Astra update please

  • Hi caribchic

    I am looking at some cards for you right now...

    hey btw... that is a totally scummy thing your bf is doing. Period. I don't get these guys that think they can treat women this way. I am on YOUR side on this ladies... guys should be treating all of you like queens I don't know what is going on with men honestly...

    Still I try to understand us guys, hey i have made mistakes with ladies for sure. not treated them right... for which I am ashamed. why then is life like that?

    anyway, I am looking at some cards...

  • Okay... here is a reading for you caribchic...

    I looked at 9 cards... and I am going to share what the cards say (to me) and you can fill in the blanks...

    Situation is the 6 of Cups with by the 3 of cups.

    These are both nice cards of emotional or relationship. 6 situation means that your life situation emotionally is flowing well, 6 is very nice energy. The 3 with this shows a happy more carefree love, that is longing to reach the 4 foundation of love.

    The cards above/below are 9 of cups and Queen Pentacles. Cards "above" I tend to see as your conscious thinking life, what you are thinking about, dwelling on, or desiring. This is the 9 cups which is the best "fulfilled" card of the suit of cups. So that shows your conscious thoughts on that... the card below can be more subconscious energies. And that is the Queen of Pentacles, so that is showing an underlying foundations of home/finances as being the more "under the surface" concern.

    Past... the King of Pentacles. So a King/3 material energy "back there" is a yearning for the 4 foundations. I tend to associate these court cards with actual people so there could be a physical man in your recent past. Who may have some connection to you as the Queen of Pentacles (subconscious nature).

    Ahead is the 4 of Pentacles which is very sold, substantial material life. Dependable and secure finances is usually the idea.

    Now, the cards up the side are

    Future environment is the High Priestess which is secretive... mysterious... can also be some indication of travel or commerce.

    The "outer influences" usually a helping person or energy out side of your life is the Knight of Cups. This is a 4 cup energy "in motion" either heading for the 3 or the 5. Generally Knights are in forward motion unless they encounter obstacles along the way... then they either high tail it back to the 3. or they press on to 5 Cup land which is emotional or relationship changes.

    Outcome - is the Ace of Wands - the card of a new identity or role... so this has some influence on the Knight Cups... Knight + new identity...

    caribchic.... now... what does all that say to you? did you get anything while you read that? Did some card bring back a memory... did the court cards represent someone in your life?



  • I say scummy, however I don't know your guy, I should not say anything... we all do what we have to do I guess...

  • caribchic,

    To be honest what is helping me more than anything else, Tarot included, is to simply keep praying the Lord's prayer, or some variation of that. It is a blessing to me! And that lovely voice of heaven will speak through a zillion ways to our heart... and in the cards too... so I don't need to look at a card for you, really. I know your needs will be met in the nicest way!

  • Awwwwww ok. I say the rosary too....

    Thanks astra:)

  • caribchic

    Hi there. hey let me look at some cards for you...

    10 of swords. That could be some concerns? You have about the future, where your path is taking you?

    Queen of Cups... you

    The Hermit - feeling alone, cut off...

    Judgment, seems to be resurrection, like. I would love to see myself in a new situation! Where life is working, nicely... in love... in every way...

    Page of Pentacles/// that shows you are willing to take whatever steps, you need to take.

    4 of Swords... very calm and nice thoughts, calm and relaxed....

    This all feels nice to me caribchic.. shows you have time to reflect while other areas are "developing"... I mean, the 10 resolved to a 4... and the Queen of Cups...

    ...she always, always finds love.

    The page of pentacles... I wonder what that means in your case? That is like "taking a step" in some practical little way... or can be risk? What do you think?

    Okay caribchic I hope your week is going well......


  • Hi astra

    just 1 more week to go b4 u know happens.......thanks for helping me along this long arduous journey.

    Can u give me an update please......on me n ron.

    Hugs love n sunshine



  • Hi caribchic

    Hey that is great! I know you are excited ... that was pretty quick for that to happen.

    I drew a couple of cards for you

    Page of Pentacles and the 2 cups. That sounds really nice for you and Ron. I think there will be something that brings his steps your way and then the sparks will fly again! I do believe you two will be getting together, how can he not?

    8 of cups, Well he ain't saying much however his love for you is growing, growing...

    The devil, he wants to see you. You will be seeing him very soon.

    Keep me posted caribchic I am pulling for you and him so much...

  • Hi guys, sorry to impose here but I wanted to wish Caribchic well in the days ahead. I didn't read through all the readings here, but I simply hope that with the arrival of a new life, maybe all life will be made new. Take good care of yourself Caribchic and I'll keep an eye out here for any news on your situation in the next few weeks. 🙂

    Astra, hope you are well. Was thinking about you this week and had sent you a little greeting on FB.

    Hugs, Jen7

  • Hi Jenever7

    Nice to hear from you! I am not sure about my fb I don't use it much and not even sure I ever figured that thing out anyway. Will check though and I appreciate you saying hi. I am doing well thank you and hope you are too!

    And yes caribchic you are loved I know good things will always be there for you.

  • Hi jen

    want to say thank u so much for your concern .i havent been her much bec. Of my condition but yes new life will be here soon in about a week .very nervous n scared...... Will keep u posted.

    Hugs n love


  • Hi astra

    thanks for the update.....and your support n love.......this forum has kept me sane in the last few months......astra much kudos to u my darling....will keep u posted....might be time for me to log out for a while....i look fwd. To keepin in touch with u....

    Hugs n sunshine


  • Hi caribchic

    Blessings, I looked some more yesterday at you and Ron and I keep seeing that it does look like that will work out with him. Eventually. I just drew the SUN card so that is a very positive sign.

    love and sunshine health and happiness,


  • Awwww thanks!!!!

    Really need that!!!

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