• It doesn't matter what your background is, native or non-native.

    Please share your thoughts, there is no wrong or right opinion. Please be respectful of others as this movement is personal to many.

    I support the movement.

    Love to all


  • Just a quick hello.



  • Hello to you too Flowsco, and lots of hugs, share if you get too many lol!


  • A little information....or inspiration,

  • try again...

  • What is wanted here?

  • Scorpwolf,

    Thanks for this thread!

    My thoughts for today:

    Never give up on your dreams, no matter how impossible they might seem. Keep them in your sights at all times, even when things look miserable. Without a dream, without a vision, nothing much would ever come to pass that is inspirational.

  • Never loose hope as the path you are on has many changes and opportunities

    It is the small things that are truely a delight 🙂

  • I have an affirmation that fits this, but I can't find it. I can almost remember it, but not quite.

    I did find a journal entry from 2011 that seems to fit.

    "A life of my own making, instead of allowing circumstance to make it for me."

    Good luck to all Peoples who are fighting circumstances in favor of choices of their making..

    ScorpWolf, are you Canadian?

  • Hey ScorpWolf.


    My thoughts that keeps flowing over this is:

    When will we think of someone else other than ourselves. To often i see hear experience a selfish attitude. yes i get where they come from n why, but way too often its totally a "me me me i i i, my way or highway. if u no like my way go play on the freeway"

    This is regard happiness in peoples lives, especially relationships. I often wonder why we women are hellbent on having it our way with no regard for our partners happiness. Have we somehow developed back in time? say we let ourselves get sucked to a timethinking of say 1950ties to further back say 1900? 1860? 1700?

    I myself as a pisces always think of all else and forget all about me. Which is prolly why i have a smidge of a time to understand why anyone else are so hellbent on its being their way n will no matter what opposed to say a compromised way?

    charmed on pondering mode, needs distractions LOL

  • CWB,

    WB yourself... 😉

  • cwb, i have a situation whereby i'm having to step back and allow someone else to heal themselves, solve a problem they don't want me involved in, and come back freed. This is surely a case in point about doing something for someone else's well being and happiness. Everything we do has a rebound effect, good or bad. We should always go out in the world trying to contribute in some way to making it a better place, whether that begins with one person or many.

    So my thought for today is: love and light to the many. May we lead the way ...

  • thanx flowsco

    moon50 i aint saying forget urself no im saying balance what u want n what they want, compromise, dont b hellbent on ur way is the only way. that atiitude will get ya no where at all.

    i remark in this bc i try to help a gal with her issues. newly engaged n from where i sit hell bent on its her way or adios way. like the world today reality has not sunk in. massing people to back her up n say she is right bc it fits their agendas too. i wish more would drop in onit n help out bc i so wanna shake her n say wake up wake up smell the stench.

    marriage aint ball n chained to the home. gawds

  • cwb, I'm not hellbent on it being my way or the highway. If anything, I'm bending to his way as far as I'm prepared to. This could take weeks or months. But if it looks like taking YEARS, then I'll be off! The clock is ticking for me at 50, so ... that's my cut off 🙂


  • Moon50 honey honey i was referring to a young woman i was trying to help. U n i know any realtionship takes its turn on compromising bc we can see the end goal when we do. We know we´ll b rewarded in the end. we know relationships r a delicate exotic plant that needs loads of tlc. balance. n when we do this for not just our men we do it for ourselves too.

    we do it bc we want to. it is a balanced compromise that we believe will pan out for us. Also at some point our partner will balance compromise 4 us as well in exchange.

    we know no relationship can succeed if one is hellebnt on dictating how its gonna be. it will die sooner or later. No relationship survives when egoistical behavior actions talks rules the home.

    and moon darling, ure ANYTHING than that. lovely warmhearted sweet yet not a doormat. Nor am i.

    well i hope i explained my butt LOL

  • YOU DID cwb!! I may have misunderstood you. But, yeah, we do need to nurture something if its going to actually grow and flourish. My major relationships happened quickly really, and died just as quickly. So as impatient as I am, I have to wait ... and wait ... and wait ... groan ...

    But I'm prepared to do that, because even if this one doesn't happen for me, at least I'll have the practice for the next one! And the next one ... and the next one ... and the next one ...

    Ah, bugger it!! I could be 70 and still waiting!!!!

    whatever comes, comes!



  • Hello Everyone - Funny how one subject touches many differently!

    Rynna - Yes I am Canadian and Native. (Metis - Iroquois/French)

    Captain - Wanted here are comments about how people feel about the "movement of Idle no more". Thanks

    Please look into this topic by way of googling or even on youtube...this movement is across the world to try and save our earth, started by natives who would their rights to treaties respected so that we can continue fighting for Mother Earth.

    Leave your thoughts.

    Love to all


  • would *** instead "want"

  • patience .................. the worst but best lesson learnt n mastered of all "virtues" i once groaned moaned whined bout having to wait, but now if n when it comes it will come on its own eff time. free will n all.



    A dream without "action" becomes a nightmare!

    All visions require the work to become reality.. You can visualize and plant seeds of intention but daily upkeep is essential and simply put, God helps those who help themselves. All rewarding transformations require stepping outside our comfort zone--and challange us to do that hard thing we pasively ignore. Some people guage reward by general suffering but often are blind to the fact that we tend to create our own suffering. Being able to know our wounds well enough to understand its attraction to pain is an eye opener---idle no more? Take responsability and except change means "doing" something differently. BLESSINGS!

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