Does anybody know about the "Flying Star"

  • I was wondering if anybody know about the "Flying Star" in Feng Shui. I am going to get

    the lo Pan compass so I can help me figure out the direction my apt is in.

    thanks Illona

  • Hi Blackladydiver

    I studied fengshui but I just do it for myself. Sorry but theres a website that will help you out .

    I selected this website for you cause theres quite simple and easy to understand. After looking at this website if you still cant understand it I might be able to answer your questions.

    Good luck and GONG XI FA CHAI

  • Hi Blackladydiver

    Sorry I forgot to type in the fengshui website


  • To Magickal

    Thank You so much. Maybe you can help me with this question. Ok they say that the number 5 star is a bad star for this year. So what do we do to help us, so that this star does not give us the negative. And my other question is like in the bedroom my bed is at the south and that is the only way I can put it. And then about the door way. I am not sure which way my front door faces that is what I need help on and then they were talking about the tree in front of your living room window I have one in front of my dining room window maybe you can help me with these questions. Thanks so much for the website. It is so awesome alot there I just order the lo pan compass because I need to see which way things are in my apt. I am fixing the bathroom. I just want to bring so better vibes to me and my boys.


  • Hi,

    NO. 5 is located in the Center of house and South has no. 9 star. You can put a red horse in South area. If I where you check the website I gave you they have recommendations for S & Center area.

    I dont know what location is your living room & dining room areas. Most important thing is find the location of your front door and check if there is anything blocking your door outside.

    Just check the website I gave you it will help you a lot. To cure the bad areas you need to buy items to help you out if you cannot afford it just always think positive.

  • Good Morning Magickal

    I was wondering do you celebrity the New Year on Feb 10, 2013. I am really getting into this feng shui. I still have to figure out what way my front door faces but i am going to get a regular

    compass today and that should help me some till I get the Lo Pan compass. But I am getting some other things like I have a dragon in the kitchen on the left side of the facuet. I am going to get a bowl and put some of the lavendar stones in it over the toilet. ANd I have to get some more sea salt and put in the corners around the house. So I am working on it. But I will be more ready when I have to move into my new place. Because it looks like in the summer we will have to move from here. But one more question why is it that we should not have the tv in your bedroom and if you have the tv in their I guess I must move it out.

    Thank You for answering some of my questions

    Thanks Illona

    PS. THat website is awesome. I have to make sure that I get my red envelope today so I can put my money in it

  • I forgot to tell you about my front door. THeir is not a tree right in front of my door it is in front of my dining room windows and their is a tree in front but not in my door way. So I think that is a good thing for me that their is nothing in the front door area. Just forgot to tell you that

    and a again thank you so much for your help


  • Hi Blackladydiver

    RE; items on fengshui

    Dont get carried away by buying a lot of stuffs on the website. This year pay close attention to

    center, east, Southeast & west cause those are the bad areas. The good areas are North, South and Northeast. You are new to fengshui and

    if you dont really know what you are doing dont overdo it or dont do it at all. Fengshui involves a lot of stuff thats

    why I do this just for myself. And if its not done right it could be wrong and wont helped you at all. But if you are interested look at that website I gave you and see what you can do at a certain point. Its too overwhelming to get involved and expensive to follow exactly what is needed.

    I dont understand why you have a dragon on left side of faucet of kitchen. Dragons are not supposed to be placed in kitchen areas. I dont know where you got that idea. That one wont help you at all so you dont have to put a dragon there. A regular compass is fine if you know

    how to do it.

    I have never heard of lavender stones over toilet. Also you need to find out where your toilet is located. On the website I gave you theres help there for toilet areas.

    You can have a T.V. in bedroom but when not in used cover screen with something like towel.

    No mirrors where the bed could be seen this means your men will have an affair or

    you will always have arguments with your partner. If there is a mirror there already just

    cover it when not in used.

    Dont worry about tree in dining room area. If you like can hang a faceted crystal in window inside.

    Yes, Chinese New Year starts actually on Feb 9 at 11:00PM and continues on to Feb.10.

    If you like I will give some hints for Goodluck Chinese New Year

    1. Wear a new red blouse or new dress on Chinese New Year.

    2. Do not wear black or white starting Feb 9 at 11:00PM. & continues on to Feb. 10 chinese new year

    3. Do not wash hair or take a bath starting Feb 9 at 11:00 PM and continues on Feb.10

    4. Take a shower or wash hair BEFORE 11:00PM Feb.9. Can take a shower on Feb 11

    if you cant stand it without taking a shower evening of Feb 10 just use a wet towel and wipe yourself with it.

    5. Do not use a knife or cut hair or cut nails starting 11:00 PM Feb.9 and continues on Feb.10

    6. Donot sweep floor or clean house on Feb 4 (spring) and starting 11:00PM Feb9 & continues on to Feb.10

    On Feb 4 if you can open windows and door and leave it open for an hour. If you are afraid

    of your area I leave it up to you to make that decision. Feb 4 starts spring and you want to bring in the energy of spring to your place. It cleanses and energizes the place. Its all up to you.

    Have some red & yellow flowers on Feb 4 & Chinese New Year. Just a few of red & yellow flowers will do. Flowers are expensive nowaday also. They bring good luck .

    This helps with the good energy coming to you. No. 1 to No. 6 chinese people suggest these

    things to do so your luck wont be lessen or washed away and opportunity comes in better.

    Like what I said its all up to you if you want to follow. Its more like if you believe in it if you dont

    so dont do it and I'm sure it still be good if not followed. I'm oriental and I'm used to this already

    its like a tradition now to us.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi

    Forgot to say where to place dragon

    Can place a dragon by window to face sea, lakes or roads to help bring in wealth, luck & prosperity.

    Dragon are normally place in the east or north areas.

  • Hi

    Also I like to remind you that this year 2013 best directions ARE NE, NORTH & SOUTH.


  • Hello Magickal

    Here is where I got that about putting the dragon in the kitchen.

    Hi Illona! Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst for Wednesday, January 16 Suffice to say that no one appreciates a dragon more than a Feng Shui aficionado. So on this 'Appreciate a Dragon Day' I want to give you some great advice to help you appreciate one even more. According to this philosophy, inviting a dragon into your home will assist in the fulfillment of all of your intentions, as dragons represent and invoke courage, enthusiasm, positive energy and flow. In fact, a properly placed dragon can strengthen your life force, increase prosperity and bring fortune and luck. Place an image of small dragon figurine to the left of the kitchen faucet and more money will begin to flow into your life. Place an image of a dragon behind you in your office in order to be energized from behind as opposed to confronting a dragon in front of you each day. In fact, a dragon placed anywhere in your office will get career energies moving in the right direction and stimulate cash flow. Putting a dragon and the phoenix in the 'Romance' area of your bedroom could bring the happily ever after. Never, however, put dragons in the bathroom, as that placement could flush all your dragon luck away. I appreciate my dragons, now I hope that you have reasons to appreciate yours!

    It is send to my yahoo email every day and a lady "Ellen Whitehurst" is the one that writes different things everyday.

    NOw about the "lavendar stones" I got that from the website you gave me. It is from the bathroom cures. Place a bowl of Crystals on the shelf above the toilet

    it costs 17.50 This is what it said under the picture of the lavendar stones "The concentrated form of Earth energy will help to control water and will counteract financial opportunities being flushed away. Place a bowl of crystals on the shelf above the toilet. Half pound of Amethyst crystals- Bowl not included" that is where I got that about them.

    I do like. I wish I would have read this yesterday so I missed the 4th but I will not miss the 9&10th. I will have the red & yellow flowers for both days. Now one question this can be a new dress that is already in my closet I can wear those days.

    Thanks for all of your help


  • Hi,

    1. Re: dragon left kitchen faucet - well I have never heard of this. There is a lot of new fengshui instructors thats making new cures. If that works then it works.

    Dragon behind office is correct & no dragon in bathrooms is correct also

    2. Re: lavender stones - In my 12 years of fengshui I have never heard of lavender stones in

    bathroom. I know you can put stones in bathroom. Anyway try and

    see if it works if money is always slipping away then something is wrong. You have to

    check & see where your toilet is located to correctly cure it also. Always keep toilet lid close &

    toilet door close.

    3. You can still put red & yellow flowers now but make sure NEW YEAR you have red &

    yellow flowers also in your place.

    4. How old is the dress? A new dress thats been in the closet for months, months & a year old is considered not new even if it is not worned. In fengshui it has collected stale dusts energy already . A new red blouse is OK to wear but if you need to wear a dress and you cannot afford to buy a new one I guess you have no choice but wear this one. What you can do

    is hang it in a window where the sun can shine on it to give it some new touch.

  • Hi,

    RE; dress 3 hours in the sun is good enough.

  • Hello Magickal

    Thank You so much for your help. I will find out which way my toilet is. And I guess I will have to go to walmart or target and get a new dress something not real expense for the 9&10. I will get some flowers tomorrow when I go to my sons school.

    Again thank you so much you have been very helpful.


  • Hi,

    Re: dress

    I say Feb 9 starting at 11:00PM is nightime here where I live so doesnot have to be new

    just dont wear white or black nightgown or black blouse or T-shirt when you go to bed because when you wake up its Feb 10

    already. On Feb 10 you can wear used skirt or used jacket or used jeans or pants as long as your T-shirt or Blouse or

    top is brand new one.

    This fengshui is so complicated at times. I have been doing this so long and I myself gets so overwhelmed sometimes so dont try so hard to do everything cause its just too much sometimes.

    I just gave you a few hints to start Chinese New Year to have good luck for the rest of the year.

  • Hi,

    Forgot to mention toilet. Remedies for toilets or where it is located is sometimes does not

    work. Most fengshui instructors would just say close toilet lid all the time and close toilet door all the time. Sometimes cure works, sometimes it does not so just think positive all the time thats

    what fengshui is all about.

  • Hi,

    I went and checked the lavender stone you were talking about in the website I gave you.

    I have not checked the cures in that website for quite sometimes now. When you said lavender stones I thought you were talking of a stone colored lavender. In the website I see it as the amethyst stones not the lavender stones that you were talking about thats why I didnot understand you.

    You can follow that & see if that works for you. As I said toilets in ones place is just so bad no matter what cures we put it still does not helped fully. The best cure they say is close door of bathroom & close toilet lid when not in used. But check anyway where your bathroom is located.

  • Hello Magickal

    First thank you so much for all of your help. I just had the lavendar on my. But I just would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the luck and happiness in 2013 the year of the snake.


  • Hi Blackladydiver



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