Aries & Leo in love

  • I am an Aries, on the cusp of Pisces, and married to a Leo. He's somewhat like another Leo who wrote in, and hates to be the center of attention in a group, but loves to be the center of attention with me. I, love to get positive attention - anytime. Anybody have any experience with these signs, regarding relationships?

  • What is both of your moon and risings...this matters is significant.

  • Hey Perla2...I didn't get a reply so I'll go for what i know. I am a Leo and as your guy, shy away from the spotlight even though almost always people set us center stage's just the Sun ruler of the Lion. I have a Cancer rising which is the reasoning there. I agree as well abt me being the center for our lovers..Because we give our all to a relationship on all levels, we expect for you to appreciate that and realize the significance. We are very loyal and expect it from others. I will admit I have a few relationships as all of them seem to offer so much of what the others do not. We crave a challenge and must be fulfilled in a relationship for it to thrive. We/I love the idea and the feeling of being in love therefore, we usually spread it not be alarmed as this is not necessarily physical. Since we have to have open and free flowing communication, we seem to get caught up in many emotional affairs. We cannot stand to see others suffer or going without; therefore we are often the ear, shoulder, lover of many. We love to be appreciated and complimented when it is warranted as we are usually helping someone in need, volunteering, or working to improve the schools and community. We tend to have high expectations of others as we do of ourselves which leads to much disappointment. We expect others to think, act, respond as we do. We expect that if you love us then we will receive a call, text or e-mail throughout the day confirming those thoughts. Flowers or a surprise weekend getaway as we love Gifts and affection. WE thrive on showing our generosity to our lovers and pull no stops in treating our King/Queen as royalty. MUSTs for a Leo are: LOYALTY, SECURITY, FREEDOM 2 ROAM(know we'll return to home to the one we love to protect), be COMPASSIONATE, TRUSTWORTHY & FAITHFUL ....I am adamet on OPEN COMMUNICATION & BE ADVENTUROUS. We are just big kittens and love to play and have fun while enjoying all that life has to offer...jut love and support us. Stick to the above and we'll be hearing wedding bells....NOW I have been on and off with an Aries(4/17/71)for over a yr...this relationship has been one battle for me...this person can be highly volatile, sexual, paranoid, sensual etc...1 min we are intimate and spkg ov how good we r 2gether and the next she is saying bye for ever as she thinks I am playg games with her??? Her Moon is in Capricorn and rising in Taurus....Please Enlighten ME!

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