Hi Astra..

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I have been meeting a few guys lately. However I really like this one guy but I am just not too sure if he is interested. He shows some interested some time and some time he doesnt. I was wondering if you can do a reading to see if it is worth the time for me to be patient and pursue in this person.

    thank you


  • Hi cellisi

    I am doing fine! Thanks for asking and hope you are doing well too!

    Okay this "one guy" we can take a look at that.

    I created a customized set of questions associated with a celtic cross spread to look at this.

    You are the Queen of Cups (significator card).

    1. The present situation for the relationship - The Queen of Wands - So! Another queen I think this is simply repeating YOU as the situation here. YOU are the center of this situation, a lot more is turning around YOU and what you want in love, than what he wants. You are exerting much influence toward him without even being aware of it perhaps. This is the Queen of PATH card, so a path (with him) is in the air ,that is the situation - YOU WANT TO KNOW about a shared path with him.

    2. Crossing - 6 of Swords. Oh the 6 of swords, the 6 of swords! I have to be honest every time i see this card I think of very romantic things, and very erotic things in love - just being honest. I made that association with this cars a long time ago. Something about that boat moving across this moonlit river, all sunuggled down on the bow... very romantic... it is dark and romantic. So I think there are some very strong romance signals in the air between the two of you... very primal almost... the 6 swords is also very calm in thoughts, so there is the sense of "restraint" also in your words and expression to one another. This is a careful dance (mating dance?) between the two of you. Don't let me give you any ideas haha

    3. Your hopes for love for the two of you - Knight of Cups - You want him to come rescue you in love, you want him to beat your door down to get to you, you want this guy to fall over himself to get one look at you. Or, you want a love that is seriously in pursuit of love. This shows you want the relationship to be all about LOVE and its chase!

    4. His hopes for love for the two of you - The Queen of Pentacles - well there is no doubt he is thinking about you and sees you as someone quite lovely. This is the "other" side, the physical you, your presence to him is what he wants! TO be honest this feels very physical to me I don't think this man is ashamed of that part of love, he loves the physical and there is not a thing wrong there, just don't get carried away (good luck). So his "hope" is you in love, and you in front of him!

    5. Your heart toward him - 3 of Pentacles - that is a "yearning" physical card, so your heart is sending signals to him of physical desire.

    6. His heart toward you - King of Wands - that is him as the PATH man, he is extending to you path energies as a companion that is in the air. This is also a "3" energy the same as you, It is like you are asking him, "okay, so what if we get physical.. is that all it is, physical?" and he is replying " NO! It is a path with you my lady! and I will be your King!" That is his heart toward you! PATH... which answers to the Queen of Wands who is all about a long term relationship and possible marriage. He is saying (not in so many words) YES to that!

    7. Where the two of you will be next - 4 of WANDS! Oh wow! That is FOUNDATIONS in a shared path, this can only mean that the two of you DO reach some sort of shared path communications and then it is WONDERFUL with plenty of room to grow! YAY! This is a FANTASTIC sign for the two of you!

    8. External influences - 10 of Pentacles = PHYSICAL to the extreme. Hormones, clothes getting ripped off, staying up all night playing Monopoly (right), screams at midnight (hey i can say things like that here why not I don't get paid for these so I can say anything I want). Walking arm in arm on the beach and ducking under the pier to go crabbing, kisses at midnight, hugs that don't stop, clothes getting ripped off, screams at noon, shopping together for new clothes at Walmart. All I know is you two could have a lot of fun ...in Walmart... or anywhere... their dressing room maybe....

    or, the 10 of pentacles could mean you get a winning lottery ticket and split the dough.

    9. The course of the relationship - The 9 of Cups! YIPPIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That card says only one thing YOU GET YOUR WISH IN LOVE and it is everything you ever dreamed! This is the wish card and in love it says YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! So its heading for love and happiness and pleasure it looks like!

    10. The relationship ultimate outcome - THE RESURRECTION CARD - this shows a man and a woman naked coming out of whatever crummy situations have been in their past.

    Hey cellisi, this looks fabulous to me! NICE things in this relationship! With all of the court cards and that 9 cups and 4 wands that is like a royal flush in poker. I would say whatever "love language" you two are sending each other is working, keep it going, nice things for the two of you. Marriage? Why not! This King of Wands WANTS SOMETHING REAL and COMMITTED so I would be very optimistic about that. You might want to get it in writing or something before the clothes start getting ripped off... just scratch something on a piece of notebook paper... call it a temporary marriage license to do anything you want... with no shame! You have my permission haha....

    I know I am having some fun with you here... love should be light and fun! I think we take things so seriously sometimes.... too seriously... I think you are wanting to cut loose with a good man, have some fun for a change... that would be good for you. Follow your heart... communicate with him... always be open and you can't go wrong... I hope you laughed with me a little there... if I freaked you out I am sri, I like to laugh too! I like to smile when I do readings, otherwise what is the point?

    love and blessings, I am wishing nice things for you in love dear cellisi


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you for the reading, you really make me laugh as well. I totally agree with you that people sometimes take love too seriously and are afraid to approach love. It should be a simple thing. But Im not in a position to talk about simple love haha since im worrying about it too much as well. Your reading definitely help to lighten things up for me. I guess as of now I will just enjoy day by day as the relationship are still very young. I only met this guy about about 3 weeks ago 🙂

    I am also looking at changing my career to the middle east as well. You did a reading for me regards to it as well before. 2013 have started off very adventurous already haha. I cant even imagine what will happen next!

    keep you posted . you are always lovely by giving me a reading thanks a million.


  • Hi Astra,

    You did a reading for me regards to this one guy. So far it has been very good with him. However I would like to make the relationship exclusive. Could you do a reading for me to see if it is a good time to have the talk and how it will turn out.

    thank you 🙂

  • Hey cellisi

    I wouldn't go there yet. I can run through the spread if you want, however there are red flags.

    Too many tens, and ends on Queen Swords.

    "Too much salt in the pie" is what I get if you go there now. You might get the "agreement" but you may also see some resentment from him about it.

  • Hi Astra,

    So would you suggest just stay the way it is? and enjoy the moment? I really dont mind that as well as I really like how we are right now. The only reason I have that idea is because my friends has been telling me to do so.

    thanks for your opinions


  • Dear cellisi

    Yes - based on what the cards seemed to be saying... out of the 10 cards there were 3 10's and 10 is strong sorta pushy energy, like it is trying to figure out where to go next? And there was a Queen Cups (you) and a King cups (him) and yet the reading ended on the Queen Swords, so it ll just felt a little iffy to me... in matters like this, (trying to reach some agreement) I think it is wise to err on the side of waiting instead of pushing too much to make a change. Me? I would relax and trust the Universe to work out the "exclusivity" thing... I mean, the Universe knows your heart and his... so as long as you just keep trusting higher love, and basically keep everything nice and low key... you can't go wrong. The last thing you want is to open up some topic that turns into a "discussion" with a capitol D. Some genies are really hard to get back in the bottle once you let them out!

    Just my 2 cents... follow your intuition you'll be fine... sending you more love energies for the two of you!


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you a lot. I will definitely hold on the discussion and let the universe to work things out.


  • Hi Astra,

    I was wondering if you can do another reading about this guy? up to recently everything has been going very well, however there was a moment yesterday when I was talking to him that it is my first time having doubt about his feeling toward me.

    is it possible to do a reading regard to the present situation between us and is it ready to move forward to the next step?( having a talk and being exclusive)

    Thank you


  • Hi Cellisi

    Hope you are well and it is Friday and the sun is trying to peek out !

    So, sure thing let's see what may be suggested here for you...

    This does look really good for that talk I believe. The cards do all tell that story!

    Situation is Wheel with the Sun. Above 7 Wands, below 6 wands, those are nice nice path energies, and the wheel shows a turning in the relationship. The Sun shows some real optimism for the future!

    Past, 9 cups shows the relationship has experienced some real happiness, the sense there is that there has been an emotional level fulfilled, and the relationship is now wanting to go to a new level!, and

    Ahead is the 2 cups, so that does show a new 2-ness in the relationship, a couple!

    The Star as future environment, that is lovely very nice... hopeful and bright...

    The outer influences is the 9 swords, so that shows the Universe helping with very clear, thoughtful dialogue about the exclusivity, and that is 'fulfilled' so it seems to be encouraging very open and honest discussion.

    The "hopes and dreams" are the 5 wands so that seems to be a dream to see some adjusting in the relationships path, heading to new fields of love I am certain!

    Then, the 9 of Wands at the end is saying yes yes to the path that is fulfilling and settled.

    I think it all looks great to me cellisi! The 'doubts' you were feeling are probably coming from the Wheel, situation turning a bit, so that can be felt as some unsettledness somehow? However the Sun with that is really bright, "happy new day dawning" feelings with that!

    That one sword the 9 seems to be simply saying to be very open and honest with one another, truthful about everything and that could be the beginning of your new 2 cup phase. )

    I hope that helps, I am excited for you ...the cards do seem to tell a nice story for you!




    Hey cellisi, can I have some fun with this? I like to script out these dialogues for something fun... so this is fun dialogue to go with the photo... we open on a cruise boat, a day sailing thing...

    Her: John... I think it's time we talked. You know...

    (Turning to him to look him right in the eye)

    Her: ...about us.

    (Pause for a few seconds... silence while he takes this in)

    Him: What?

    Her: You know... us... we have something here! I want us to talk about...

    (Your gaze turns from him for a moment, and you survey the ocean around you, watching a flock of seagulls. )

    Her: ... only seeing one another.

    Him: Oh... only one another. Like, I can only see you?

    Her: Yes... that's the idea.

    (a pause while he looks out over the ocean... he watched a fishing trawler in the distance)

    Him: But I can see you just fine.

    Her: No, I know you can see me! That's not what I meant...

    Him: What did you mean?

    Her: ... come on, you know...

    Him: No, I don't. You said I can only see you, and I do see you.

    Him: How can I only see you?

    Her: ... here is how it works, John. (You get closer to him here, and whisper to him) If another woman, asks you out... what are you going to say?

    Him: What? That I can only see her?

    Her: (You, choking back a grimace)... no John.. that is not what you are going to say...

    Her: You... are going to say, 'I am sorry, but I am already seeing someone'.

    Her: Let's practice.

    Him: What?

    Her: Let's practice that. Now... imagine I am some new girl you just met at work, okay?

    Hm: Oh I get it, this is like pretending...

    Her: Yes John... we are pretending here... let's say she walks up to you, and asks...

    (You first unbutton the top button of your blouse and get all breathy voiced... as you look at him with lowered eyelids)

    Her: Hi... John.

    Her: Say... I would just love... to go out with you. Sometime, after work.

    Her: What do 'ya say to that, Johnny....?

    Him: I can see you... but I am not supposed to?

    (to be continued)

  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you for the reading again. I love the little script you wrote i hope I can fill in the "to be continued..." It is just that we went on a trip to chicago two weeks ago and since then I have not see him. I has been working a lot and that everything he is just tired and not wanting to meet up. This is concerning me a bit as well. Is it because of "the wheel" ??

    I am a type of girl tend to over thinks and I do want to trust this guy (and that hopefully he is only seeing me)


  • Hi AStra,

    So I talked to the guy yesterday and he told me that he is not ready for anything and let's just be friends. Should I stay friends with him? Will there be anything in the future?

    Just a bit lost


  • Hi Cellisi

    Here is what I get. Yes the outcome looks wonderful for you and him eventually. THe Sun was the outcome card.

    You would have to pass through these cards to get there.

    The Devil

    The Page of Cups

    The Tower

    5 of Wands

    The Sun

    I think it is mostly a communication issue at present. "Let's just be friends" could be trusting and going with the flow... patience. I think there is a deeper communication pattern trying to develop between you two. THe Page of cups is "risking" their emotions, to be honest and tender (that is the future environment).

    Immediately ahead is the Devil which is sort of a "seeing things" kind of card... so I would resist the temptation to try and "read too much" into his statement. Let it rest perhaps. Why make any decision? Go with the flow... if you can do that, resist the devil.. the page of cups is your reward and that is nice...

    The Tower is an outer influence. SO that would seem to be like the Universe encouraging a sort of "letting go" in the relationship... relaxing with each other... being yourselves. Dropping any agendas or fears. That would be the tower, letting go with each other.

    Then the hopes and dreams is 5 of Wands so that is a path change, adjusting, taking a risk perhaps... leading to the Sun. Which is the super bright happy tomorrow where all is fresh and new and nice!

    Some sort of identity emerges out of the Tower card.. then that is "massaged" as the 5 of Wands... and becomes the Sun. So according to this you and him could become very close physically. THat is what is trying to come forth here is a new PHYSICAL pattern (Ace of Pentacles at center)

    Looks exciting to me! I would stay friends with him. and be open to finding more friends too! 🙂

    How does that sound? THe "lost" feelings could be a little of that Devil card. Things may not always be as they seem. There is no harm in being innocent in such situations.

    He is willing to be friends? How nice! "Just friends" means, "acting justly" friends, doing what is right and nice with each other (that would be "just" being friends. So I think this is a needed step in the relationship. Be friends, and then before you know it, you could be "more than friends". Maybe he is simply looking to see if you trust him with the "just be friends" approach.? What do you think?

    Blessings Cellisi ... sending you sunshine and peace...


  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for your kind reading. Since yesterday. I have not hear from the guy. I feel that even being friends it has to be both ways other wise it is impossible to even just be friend. I just feel a bit pitty about this relationship can go from a lot of communication to none. I feel a bit disappointed and have wonder if I never talked to will it be a better choice?


  • Dear cellisi

    Hmm, I wish I knew the answer to what choices are better, if I knew that I wouldn't be in the situation I am today ha ha. I would say I am not a good resource for that. However I think you can keep putting out nice vibes toward him. Dream about him even when he hasn't contacted you. Play with the memory of him, talk to him like he was there with you somehow... all I know is, it is nice to stay sweet toward one another no matter about the communicating happening or not. I know that is hard to do, however it is a good general attitudes to have, perhaps. 🙂

    Sri, I wish I could be more help cellisi!

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