Capricorn in love with an Aquarius

  • I am a capricorn and I am crazy about my aqaurius friend, and it's driving me crazy not knowing where we stand! I met him back in winter, and have liked him for almost 8 months, but it wasen't neccesarily love at first sight. I didn't start liking him until a few weeks later, when i suspected he was flirting with me, and i thought he was pretty cute, so, I reciprocated. We hung out everyday at school (we're in highschool) and sometimes, he would make me chase him and we got some "alone" time together. He also continued to be nice to my friends who were REALLY mean to him, and insluted him to his face. We also had nicknames for each other (his idea) and he called me "cute" a couple of times. Several months after knowing each other, he would ask me for hugs everyday before we parted. And finally thorugh a text one day i got him to liking me after he told me he missed me. Then, i had a party over the summer which he must have enjoyed because he posted a blog about it and hasen't took it down and the party was 2 months ago. It's what happend at the party that makes me feel like i screwed up. We were hanging out while me and some of my other friends were taking a walk and we ended up walking alone and i asked him if he still liked me and he said "yes" and i asked him if he wanted to kiss me and he said "yes" (I know, a dumb thing to ask) but the tone he said it in kind of offended me, because it sounded like "No duh". Then, we would messgae occasionally about hanging out and it would take a few days for him to reply, then, he stopped answering my messages all together. We haven't talked in over a month and i'm hoping he like me again when school starts. What should I do to become his "girlfriend"?

    MORE INFO: Also, his birthday is jan. 25 and mine is dec. 22, and he is the year of the dog and I am the year of the goat, if that makes a difference. I apperciate any and all comments, except rude ones. Also, all of my close friends and huge crushes have been aquarius's so, I'm wondering if there's anything in my chart that would make me "prefer" aqaurius's over all other signs? Oh, and one more thing, i think my rising sign is cancer. Tahnks for taking the time to read this, it was a long one.

  • Your birth date number is 4 which means an Aquarius could be perfect for you. But I don't know for sure if it's this one. Aquarians are super independent, and it sounds like he's not ready for a serious relationship, and isn't ready to hang out just the two of you. Also, I'm so sorry, but Goats and Dogs are not a good match. Dogs have a sharp tongue, which offends sensitive Goats, and Dogs find Goats too clingy.

    When you see him at school, let him reach out to you. You tried to reach him by messaging him already. Their may still be a spark between you, but I foresee friendship.

    By the way, your most compatible Chinese signs are the Rabbit and Boar. They are loyal and sensitive like you.

  • I have to say that girls are usually more mature at this age. The best advice that I can give is to remain friends only. Later on say in the senior year you might want to tell him your true feelings or you might just have a really nice friend.

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