My new baby boy

  • Just for fun can anyone see him and what kind of person he could become. I know I won't take too seriously because I want to be surprised and I know no one knows. I'm just so excited about him and all his possibilities. His b/day is Nov. 24, 2012.

  • According to astrology forecats, your boy will have an attraction to the wild side which you will have to watch. Rebelliousness and an inherent fondness for stirring things up will have to be kept under control. You will have to help him develop the maturity to resist turning everything upside down just for the fun of it. When he learns control of his wild side, he will develop into a dynamic and resourceful person, capable of taking the reins of almost any business or entrepreneurial endeavour. If he doesn't learn self-control and discipline, he may get stuck in an explosive, often abrasive attitude that will alienate those who ould do him the most good. He will likely be a goal and success-oriented person who will derive real delight from seeing his dreams and plans come to fruition, provided he bears in mind that there is little point in impulsively tearing down the traditions of the past unless he has a plan in place for the future. He must be a rebel WITH a cause, rather than without one.

  • That should be astrology forecasts ...:)

  • Looks like I'm going to be kept on my toes with him. I like the rebel with a cause. I want a passionate spontaneous non conformer with morals and goals. We will see. I just hope he respects me and feels my love for him. I asked in the psychic forum but I'm always asked his birthday so I just put it. Thanks Captain

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