Love reading please - scorp & aquarius

  • Hi guys

    I would love love love if someone could please do a reading on me and an aquarius I met. We're not supposed to make sense, I know.. But I have this gut feeling that I can't shake. I really need your advice.

    My birthday is november 8th 1989 and his is february 1st 1979.

    This is driving me INSANE so I really need your advice!!

  • Yes, the great temperamental differences here will often arouse friction within this relationship. These tensions however are highly provocative, producing a dynamic that is both challenging and seductive. Your differences can cause all sorts of difficulties, it's true, but there will also rarely be a dull moment. Your partner will be thrilled to have his emotions stirred so deeply but is also apt to be disturbed by your intrusions. He can find prolonged intense emotion hard to handle while you thrive on it. You will love the relationship's passion, even though you may not always take this partner seriously. The matchup as a whole is best taken with a grain of salt and a twinkle in the eye, a healthy unserious way to avoid its otherwise inevitable tension and frustration. Smoldering desires can stir up all sorts of passionate feelings here. If this fiery matchup ever dies down, its embers can quickly be rekindled to white heat. Marriage has a good chance of success here and will tend to hold something in reserve - something to keep the relationship from burning out. Even if you spend long periods apart, when you are together again, you will feel an almost immediate warmth, as if this relationship is lit by an eternal flame.

  • Happy birthday my friend.....Happy your life

  • Hi Anna92

    My sister (Scorpio) and her husband an aquarius.

    She said a lot of passion in early marriage

    and a lot of frustrations too at the same time. He had an affair with 2 kids outside the marriage but still would not leave him. She says she loves him. I would say he is a very charismatic person and my sister

    fell for that. Its her life whatever decision she makes is good for me.

    Good luck!

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