• After 13 years staying in Sag's House I thought that Mighty Midget left the Sagitarius..But couple days ago I found out that It is still sitting in Sagitarius Sun,,,

    I can not wait until it leaves the Sags alone...when will it finally enters the Capricon??

    I will celebrate that day in


  • It moved into Capricorn in Nov. 2008. Currently TPluto is Rx at 0 deg Capricorn. It went into Rx April 4th and will go direct Sept 11. Put a dollar in the slots for me 🙂

  • Thanks Bubbles, I hope the bad luck will leave us Sags...after Sept. 11.

    You bet I shall drop few coins in the One Armed Bandits..for you...:-)


  • hey what does it mean then if pluto is in capricorn and its in my 5th house? any opinions?

  • Ohhhh...You ain't gonna love your life, till 2023...Pal This Pluto stayed in Sag's house 14 yrs...I tell you it was horrible. But who knows may be you Capricons might get alone with this Mighty Midget...I hope you luck will not be affected by Pluto.


  • I a newby to this, but the reason for my joining was because I wanted to know why 2009 was such a horrible year for me as a Sag. I wondered if others were experiencing the same thing. It seemed to start from February and has lasted throughout the year.

    Really the most tragic and horrific year of my life. Were talking relationship break ups to a near mental meltdown to family deaths. It just seemed to be one of those years where no matter how hard I tried to improve on anything, I got knocked right back down, even farther back than when I'd started on every aspect.

    I am terrified 2010 is going to be the same, oh please no, has anyone had the same experience in 2009? Does Pluto have anything to do with it? Is there hope for 2010?

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