Trouble Cancer Man

  • Wellsooner or later he´ll get the idea to scram. In end u can say oh sorry i found someone else. LOL

  • I already pulled that card, i make sure i am always surrounded of hot guys around me

    like a bodyguard thing ahah

  • I'm glad to hear that from you so cool, I had no problem attractingy opposite I'm not trying to be show off but I always had proven that to myself its just I made a lot of mistake due to my humanitarian attitude and this cancer man thinking that he will never caught of his freakin attitude I shouldn't do this to him cos I just past him by ages ago but to come and go letting me feel cool and comfort as a friend cos I'm now enjoying my life with someone u used to get to know and I can't easily tell the different being with this guy I can't laugh naturally and comfortably happy to be . Unlike spending time with him and feeling uncomfortable . What happen is last week he want to came around and stopping him pushing me to welcome him late at night and telling me that he knows me well and I'm east so I need to think and when I said no and none stop throwing his negative thought towards me I send him the picture of my guy and as him rake this one and stop pushing me cos I'm not buying his stupid mind game again. It getting big and accusingly some personal stuff and he pissing me off he already away and come and go then callings names and accused me some personal stuff then I open up the case that I supposed to retract now will be finalized this coming 18th of Feb he will blow up everything he had from me.i had all the ground and for him telling me that I keep evidence against him while he hasnt have any from me. For sure cos I done nothing wrong to him

  • Hi annielan,

    Well despite me and that guy didnt start dating i understand completely what you are saying and have experienced as i started to get a taste of how it would be with him

    Yes, we Aquarius attract serious desperate case to us and we feel when we met them that is somehow our job and duty to save those losers but ti's not

    If someone is sick with flu we can help but if someone treat us badly no help cant help this person as they dont have the right mind in them

    You need to protect yourself

    Dont start arguing with people like that as all they want is your attention, bad or good they just want you to react to their tiny existence

    Girl , smile, dont get angry, thats what he want

    I notice from that cancerian man when i just let it go and told him exactly how i saw him and move on

    I came to my gym smiling and didn't give him a chance of the day he felt small

    Those people have a small ego inside and all they want is attention, don't give him your energy anymore

    don't argue just do what you need to do and refocus back in you

    Give yourself what he didnt

    I was very disappointed when things didn't work as i couldnt believe hw did we get so alone for the first 3 days we met and now it feel i didn't even met you or spoke to you before

    Those people cant handle feeling and inside it's emotional battle

    You dont need to try to walk him up or anything as inside of him a real hate toward himself seem to take place

    If you want to help him like a good Aquarius and help yourself too

    just leave him at peace

    Block him from your life and that's will be torture to him ahahah

    How long you guys dated by the way? what broke it?

  • What i noticed from that Cancer guy they dont like when you leave completely their life, it's like you are an object that they need to keep there

    But if they leave its ok as it's not for real it's faking it

    Aqua / Cancer bad match for what? well because we dont take their mess we are not that stupid and got too many people around us to lose ourself in one a person that doesnt give us a real connection or affection or friendship

  • Hello star2u - Good for you for recognizing the signs more!!!

    Have a blessed day!


  • Your so true I agree and its so clear to me know I was totally learnt it now if I was pulled before now it won't happen and when I started talk to him that he can't go back the way we tried to work things out. He stated to me that he knew me very well and what is my technic to hurt him. He said to me that you can get out and dated different guy but he knows I never give any attention to anyone which is I did before cos we decided to cool off and I was going out with someone and I truly forgotten about him easily due to his aggressive relationship to me. I felt bad cos the guy was not willing to entertain his bullshit and receiving random SMS or email and some treat and he just vanish cos he knows my story about him. After awhile I received phone call that he can't be there die me if there's any violation that he thinks I'm not yet finish to him. I don't really but I was so pissed to him cos he said to me that he will never let me with someone I just accept his stupid game. Until I caught him and he can't bring anything from both us aside of realizing that he only using me and manipulating me due to his situation. He was again shock cos I was with someone and can't believe on me just because I want him to stop I send him a picture who sleeping and asking me that its that your bed or where it was cos I take a photo of my guy while his sleeping not my place but I never mentioned him anything I spoke to him calmly that we will never be together again and his asking me if we could be friends and I say no never again and started aggressive again until he receive a notice and now he realized that this is all the sign that I give up on him. His crying over the phone and last night was in my foyer and I can't go down until libra man came and pick me up and we both go down and he just standing on my foyer my libra was aware he drop me to the car and he spoke to him last night my libra is kinda shy type but he knows our story he stated to him that we're together and we knows we both in love and there no point of going back to me . He asking for forgiveness and drop it all which I can easily do that I don't feel anything and all of my painful experience from here is wipe away and I never realized someone will stand next to me to get over his stupidity over me. Just now I received 3 SMS long SMS he said he was totally devastated to all the test he done to me cos all his life they take everything to him. I only reply to him it has to be stop and I got nothing more to give to him I'm done and mylife is not evolve to him. Ans I wish him well and tell him good luck. I'm done no more but, what of or any excuses I want nothing to him his a pain he was and I hope he realized not all people are trying to hurt him this person is very selfish and Greddy now he gets what he missing and I thought cancer knows how to nurture people I never see any sign to him. I'm glad that I find someone who will take me as I am

  • Hi ScorpWolf thank you so much ahahah:) keep up the good work people

  • Hi annielan,

    Let me guess your technique baby ahah the straight one, like killing vampires, straight to the heart ahahah

    Tell him you got seven heads like Medusa and each of your heads got different technique to hurt him thats should give him nightmare for life

    Man listen to this advice here and the only advice you can try to focus on as i been there

    STOP entertaining him i did this before with my Taurean ex its a mistake

    His not leaving you alone as you giving him attention, his immature and feeding his need for DRAMA

    If you want him out of your life stop responding, change your number, get a new life

    You need to understand, despite your complaint about him it's obvious that somehow you still hope [ like any aquarius out there that you can change him or save him somehow] but you cant

    If you want help him leave him alone , he will learn with time and space

    the more you carrying his game by seeing someone or taking picture to prove to him this and that he knows that his in control not you

    He knows you still care and he knows he has nothing to worry about to lose you or whatever as you giving him all the proof he need to check that out

    The best weapon in world is SILENCE, dont respond

    If you want to do it for real then give SILENCE and move really with your life


    I am sorry to say but i doubt you are over him, i am not saying you still love him but you care for him

    He trigger that Aquarius savior hero in you, his a waste and of course we help waster ahahahah

    But you need to stop as right now someone else need you more

    Can you figure out who is that person that need you more then him???

    Well it's you, you are not doing yourself a favor here and you are not helping yourself and not loving yourself more

    Stop and go figure out what you trying to do here

    When i met the Cancerian guy after he told me his sad childhood and his ex cheated on him i felt so compiled to drop everything and help him at all cost

    I wanted to help him, protect him, that need was so strong in me but it's later i realise that need was the need for me to protect the child in me

    you need to be careful to not take yourself for granted, to help someone that is not deserving of it

    You need to be careful to not keep dragging the dead body that sticking your life and poisoning the good in your life , like for example the new man in your Life

    Give yourself a chance and move on

    But we Aquarius get so attach to our desperate cases, the more sick they get , the more determinate we are to save them

    we will drop our own need and life to save the people that cant be saved

    We damage ourself on our own by persisting to keep such people in our life

    Some people are toxic its not our responsibility to help everyone out there

    If you want to help , hep the people that meet you in middle and dont hurt you emotionally

    this guy is pretty much still in your life

    As long you dont cut it off clearly with number change, emails block and even new place to live his going to cloud your night and day baby

    Like a Taurus, Cancer people can be Tenacious, focus and right on Target

    I noticed that they understand emotion WELL, they are not the sign of emotion for nothing

    they may look like they cant handle it [ and serious who could ahaha] but they are well expert to manipulate you emotionally as they are so good at it

    The man is RIGHT, he knows you very well, believe him

    If you want to bring shock news to him and prove to him yeah Aquarius are the sign of unpredictability and confusion for real, then change your way


    PRACTICE like a Buddha silence, dont react thats what he want you to do is react

    if you got any tie with him, kids or legal issues then i will advice you to let it go as any continue situation with him will show him you are not over him

    sometimes some fight are not worth it and Freedom and real peace of mind mean more then taking unnecessary battle

    sometimes the best way you can help someone is :

    1. work on your own issues, trust me you got some too

    2. Leave me space to grow and find himself

    Keep arguing, accusing and this and that doesnt improve anything

    Let GO, let it GO

    If you want him to change then dont respond, some people change when you dont fight them anymore to do so

  • It's like children, when you force a kid to change to fight you more and get more stubborn to resist what you want from them

    When you leave them to it, they panic and dont know what to do anymore

    Kid love attention go or bad , anything is better the nothing

    But low self esteem people are this way too

    Forgive him and forgive yourself to have saved him somehow

    His not a bad person but it's not right for you to take the pain and the abuse from him just because you want to help him

    What about helping yourself?

    A good person in bible is a person that got boundaries and respect himself

    A good person know how to protect themselves

    A good person knows how to help the people that deserve their help

    Right now you cant help him, leave him alone

    There is a lesson for you here to learn, you need to focus in your life too

  • I'm official in a relationship now with Libra guy his patience and understanding to me is totally amazed me. I though his gone cos were doing okey and I was silly to keep in touch with the cancer allowing his mind game getting confused and frustrated to everything. I am now embarassed to him cos we both lay our cards and no hiding no keeping secrets we start friends and he till we attracted to each other. He knows my story and he said to me that the story of my experience from cancer guy will never be happen to us . I was puzzled why im being push and pull to this guy and he simple giving me an answer you cant please anyone to believe you when they are blindside and insecure to you. Libra guy was happy seeing me mingling with people his just staring on me and smiling I feel like he never had restriction or any jealous on his body and not being selfish. I was getting to much confidence to him and i sometimes need to stop him. We can talk anything about family, friends, work place , and frustration without criticizing our weakness. Totally opposite to Cancer guy .. everything to him is negative and no matter how much i tell my feelings or opionion cos I always find foul words to him his showing me his agressiveness that why Libra giy said to me You dont deserve him and he knows my weakness.cos I never hide him anything I just now realized the person who really care about you is the one listening to your sentiments I can't wait to see him later. I never had someone like no matter How do I look and what I wear he never care about everything and I'm not cautious in any words and action now the way we teasing and mocking around is truly funny and can laughed as much we can . Very opposite to cancer I was totally embarrassed to hang around him outside ir in public his acting so childish keep whinging me talking things while in public he been hearing to many comments which is negative about him and yet his pointing on me crazy guy far out .. Going to party with him his like a bee buzzing in my ear that's what u want caught anyone attention I'm dying to this freaking attitude. His a big unknown creatures poor thing to him user, selfish , and manipulative I don't see any reason for them to be an excuse their past experience they just simple sensitive and never take any criticism and I said it that to him take that as a challenge and health completion and instead of take it all too personally. But he never aware of being blunt and arrogant behavior I see him will end up being old he doesn't want any kids and feeling disgusting to see someone who is pregnant that's what he reminded me of his stupid attitude pushing me to do the sea change due to our argue and the horrible words that I'm the only person make I'm easily frustrate and pain on his neck , calling me names and psychotic bitch cos I keep calling him to ask his feelings and me open up how I feel he will not giving you a change not even half way through hang up the phone and I had enough from your shit and I go back to old news while he always going back lying and using on me I caught him 3 having dating site excuses he just cheated the last I can't stand I was told that he don't have communication of his past but still continuous . Aquarians is loyal yes we can confused people most of the time but if we do like the person we meant it loyalty and honestly is important. I have no issues with all of that I always said to him be true to his self and honesty to me cos I already take his bullshit and I don't want any lies but no matter you caught then they are idiot to persist abs twist that you only think too much.. OMG I don't want anything to him now seeing him going back before The Captain is so clear I was treated like a Doormat it's not nice to compare people and its not a good attitude his the one putting his self to all the past non stop comparing his self he can give anything to me true he can give and take my all blood sucker.. Good luck to him.. The only thing I regret I'd rather walk away with pride and not wasting my time to tell him he needs to learn to become grateful and appreciative by action not just saying it no wonder why he has a lot of unfinished bad business from his past I'm sorry to him I'm better off without him I find someone really opposite thanks god

  • annielan, i was like you i was shocked when that Cancerian guy got so cold with me after he was so HOT, it made no sense at all

    Now, his with that girl at the gym i think he find the person he was after someone with a free room to give him with Free rent and with Car, Jackpot

    Now, when i see him i see nothing, i feel nothing

    It's like he wasnt there

    I wishing him good luck and i embrace my luck to not have getting involved with my heart and soul with this vampire blood sucker

    But they [ people you meet] can be bad but you need to take responsibilities

    from your life, action and choice

    Things doesnt happen alone

    If someone behave badly [ yes they are bad] but you need to take responsibilities to take their bad and keep coming back to those people and to keep them in your life

    Someone can be bad but they only can do the things they do to you because you let them do it to you

    Thats the sad truth of this life

    Blaming someone for the whole mess doesn't help you to learn the lesson in it and if you dont learn now you keep repeating the same things until you get what your life lesson in it

    Now you know his bad and you felt the full force of disappointment , then let it go

    The more you focus on him the more power he has in your life

  • Yeh I agree with you I now deleted his everything my mobile number for 7 yrs will get change I get everything and your so ring I can easily get change and feeling sorry to anyone or to him but this time is different we work things out and the time has come. I'm having mutual understanding to a Linbra and I know this guy for a bit long and I'm not gonna go back to my miserable life and never helping anyone I do believe that I only put myself being to nice to people. I don't wanna talk about him and I'm not hypocrite you know Aquarians if we are cutting people and truly hit the boundary it will never be insist to us. My situation to that dog is different he disgrace my family and that's is the very much over the line. I stated to him how horrible he was and his not expected to be seen by anyone of us. We hate infedility we can tolerate lies but we never stop digging the true his power tripping is end cos your right if I didn't give any attention his craving for it and when we give his toying us. I won't give him no more and wont answer anything I do become bitch when I notice he hate to much sms I don't done a lot of times and I see how much he put down his self but in any case this is all bullshit non stop stupidity I know what real relationship and why would I lower myself when I been getting all the answer all this yeas . We are stubborn and we always wanted to get everything and I learnt everything now. I can't please anyone. I love my libra I really do

  • You know what that's a good point of you.. You can show him what he can misses to you and you shouldn't ignore them give your smile and say hi then compliments he looks better that day wether u hate them . I'm good in that I can't easily melt him down doing that I'm a bit bitch to him cos his always makes me feel we're in competition no matter how i explained no one will win and will benefits of doing that but his still persistant.Im so tired i used to be call like ugly mole ages ago abs ill stop far out you always complained about what i can get to people instead of be happy and proud of me he find some weakness pf me in the end i justify mysef he has no ground cos im better thab his treated me like a shit He hated me when I can easily get attention of my opposite I'm not even flirting I'm not a girl wear make up he will telling me that he doesn't like doing the shopping and I always said to him you stay on the car park or at my place waiting there so he wont get tired and feel irritated his like a dog and he coudnt handle simple conversation answering so mad and grumphy his realliy funny poor thing to him doesnt know what to do or giving another optionI ring you when I'm done so he can pick me up . He will drive and once we get there I can't convince to stay instead of stay need to me like a bee my god I'm now laughing at myself. I'm glad to say my life is normal now the libra strike anywhere but I always do the plan or I had no plan I suddenly like it no matter what I do we enjoy doing thing I'm telling you this you will feel isolated to the stupid crab attitude of this king of moody to the max attitude. His a typical psychosis loll

  • That's what you think I learnt my lesson well you had no idea how I lost myself and even people here get annoyed due to my relationship with him. Your not on shoes before not even half I lost a lot of opportunity the way his giving me his stigma of selfishness all my life spending with him is in hell I was blinded on his situation. I had death treat I get sick and paranoid loosing weight and nonstop pushing me to do things I never than. I don't wanna be like him and I don't care about him I had nothing more to say but I forgive him I see myself funny now cos I was stuck and can't move on

    I gave my all and someone deserve better my story to him started wrong I lately notice that we're sharing attention to this guy were 3 or four I don't know how many I can't believe this all what matters to me I'm over now. I had previous gift I know we had something to share love that keep holding back for each others now complete open with gracious pride

  • You shouldn't feel sorry for them and treated fairly cut them as early as you can and I'm not trying to be mean that's the bad attitude of Aquarian we can't stand in one word and telling me that I never learnt my lesson I guess you are still stuck on him don't give him negative side commented and du suddenly full it and turn it to u it seems like u feeling sorry to understand his situation cod his dealing to this and that simple cut your self full stop... We know everyone here what they like. I shouldn't let this to you I don't want you to feel bad to me .When I'm not feeling great I know get all the feeling I misses a lot being in a normal relationship I'm a bit careful but I'm in love nothing gonna stop us now

  • Not all cancer men are like that. Other signs are exactly like that.

    all in all i prefer a libra n aries over cancer. not bc he is hot cold cold hot hot cold but bc there is no communication at all. i thrive on communication. u cant have anything substantial without communication.

    comminucation is what i get from my libra friend, n hopefully from my aries buddy. we´ll see lol

  • Hi annielan

    Hate is not Freedom it's another hold, it's another way to hold on to the person again

    When you be free , really over him you wont hate , regret anything

    Take it easy darling, we only do our best in this world and it's all a life experience thats all

    I know you are happy with the Libra guy but try to work on yourself , there is a lot you need to work with you

    you need to find peace with yourself without involving romantic partner to ease your pain with yourself

    Even you have a boyfriend try to find happiness with yourself and with who you are

    there is seem some pain in you about some past issues, those things need to be resolved

    The Cancer man saw your weakness and used it against you but you both did wrong here you may have say hurtful things to him too

    So let it go in peace

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente

    Hope you are well, you are absolutely right what i didnt like with that guy is the communication problems

    He doesnt communicate anything at all, it's very hard to know where you stand at all or what is wrong or how you can possibly fix anything when you dont know what is wrong

    It just feel he wasnt interested and not real

    this maybe wrong but again he didnt do anything to communicate and improve the issues

    Just felt like a real waste of my time

  • I'm not trying to involve my man here its just I'm being me and true to him and what else do you want me to do. He read this all and next to me. His telling the never give any info and be him cos we had now our life. I'm not bitter to cancer nor did I use my bf to cover me from all the pain totally not we just stayed friend and we just found love to each other . He doesn't want me to stress myself here. And what ever you said to me that's fine. Thanks for your wishful thinking. Look at yourself now saying negative then positive I don't see any direct answer to you. If you said so so be it . Full stop and I'm sorry I'm not talking in general correct me if I'm wrong the person never communicate is totally didn't show any respect what you want me to do. Drop it of cos I'm not talking to him to pls him. It doesn't seems right to receive random SMS and phone call and obviously making my libra curious and treating me now he get what his what at least he knows someone will take responsibility that we both wanted to share until we decided to settle down not like hanging out without and nothing or sign that's heavy huh .. All in all I'm done and I feel better without heavy lodge with me. It you think I carry on good for you but I know myself rather than anyone else .

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