Good Directions

  • Hi all.

    Are you supposed to sit or sleep with your head pointing to your good directions or face your good directions. I am confused...


  • H8t

    You are supposed to sleep with your head pointing at your best direction.

    This year 2013 best directions are NE, NORTH & SOUTH. This year 2013 not good directions

    are EAST, SW & WEST. Do not face SE but you can have your back facing SE. You can face

    EAST but you cannot have your back facing EAST.

    You are supposed to sit or face your best direction. If your best directions are in the bad

    areas this year then do not face them.

    The main thing is if you cant help it just do not face the bad directions too long. Sometimes we just cant help it theres nothing we can do. And also always think positive if in any case you cant help it. Otherwise if you worry about it too much then the negative will happen.

  • Hi

    Just a reminder if you post asking about good directions you should add on your HEADING like

    FENGSHUI GOOD DIRECTIONS. Not too many people are practicing fengshui so they wont understand what you are talking about.

  • My question is, if your good directions are bad directions for the flying stars for 2017 what do you do to correct that situation? All my Kua directions for 2017 are bad directions according to the annual flying stars. I'll also post this question in flying stars with hopes I'll get a reply.

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