that to happen... then you know you you can write him off your list. Otherwise you can get roped into a relationship where you will NEVER know what he is really thinking. You don't want that... do you? Of course, maybe there are reasons we don't WANT to really communicate... I think people should just start talking about marriage on the first date... clear the air... see what happens...

  • Dear astra yesterday I went to meet up with him, it started kind of not so social and then it go better but then his brother showed up and he totally changed, it was like someone turned on a switch on him and all the attraction I had felt just disapeared 😕

    How come I always meet guys like this? I thought he was a sweetheart but now I found out he´s going to prison on the 4th next month and his behavoiour last night, it was like first all friendly and he tickled me and so, but then after the kissing he became all weird..

    Can u please see when I meet a good guy? I really think he is but he still has a hang up on his ex and he becomes a totally different person when his brother and friends are around, I actually think he really was playing me

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