The Woods

  • I feel kinda sad and a little hopeless today. Some one(possibley a group of kids) burned down most of the woods by my home two days ago. You can still smell the charred wood. The fire marshall & forest rangers are looking for information about it but I don't think they will find the culprits.

    If anyone can help with a clue our neighborhood would be greatful.

    The animals last night were going nuts for over an hour just pitiful crying and my son & his friend walked down to what is left of the woods to see if they could find out why but found no one around.

    It was so sad.

    I am trying to look for the good in all this like the homeless people will go to a shelter (most are veterans and it has been cold here lately) and all the thash will now be able to be cleaned up but the animals have no where to go and I fear people will kill them off.

  • Sorry to hear that devastation was so nearby. Sadly enough it's all I am hearing for the last couple of months.

    The animals suffer so much and there is so little we can do for them in this sort of situation without the entire red tape get into the mix.

    I hope someone here gets a feel in what direction you can seek for answers as I don't at the moment.


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