Is he interested or playing?

  • Hi!

    I need love advice, me and a guyfriend started to flirt and kiss about two weeks ago, anyways he texted me the day after the first kiss and then 5 days later I texted him and he came over to hang with me and a friend, we had a tiny party and we talked alot, he started to say like questioning me if our kissing was friendly or not, so I grabbed the bull by the horns and said: I would lie if I said I am not interested and he said he wanted us to meet sober because we really don´t know eachother that well since we only met at parties and such, anyways he sent me a kiss after I left. And yesterday I texted him asking if he was going out and it took him about1 hour to answer, anyways I met him at a club, I was talking to a friend and he walked up and kissed me, then we went with there friends because they were getting something to eat. And then we stood outside for a while and he asked me what I wanted, I said to him that I had seen him at this other club but I thought he was ignoring me so i didn´t walk up to him but he said I should have, he was standing close with his back against me a couple of times and my girlfriends told me not to care of him anymore, anyways standing outside he leaned on me and he asked me what I wanted and smiled at me when I asked him what he want, I said this: I can´t be the only one showing some interest and I want to get to know him alot more, he said he was a little bit careful because he´s been hurt and I know he has been hurt by a exgirlfriend. Anyways he remebered everything that had happened and been said friday and he said we should do something this week and actually meet sober because we never have to get to know eachother. But the thing is, he does kiss me and such but then he shy´s away..I said I am not looking to hurt him and we kissed alot again, anyways before he left I winked at him and he walked up to me again, I kissed him and said: The ball is in your yard now, and if you wanna meet me then you have to contact me.

    Was it stupid or? I guess I´ll just wait and see if he contacts me again or not...

  • Hi rockofages - I feel you need to go with the flow, after all, being friends first is vital to any relationship and you feel this can go to the next level, do it! You are straight forward and he is more shy, therefore, you will need to be patient if he is the one to communicate first with you. But I would suggest that you call him first and show your interest even more. Remember he is problably a little insecure since his breakup. Men are not strong as we are when matters of the heart are involved. Sure when they have no emotional connection, they could "kiss" just about anyone. Not like women.

    To answer your question: He is interested.


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