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  • In my dream I was in a house with a friend that passed away almost a year ago. It wasn't furnished yet. There was a beautiful pool in the back yard & it was sunny outside. My friend wrote own his phone number & gave it to me. I can remember looking at the numbers. He said to call him anytime. I didn't hear from him for along time & I suddenly remembered I have his phone number. Would love some insight on this. Thank you. Love & Blessings ~D

  • Dmick, from what I can gather from your dream, there are 2 messages in it for you. First of all, it's a reassurance that your friend is in a happy place. His new "home" , wherever that is, is a nice, light, warm place. Beautiful pool represents happy emotions, as all water images are connected to emotions. The second message is that your friend is watching over you and is availiable for support and communication throught numbers, or any other symbolic means. If you still have his phone number in real life, try to analyse it from the numerological point of view. Maybe there is some specific message in it...Well, that's my take on your dream, anyway.

    Love and peace to you !

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