Trouble Cancer Man

  • Wow dear those guys mean big messing around hey ahahah

    I just met a cancer guy last December at my gym as soon i passed the door he was right at my face , full on me

    But as soon i show him i was interested to know him, he started to be cold, not replying, just weird

    responding to txt in one little ligne or most the time not reponding at all

    He asked me to meet up but as soon i say yes he change straight his mind

    That went on 4 times before i put the guy in his place and told him i felt he was messing me about and i am not going to stand up for it

    He then stop contacting me at all but i kept contacting him about flat and rooms as he said his looking for a place as his ex cheated on him.

    I wasted my time and my friend time to trying to get him a place as he said it was urgent

    Each times i sent him the details of something he never respond or show little interest on what i was sending to him

    It's only when i asked him if he was interested to find a place that he told me know, so selfish

    I started to feel very unconfortable at my gym because of the whole thing and because i didnt know what he want and why he was so friendly at the start with me but now he is so cold

    I told him right at his face by txt that i find him immature full of s.h.i..t and that he can get you knocking when his around but when his not with you you really wonder if you met this person at all

    I told him clearly that i liked him but i felt in this time of my life i was not ineterested to just like someone

    i needed someone that liked me too and show and return my affection thing that he couldnt do at all

    Whatever he seem like when i met him that is[ responsible, mature, loving, caring and looking for help and love] was not what i find with the real him later

    I told him i pulling away as this is not working for me and i also told him i met someone else that is very nice

    He then went to his FB and put that his now in relationship ahahah

    I txt him and congradulate him on his relationship and new love and i was happy for him

    He didnt reply to me

    I was going to stop to go to my gym but really after reading everything [That sound perfectly like him] i feel so lucky i didnt get involved OH MY GOD, serious problem hey.

    I am going to keep going to my GYM and Smile and do my life, i didnt do anything wrong.

    And i dont care about him i dont know him ever

    To all the ladies out there, think about it, this kind behaviour from this kind man doesnt and cant possibly make you feel loved as it;s very painful for sure.

    The mind games oh dear, the insult

    You may stay because you remember the bite of romance at the start but really is it really worth it

    I was a bite bother when i told that guy i didnt want to be involved with him

    i felt Old as his 21 years and i am 35 but i was well i prefer be with myself and wait for someone i have a greta connection with then feeling S.H.I..,T inside with someone

    This guy goes around the gym and in 15 minutes tells you all his misery from his ex cheating on him to him been kicked out on street by both his parents and exposing his hard life

    I mean COME ON thats is not normal the guy been praticing before, he goes around and target anyone that is new to the gym, i mean girls

    He said he was looking for a place i think he wanted a free room to exchange with S..E..X

    I offered him a room in my house as i am landlord but in exchange of deposit and a rent, i dont think he liked this much ahahah

    But yeah fall in love but try to open your eyes to what is happening

    If someone treat you badly is because in way you let them do that to you

    That person will never change because HEY? what would they, it doesnt bother them

    Cancer man seem to look and behave at the start like sweetheart and wonderful people looking ONLY for love but boy as soon you try to get close and give them your love and try to meet somehow in middle to get they love too

    The trip fall short

    It's very easy for anyone to take then to give

    Thats no surprise of life and no breaking news ever

    And that things goes well at the start well thats not big surprise ever it;s what happen later that matter

    Any feedback or comment go for it:)

    As we didnt even date this should be the end of this story right, i mean it seem i will never hear from him again

    what everyone think?

  • Hello star2U - It's been awhile, seems like your doing good. Question for you though, have you ever wondered why you attract married or involved men? interesting to say the least....

    Without sarcarsm,


  • ON record.,, this is not a zodiac sign typical behavior. BUT it IS a cheating mans way. If it aint a gym, office, local club, country golf club, or where ever.

    men like this will use whatever line to get that itch scratched. no intention to leave the mrs. its all a ruse to oh do feel sorry 4 me n aid me to itch that itch. it has no hold. n the find of new abode, hello small hole cave to bring more cheats to have fun with.

    Above all its not a useal cancerian way, but a cheaters way. letrs face it women cheat as well as men. n they use the same lame lies like my partner doesnt get me, my partner n i dont see eye to eye, my partner n i r seperate we´ll divorce soon n so on n so forth.

    Sad to say its one of the OLDEST n MOST used lines n tricks cheaters use, REGARDLESS of their gender n zodiac signs.

    In end what i am saying is, this is not zodiac sign culprit, but cheaters culprit.

    So my advice, move on, cut him loose, block delete n if u meet him again let him know ure on to his cheating eff


  • Hi ScorpWolf

    I never met any married men be involved with one ever

    Involved is not the word, immature it is

    i think we all meet one in our life

    whatever it is meeting them have push me to look more at myself and to find out more about who i am and what i want and dont want in my life

    i am changing with myself and it help me a lot i still meeting those guys but turn away from them quicker then before but yes working a looking at your own self help

    judging him or anyone doesnt help

    even judging yourself, we are only human trying to do our best with what we know

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente

    I agree with you but it's so weird so many site on the net speak of the same trait about cancerian man

    how things start with them are all the same [look like ] for everyone

    the person hit off well at the very start then behave in way you don't know what you did or what happen

    I have told him straight this was not what i am after very quickly and cut him off deleted and blocked all his contact

    I still do to the gym and when i go i surround myself of male friends around me and laugh with them

    this seem to bothering a lot

    He came to me trying to speak and be friendly

    I told him i was sorry but i do not believe is a nice person and anyway i don't feel comfortable to communicate or be in contact with him anymore

    so i am here just to work out at my gym so will appreciate if i can be left alone to do just that and not getting drama by him his staff and i am a customer that's it

    I brought my Gemini aqua attitude to be cold and aloof right on board and just ignore the guy his bad news

    He should leave me alone now

  • I been working on myself now for 1 year, and been single for 1 year, i was in therapy, group help and just do things that makes me happy like training, course and new activities

    I do not feel the need to have a partner as very essential and these days if i meet someone like that Cancer man and he behave in way that make me feel unsafe or not loved

    I communicated to try to get a better outcome but if i communicate and he simply ignore me i just drop him as i dont think ignoring people you care about his respectful or loving

    its a kind violence in way

    its a silence pain

    Not all his perfect but at lease i have peace with myself and joy in small things

    What help is to be aware what you want in relationship and learn about your boundaries and be awake

  • Beware of the charm attitude lucky you at least not to long to recognized that kind of bad behavior,

    While me more than 4 yrs and I'm totally wrecked cos I was used and abused by the dog who is a gold digger and material things and money is all gone and yet he has an upper hand to press charges to me the bastard we will melt down show I will finalize my court case this coming 18th of this month I'm sick of the stupid mind games and manipulating mind tripping and he was gonna be so shock once he receive the notice I got all the proof and my legal council telling my stand material things is not recovery cos its a give but the money transfer and verbal agreement and SMS and my diary is enough to pay me Off... They are pain and burden poor thing to them they never know what is affection and attention I wonder why it's on his front what he really needs all his life but still asking for more and getting greedy, good luck to him

  • Keep up with the leave me alone im over u attitude. sooner or later will he try n swoon someone else who may or may not be swooned by his actions.

  • Hi annielan, seem like you going through a hard time but seem to have realise who is this person.

    Yes, wit that cancerian man we didnt date as he wanted to move fast on me by dropping to my place late and i told him this is not what i am after

    After this he go quiet and made another attend and when i say yes to meet up he straight said he had something else to do

    after the second time pulling that card on me i told him straight up i felt he was messing me about and i didnt like it and better we stop the flirting and stay just friend from gym

    I noticed at the start how much he looked like a victim and looked hurt and only wanted to be loved

    he gave the perfect card of the guy that want to take care of you , he said many times he paid everything for his ex that cheated on him

    when i find out his been telling every girls around the same story i realise this is not normal and this guy is after something for himself

    I was right

    he told me he was looking for a place i tried to help him with one but he never really took time to show interest in them

    then i offer he moved to mine as i felt so sorry for him to have such tough childhood

    he said that will be better for him

    I am a landlord and if you move to mine you need to be rent and deposit

    he changed his face when i mentioned this to him he thought it's was going to be free

    soon he told me he had a comfortable place now and not in rush

    what happen he got one the girl at the gym to give him free place to be her man and she has a car

    last time i saw him his eyes was more on the car then her

    and he still give me eyes at the gym, whatever move i do he follow me

    it's so sad

    i use to find him attractive now i just see nothing of this guy at all

    he remind me of monkey with muscle thats it

    yes his after material gain and security and love his something his very afraid of

    it seem his open book when you meet him and his such perfect and nice guy that just want to settle

    but this image wont last as the real him will come out very soon and you get the cold from his behavior and don't know where you stand with him or what you did wrong to get ignored and rejected in way

    the more affection you want to give the more cold you get

    the best is to walk away

    Actually i will say with any man that behave this way you need to be ready to drop it and love yourself

    but a lot ladies prefer to lose themself for what they think is love

    they stop thinking

    If they take the time to look inside themselves to realize they feel about his doing they will know they are not happy or getting what they deserve or receiving a loving response from their partner but most women prefer to excuse their partner bad behavior

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente

    Yeah that attitude is already in me naturally , you can imagine as been an aqua woman

    and my flirting side my Gemini ascendant got some lesson to teach that CRAB about flirting and charm

    yeah he was depressed

    agitate and seating sad ahahah

    i was wondering what the difference between the crab and Gemini , both are charmer but crab have serious issues with low self esteem

    you can break him with a look ahah

    I am enjoying myself

  • what i noticed this week about him despite we never dated or kissed or anything his behaving like i am his property what i speak to another guy

    i find this so strange

  • Be careful bc not ALL cancermales are like that. AGAIN i mark n underline powerfully that AGAIN this behaviour is NOT zodiacsigned specifically to any given zodiac sign. EFF he could b a scorpio, an aries, a capricorn, a virgo a libra a pisces or a leo , whichever, this cheating behaviors is NOT a specific zodiacsign trait. its a PERSONALITY Trait.

    I say it again n time agAIN bc too often when a certain sign has been a jerk toward us we automatically THROW ALL of them out with the bathwater. we label n box them in.

    what happens if the next say 5 guys are all of different zodiac sign n they all are jerks in many ways ? are ya gonna eliminate those zodiacsigns also?

    just cause one apple is rotten do u toss the entire barrel out?

    ladies ladies ...............................

  • This is is not what i said i cant speak for all zodiac out there all i said is i noticed many people reporting similar experience withe mine and i find this interesting

  • its is n its a fluke they r all cancermales. All imsaying is its a fluke. N that we shouldnt box em in., next we´ll hear we´re shrews, ´banshees, hyssterics bimbos with no brain n big boobs

    non of us like that now do we?

    i guess a reason y cancermen seem to b the one complained about most is proilly bc they are easy to get to fold. the other may b better at it. dunno juss wondering hahaahahahaha

  • Star2u - towards your last comment.

    It is because it's easier to find alliance by giving the "problem" a recognizable name. In this case the zodiac sign.

  • CharmedWitchBente

    i dont know man this is my first cancer i met all i am saying is i been looking around the web and spoke to people that dated those people and amazingly they all had similar experience thats all

    in end the day we all have the right to our opinion about it

  • base on the experience i just had and what i read about those cancer man well shocking how similar they are i find this so amazing sometimes about zodiac of any sign

    i am very thankful of the people out there that share their experience as sometimes you realise it's a waste of time or some people has some pattern

    i dont say they all like this but when you read one post after another online from people all over the world the phenomenal is quiet amazing

  • i most stress out my decision to leave this guy is not base on his star sign but his behavior toward me

    never mind his sign it;s not acceptable

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! The dime FELL!! WOOOHJOOOOO that was my point ALL ALONG: never mind his sign BUT THE BEHAVIOR NO NO NOT OK BY A MILE NO WAY!!!! WOOOHOOOO

    i KNEW somewhere we all agree on the same thing LOL

  • ahahahahah we as long we get along hey:)

    yeah the behaviour forget it my friend and i am not even sure his out my life baby but hey i get behaviour too to share like everyone else ahahaha

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