Love Reading Please

  • I was wondering if anyone could do a reading on my ex and I establishing a relationship? Thanks!

    His bday is sept 15 mine is august 29

  • Hello newme888 - you are 2 alike, always wanting to be the first to shine. Something happened, who cheated?...this is the reason why you will not get back together but if you do for some apparent reason, the type of humour you two had, will need to change.


  • I agree that I don't think you won't be getting back together. This is a bad combo for love. It is not an easy pairing emotionally, physically or spiritually, yet there may have been some mutual understanding and trust. He was more like a mentor/parent and you were like his student/child. Its time of lesson teaching is done.

  • No one cheated. No one did anything. We are a like personality wise, the way we process emotions, and what we like and don't. He is the exact mirror of me. Thanks though. For your input.

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