Please Astra

  • Astra, If you can, I would appreciate a reading. You gave me a reading in August, that was pretty good. Thank you

  • Hi marsc135

    Here is a reading for you!

    Celtic Cross, the general "trend" and energies you are working with are exceptionally "transformative" right now... Tower + Judgment near the center. The overall sense I am getting is that you are really yearning toward some sort of new beginning, in the emotional realm. That seems to be where all of the expansive (8) energy is focused, the emotions. There is also a matter of some deep thought going on with you. Very strong swords around you and then the Hermit in an outer influence position, which is more 8 energy and a role focus... I will walk through the cards one at a time and you can see what you think...

    There is also this strong sense from the cards that your life right now is sort of a vanilla icecream sandwich, in reverse! Only yours has the ice cream on the outside and the dark cookie stuff in the middle! There is all of this extreme kind of deep searching and seeking energy on the middle of the spread and the outside is all cups.. so it is like you are keeping this really bright happy smile and "all is well" face to the outside world, while there is some very intense sort of seeking going on within. You can see in the cards how the black is across the middle and the red (cups) is top and bottom (horizontally). ANyway I wanted to share that.

    So, the situation is Tower and there is a Queen cups above and a 3 cups below. So the Tower says some foundations in your life are changing, as in some deep held belief, it could be related to an emotion situation, relationship. The cups above that and below are yearning, person related it feels like emotional "belief" in something there has been shaken.

    The card before all of this is the 6 swords which is very cool, calm intellect. like drifty, almost abscent minded... could be that something about this emotional situation has been asking you to think calmly and steady... there is also a 7 swords strongly connected to the Queen cups above, and that is your thoughts about that (person or emotional something) has entered an even more distant sort of dreaminess... you could be asking questions like, what, why... about that situation or person.

    The 3 cups below shows this very bright optimism, belief about this, and yet deep down your faith is being tested or even feeling shaky. Not a problem these things have a reason for being...

    Ahead of you is the Judgment / Ressurection card and that is a strong connection to the Tower... so whatever this is you are feeling, like the earth moving under you, and a little confusion at times, is leading you to a NEW way of life that is REALLY going to work well for you! This is a very encouraging card of your experiences serving a purpose, to lead you out of some woods and into a higher light and happier, more carefree lifestyle.

    The crossing card over the Tower is the 4 of Pentacles and that is very much a foundation of material, physical security, home, environment, finances. So this "tower" experience seems to have an emotional wrapper with a center of earth... I think you could be really experiecning some deep questions about some emotional situation, and apparently it has a strong foundational component to it... like a home situation, that is becoming a little emotional perhaps... anyway it is all leading to this "resurrection" where whatever it is you will leave behind and ascend into something much nicer.

    The "Future environment" is the 8 of cups... that is very strong, growing sort of expansive love, emotional setting... this is starting to feel like some emotional relationship or feeling about something (*with a practical aspect) is struggling to break free of an old mode or relating... almost like it doesn't work, the communication style hasn't been working exactly... and this has caused some fractures to develop in that emotional matter... the "breakthrough" occurs in the resurrection card, and then the restrictions seem to be lifted and off you go in a new mode!

    The "outcome" card says much the same thing... the Fool (trust) which ALSO has an 8 cups in it! PLUS it has a nice chocolate center of an Ace pentacle which tells us that this is a NEW physical start in some way as well... so I think there is an ending or cessation of one physical setting, and this eventual beginning of a new one! However it is predicated on your successfully completing the Tower experience and passing up in resurrection. So I am getting a strong "LET GO" of the present, let it tumble, there is no point in trying to shore it up... and GET READY for some awesome new energies in your life that will blow you away in terms of their light and brightness! Yes, you are heading to some new shores for sure!

    The Outer Influences position is the Hermit card, which seems to be coming from outside, like some pressure or a push to be alone. This is also an energy of a very high love principle, sort of the Love of God kind of idea... the Universe could be encouraging you with little signs and nudges to take plenty of time out for youself, alone, walks alone, dreamy prayers to heaven, that sort of thing. Almost like you are walking with an angel and carrying on a lovely conversation. I promise you that if you do that, you will be so blessed... however you want to interpret that.., it is beautiful when you can wrap your head around it. The Christians of the first century would have called it walking with Christ... the Spirit... it is a simple idea. It is being happy being alone! Knowing that even though you may not "see" her or him... you have a companion nonetheless arm in arm. 🙂

    The "Hopes and concerns" is the Knight of Wands, so what I get with that is WHATEVER you are doing now is working perfectly in your life! No need to change a thing.. just keep walking and go with the flow... maybe once in a while, some concerns, or a little frustration because expectations don't seem to be getting met the way you thought they should. No problem-o! That is all a part of a beautiful path... when you feel the most frustrated in life, is when we are the closest to the Sky above! I know it sounds backwards, however it seems to work that way. In weakness we are made strong, in being ourselves in whatever broken way that sometimes comes out, results in strength and growth and all of the seeds of new life! How beautiful!

    And like I said the Fool card, trust all is taking you to this amazing place where you are starting over... and yet it is not the start of something totally new... it is borrowing from the past, all the best and brightest back there, re-claimed, re-stored, re-established in a totally new "mode" of life that will have you waking with a smile on your face, and the tears... will be of ecstasy, not of pain or hardship...

    I also looked at some "letter combinations" from the cards... and sometimes these are like little gumdrops of insight... fun little nuggets....

    I got

    "Pistachios" and "Happy"...

    nuttiness maybe... have fun, laugh, delight in the absurdities of life... some good comedies on netflix perhaps...

    I see wonderful things coming your way dear marsc135! Amazing days ahead for you... simply amazing...

    I hope that helps... or gives you food for thought...

    love and blessings!


  • Thanks Astra, I needed that insight. It all makes sense to me. The man that i loved with all my heart for 25 years left me 4 years ago. We divorced a year and a half ago. Well in August he came back. We have been together ever since. I have so many concerns about our relationship. But I am catholic and according to my religion we are still married. We have some obstacles to get past. But I believe everything happens for a reason. So hopefully this will work out for us. If not, I tried.

  • Also, in my last reading you had mentioned maybe a move. Iwould love to move and start a new life. Like moving to florida.

  • "...Iwould love to move and start a new life. Like moving to florida."

    You and me both. 🙂

  • When are we going!!! I to hate the snow. Looks like my neighborhood

  • I'd love to go tomorrow!

    I wish... I never got used to snow... over 20 years here... and I still haven't gotten to a point where I can enjoy it. I tried cross country skiing once ... I will take a cold Malt Liquor on West Palm beach any day.

  • Hi Astra, If possible can you give me an updated reading. We might have to meet on West Palm for that drink, if all goes well I should be living in Florida by Christmas

  • Hi marsc135

    I can look at some cards for you. I am emptying my mind of all previous questions, and now will look at your situation and the outlook.

    Something is turning this winter for you it does seem, the last 2 cards are both winter constellations, Aries (Queen Wands) and King Pentacle (outcome, descending on the western horizon).

    Your present situation seems to be the Pentacle Ten (asc) and the Two of Wands (asc). So you are facing a growing, increasing Earth path issues, you are facing a crossroads or ending of one material pattern, and the start of a new one. You are saying YES to this path, you are in agreement with whatever this physical change requires.

    Your past, something recently, is the increasing Five of Swords, so you have a history of being concerned about this material matter, your thoughts recently changed about something connected to that, you were awakened to a new possibility you had not previously envisioned.

    Your thoughts at the present moment seem to be on a diminishing desire to move, or change locations. Below is the Fool (asc). So, I think you have stumbled on to a new way to see your situation, and that prompted an immediate desire to move, or change your physical world in some way. Then, you stopped (10P) and and are re-considering your options (Fool increasing).

    Ahead, the Sword eight fading shows a very expansive thought/communication pattern is fading. So you will be entering a time where you won't need to talk or be too concerned about this transition. The talking is over, ahead is love.

    The Ace of Cups as your "destination" card #7 and that shows all possibilities now open for you in love and relationships and happiness. So, after the concluding of communication patterns, then the love opens up for you.

    You will be surrounded by love from the world around you in this place you are moving to. The 9 of Cups is wishes abounding, and they are directed in your favor from others. This place you are heading for, has a lot of love that is for sure.

    Something you keep inside, a feeling that is secret, even from you perhaps, is the Wand Queen. So she captures qualities you admire and want to emulate. Fiery, determined, enthusiastic, passionate, creative, imaginative, and can be very dramatic. She is a dream you had. She is also a winter Aries sign, so she is your hope for that Christmas Wandy land for you, west palm it is.

    The outcome is the Pentacle King, and that is setting. So you are materially successful there and able to relax. This is the result of the Pentacle Ten you have been dealing with. So anything that moves you away from 10's and towards King and Earth and 13's is your path.

    There you go marsc135, I hope that helps! Pray over it and see what you think. As always these readings are provided for entertainment only. What you do or decide is totally up to you.

    best, astra

  • Thanks Astra, I know it is for entertainment, But the two readings together are an inspiration. I am going to Fla in Sept for a class I have to take for a possible job. By then I will know definitely if I am going. I am hoping it is a good move for all of us involved. My son, my ex-husband and I have been back together since Sept 2012. This will be a new beginning for us. I am leaving my other son, daughter and granddaughter, which I think is what's holding me back. But I need a job and I don't presently have one, long story.

    So once again Thank you

  • By the way I think your readings are on point, You are very good at this.

  • marsc135

    That sounds exciting for you, and also cool that you are with your ex again and that is developing. So how nice, maybe the change of setting will be perfect for the two of you.

    Let me know if you need anything more, I sorta come and go here. 🙂 And thanks for your commenbts on the readings, that is nice to hear. I am delighted to try and help. The universe I know is trying to help all of us.

    Florida sounds nice too... palm trees... margueritas on the beach... cuban cigars... 🙂

  • You forgot the most important NO SNOW!!! I just hope so, it's1000 miles away from my other 2 kids, even though they are adults, hard to cut the strings. my email is

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