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  • Hi annielan

    Why are you been so defensive? i am sorry if i said something wrong but i am only trying to help

    I went through the same thing with someone last year and really drained me and my life

    All i am saying is let it go and be happy

    I use to attract those kind guys but i learn how to spot them early on now and to move on fast from them

    Some people are only drain and bring nothing positive from you

    People like Taurus or Cancer never let go some how, it's like the myth of the crab nightmare

  • I'm a bit confused to you .. Yes u made your point but I find it weird if I guy treated you but when you only know that your just a doormat why bother wasting your time. I don't know you personally but for telling that I'm not at peace when it comes to love or in general I'm not and it I'm upset to anyone his not on my mind so I said I don't care at all. I don't feel like telling me that I lied to myself I'm not gonna appreciated that if I love someone I'm being loyalty and honest to him. Which is I am if talking about this guy will ruined moment and remind me all stupidity and being manipulative I'd rather not given my opinion but it would be unfair if you telling me that I'm bitter to him. I'm not perfect and I can be bitch as anyone else but its doesn't seems to be right that I've lost myself once in my life and material things is nothing but I'm just human to see myself before and now laughing on my stupidity before and instead of keeping it and be like grumpy person I'm not but emotionally damage before had heal already that's why I find love on a right time. Don't said to me that I cheated on my feelings I'm not look and never was is not right to be delusion on your own. And if anyone brag that I keep last say say say may be its you having problem you know your very vocal so I am but it doesn't mean I'm trigging anyone here I'm off to the past and its not fair to my man to read this and I only using him to cover my past experience and that's the way he stated to me they should know you personally. And see us to be together cos we laughed natural and seriously talk things with dreams.. I have no blah blah finish don't insisted me and bragging me if I'm happy if I had problem now is all about business matters nothing more

  • Defensive just because u judging me when u had no idea I I focus to someone as you said we're pretty eager and real die hard have u ever realized everything is an end. And I'm glad to out of that dark haul and I was struggling and trying to get and since of appreciative and no matter what end of nothing and frustration why wasting time to entertain this all when u already bleeding yet asking me why his stabbing me nonstop yeh I commit mistake but it has got nothing to do with my relationship. Oh well that's life such a life..

  • How about let's cut all the this and don't talk about Cancer I'm sure. His not happy reading some comment here or they learnt which is better and some of them had more idea how to do mind trip to other I guess you stated everything clearly . Coffee is cheap to buy lets talk about love and you fond or what you doing right now and how all of us spread the love in this world I guess way much better rather that u do this and u did that in the end of the day were the one responsible the responsible on what you saying or story . And for being true to ourselves back fire on us sometimes and its freak out cos it hurt but that's life always risk till you find yourself up and down till you get there. I never lose hope and I have faith and I know I deserve someone better or all of us.

  • Annielan thats fine, i just trying to ficus in my life and focus on what matters

    I had my dose of drama last year, there is no much someone can take really

    Just now my ex the Taurus like a lunatic ran my bell i show him on the cctv and then run fast to his car when my roommate open the door, what is wrong with that picture ahahah

    Crazy people, they make us laugh through ahahah

    The Cancer dude i leave him alone i cant ever remember his existence , he had me and delete me and had me again on his phone

    I just pray for them as it seem they going through rough ahahahah on their own ahahahh

  • Hi Annielan.

    I decided to leave my gym tonight, it's not about the cancerian guy but i saw someone i didnt like there a trouble maker and prefer to stay away

    i didnt like that gym anyway, no staff around, the staff isnt professional the classes are bad and i feel empty or stress there so time to move on:)

  • Star2u ,

    I sincerely apologized I know how it feels . I've learnt from my past and its sad to hear that from you

    Yes, some people are funny .. I myself one of those stupid person and exactly I don't want to remember any existence of him as the days past by hearing those negativity from him I only can give my big smile. I got true good peoples who truly concern about me and by accident and an expected situation the truth came out. I'm only focusing in to my life and love of my life were happy to spend much more time together and be careless to everyone's problem I know its being selfish but we both realized that's the way we sometimes think for our own happiness before focusing the all bad things tons of wrong move and decision making in life .. You'll be alright and enjoy the life trust your own guts

  • I am alright on my own, truly i am losing interest in people

    Like for example last night i had a meal with my tenant,

    she like to have time with me but me not that much

    she looked down so offer to cook but again each time i cook she just seat there waiting to be serve, eat and finish her plate and push it on side and dont offer to clean up or anything

    it upset me so much

    this is the last time i share times with her, she kept doing those things then followed me to my room despite i told her i had things to do

    Damn, sometimes i just want to scream so loud : leave me alone hahahah

    I really dont enjoy the company at all ah:(

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