Astra could you do a love reading for me please?

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope all is good with you and i really enjoy your readings whatever their outcome is.

    I have recently had interaction with this guy that I have had in the back of my mind for a while - last weekend I finally got speaking to him and figured out he may actually like me -

    I was just wondering if you could do a reading on this :

    My name is Elaine - DOB Jan 18 83

    His name is Mark - not sure of year of birth but know his birthday is Nov 20.

    Just wondering really if its worth pursuing or am I wasting my time.


  • Hi Elaine

    All is well... pretty sure... kinda sure... actually I am not sure of much of anything haha...

    Okay lets see about this Mark and you situation....

    I drew a Celtic Cross and am looking at this... you want the short version or the lone one?

    Short version is (according to the cards) that there are some soul-searching (by you, in you, toward you) energies to be worked through... so unless you want to experience a real roller coaster relationship while mark tries to grasp your mood, I would pass...

    Long version is...

    Situation - 5 of Swords - this is already an iffy situation, someone is in the mind changing mode. You or him. There are 2 queens on either side of this card so it must be you changing your mind about Mark, and that still is in process. My guess is you are wanting to get a reading to help you decide where you want your mind to land.

    Crossing - Hanged Man - so something is telling you wait on him... this is being held up, you are simply pondering him as a possible partner I think... not much happening with a 5S + HM energy combo. That feels a lot like you weighing, thinking about this, and not really landing anywhere yet good or otherwise.

    Above - Tower - hmmmmmm... something is collapsing in your fundamental life concept. Tower cards mean your underlying reality about life is falling apart. Could be a religion, a philosophy, a life concept, something is cracking, and while that is going on (my guess) is you might be better off to stay alone. Just giving it to you straight. Tower energy in a reading means some basic issues are falling to lower energy states. You are trying to simplify your life, clear away the deadwood (hence you really want to be careful about starting building projects - relationships - while the bricks are still falling from the sky. You are trying to build again eventually in your life (resurrection) however for now you are thinking on a deep level about simplification. A more elegant life.

    Below - The Sun - Resh - Face of a man - This is a foundation you are trying to get back to. The bright, simple, happy, face of life. This is a background for you, and traces back to your childhood. You are wanting to get back to that innocence in your life... simplicity... tenderness like a child... no complications... elegance. This is sort of your loadstone in life.

    Recent Past - Queen of Wands - this is you with your path maturity concerns, So something recently provoked you questioning your path. You want your path in life to be established.

    Then the near future, Queen of Cups - this is you with an emotional maturity concern. You want your path in life to be emotionally mature and dependable.

    So you can see how wrapped around this 5 swords is all of this "YOU" energy of wanting to have YOUR act together, in path, in your emotional life... you are very focused on "you" right now Elaine... which is good for you. For Mark? Let's take a little "dating trip" together

    Let's say Mark asks you out for dinner... and you decide to give it a shot... this is what the dinner might look like... he has invited you to Le Beuenovista Italian restuarant

    Mark: So Elaine... I just wanted to thank you for going to dinner with me...

    Elaine: (You were gazing off into space at a painting on the wall in the restaurant)


    Mark: ... um.. I was just thanking you for coming out with me...

    Elaine: ... oh sure... yeah, no problem.

    (Silence while you continue eating the Salmon Bolgnaise and Mark is munching down on the Chicken Carbonara)

    Mark: So, Elaine... what kind of work do you do?

    Elaine: (You are now gazing at a fly crawling on the ceiling....) ..what?

    Mark: ...your work Elaine... I was asking about your work....

    Elaine: Oh. My work? Oh it's okay.... I guess... what do you do?

    Mark: Oh, I am an attorney....

    (You follow the fly, and it has now headed for the painting and is walking around on that...)

    Elaine: (sort of distant)... oh... that's nice...

    Mark: So you didn't say exactly what it is that you do Elaine...

    Elaine: (you notice that the fly is crawling on the portrait of a woman and it is on her ear now... )


    Mark: ... what kind of work Elaine. (he glances at his watch) What is your work Elaine... specifically...

    Elaine: Oh. My work?

    Mark: (Now he has his cell phone out and is checking messages)

    Yes... specifically Elaine... what do you do... (he is saying all this while looking at his phone)

    Elaine:.. oh... me? I'm a psychotherapist.

    Mark glances up at you... and then looks up at the waiter at the next table and kinda motions for the check...

    So lately, you are enjoying YOU Elaine is what I am getting. You are getting to know the most incredible, most fascinating, most interesting person in the world you have ever met.


    Future environment - The 4 of Swords. See? That is very resting sort of "off in your own world" energies... reflecting, not doing much... quiet and nice and soft and bubble baths and walks alone in the woods with your dog. Listening to the trees whisper to you. Pondering the fact that you are pondering. At long last.

    Outer influences - The Judgment - this is what is affecting you. The Tower is clearing away the past, the stuff that isn't helping. Old modes of life you are done with. That is what you are experiencing right now. This is where it will eventually take you. New birth. You get to start over like a little baby. Innocent. Simple. Innocent. Aware of being aware. This is a whole new paradigm of reality you are creating for yourself. You are ready to live for a new day (SUN) and you are focused on what is beneficial for you, and that may be you alone for now and simply listening... doesn't mean you can't have relationships... you may not be the best dinner companion though... you will be listening to other worlds... how lovely...

    Hopes and Concerns - the 9 of Cups - this is an intense WISH card energy, this is your longing deep down, all of the love, all of the happiness that seems to have left and flown the coop. You want that! You long for love deep and true and tender and blue... you have cried for that... true companionship. the real thing... more than dinner out... a soul mate... affection that comes from the Stars... relationship, deliriously mysterious and deep and wonderful! This is a LONGING... and so you are headed there. It will come... it is a process though... so some clearing away of old business first so you can fly away unfettered by the restraints of old concepts of life and love and reality.

    Outcome - 8 of Swords. I think this is you in that restaurant with Mark again...

    Off... in your own world... off... in a love place that the Marks of the world may not be swimming in... off... in love from beyond... the Stars... the Sun... the mood is love... and the mode is a la...

    You see? All of that drifty, la la land... very you right now. You are off in another dimension Elaine. and that is perfect for you right now.. perfectly lovely...

    I know that is all sort of a floaty reading for you! That is what i get about you right now. So I think your intuition is guiding you correctly about mark. I can't answer the him being in the "back of your mind" aspect, that is the Moon card (back of the head) and speaks of subconscious issues. I think Mark may be triggering an association in your subconscious, something from your past perhaps and that has him floating in and out of awareness. Just guessing there... but to use those terms "back of my mind" is a subconscious symbol/key phrase. Qoth in the Kabbalah. He trigger something subconsciously for you.



  • Wow what a very accurate reading Astra! Thank you so much for the time you give to me and others in this forum, it is so kind and generous of ypu!

    In regards to the reading, with Mark, yes he is someone that would be 'perfect' for me as in my type, nice guy good job etc,the only thing i am planning on leaving this country shortly and heading back to my lovely home country to get back to my fsmily, my dog, my friends, the life i prefer, i have spent too long away and it has been a huge decision for me to make to return as i will be leaving good friends here too and a nice life but at this time i cannot travel home or here because of visa issues ! I half got it into my head that maybe mark is someone that cluld keep me here, i.e. lomging for some knight in shining armour to,whisk me off my in i have been soending alot of time in my own world thinking of my future elsewhere but here and i did reiterate to mark that i was leaving which i did regret after as i. Was thinking he would have asked me out otherwise! Am i making sense or confusing myself!, but to make a long story short, i was half thinking of staying again but know in my heart that it is not right for me, i am only delaying the inevitable. ....loved the reading and descriptions so funny.

  • Sorry just reading back, the reason i am leaving here is because i cannot travel outside the country at this time due to visa restrictions.

  • Hey SmilerE

    I ran through the cards several times this morning and I think you are right.... there is something with this Mark person and you... I keep getting Knight Wand with him and King Cups... Sun... Tower also which says an old life/way ending.... and then just now I asked the Universe about the two of you is something there. and came up with the 2 Swords which is a very strong YES affirming card.

    I don't know where that takes you... I guess stay open to him, and I hope something works out there for you.

    Much love and blessings


  • Thank you Astra, i guess only time will tell! 🙂

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